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"Well, you went to work on you, didn't tell you not to come." After telling aunt Qiao, Qin Yinze strides to the restaurant. He can't wait to "clean up" the stupid woman who thinks he's in trouble.

"Elder sister, you look so thin. You should eat more and raise yourself to be white and fat, which will be more popular."

"Ha ha Who taught you all this? "

There is still a short distance between the restaurant. A young voice and the voice of Ji Rou's chatting spread out to Qin Yinze's ear. Qin Yinze's whole body shook: "the end of Xiaoli?"

No, it's impossible. He shakes his head and shakes his mind. It must be that he thought a little more recently and had a hallucination.

Although he knew that the possibility of Zhan Li's appearance in his home was zero, Qin Yinze still quickened his pace towards the restaurant without sleeping.

He came to the restaurant a few steps, stood at the door of the restaurant and looked inside. Once again, he thought that his eyes were dazzled. There were not only war at the end of the restaurant, but also young Yin who was as cold and tall as his father.

Is it really the two of them? Is it really them or is he wrong? Qin Yinze worried that he was dreaming. He reached out and pinched his hand on his thigh.

It hurts!

It shows that he is not dreaming. The two little guys are really in front of him.

It's them! That's the two cute little guys!

At this time, three people in the restaurant noticed the person who appeared at the door of the restaurant, and three people looked at it at the same time.

Seeing that it was Qin Yinze, Ji Rou smiled and was about to say something, but she saw two small body images and two arrows flying to Qin Yinze: "big brother......"

Two little guys rushed to Qin Yinze's side, one holding his arm, like two little bears hanging on Qin Yinze's body: "big brother, we miss you so much!"

Qin Yinjian was worried that big brother didn't want to see him. He planned to wait for big brother to come back and see his face first, and then make sure whether he wanted to show his identity. But when he saw big brother, all those ideas were forgotten by him. He just wanted to throw them into big brother's arms and let big brother hold him, as he did when he was a child.

"Big brother, big brother..." He hung on Qin Yinze's body and shouted excitedly, where can I see the shadow of Gao Leng? At this moment, he is a child, a child who will play coquettish and cute when he sees his favorite brother.

Qin Yinze is surprised and happy about the sudden visit of two little guys. He turns around with two little kids: "little guy, tell brother, how did you two get here?"

"Because I miss big brother, I came to see him." Zhan Li wants to speak, but he is robbed of his right to speak by Qin Yinjian, who always describes him as Gao Leng, which makes Zhan Li dissatisfied.

Finish saying, Qin Yinjian is still in Qin Yinze's arms and rubbed hard: "elder brother, I want you to hold me, like when I was a child, holding me in a circle."

"How can I do that? Now you are both growing up to the height of big brother. He may not be able to hold you." It's said that, but Qin Yinze's hand didn't stop. He held one in one hand, picked up the two little guys and turned them around for several times. Just like when he was a child, even if they grew up, he still carried them without any effort.

For a moment, Qin Yinze only felt that he was having a dream. He dreamed that a few years ago, two little fart kids who were a little bit big were pestering him every day.

At that time, Qin Yinze was a 16-7-year-old boy when he was born one year after the end of the war.

Qin Yinjian has been sticking to his older brother since he can walk. He often quarreled with him when he was a child to sleep with him.

As the elder brother of his family, Qin Yinze has always played a good role in his identity. It's also a part of his life to take care of his younger brother and sister after studying and working. He taught them to read, read, practice martial arts and play with them

Therefore, the two brothers who grew up with him adored him very much. In the little guy's little heart, they always felt that the elder brother was a giant with omnipotence. At one time, the elder brother surpassed his father in his heart.

"Big brother, I miss you the most." At the end of the war, he was never willing to be ignored. Especially in front of big brother, he didn't want to be robbed of the limelight by Qin Yinjian.

"Well, big brother knows." Qin Yinze put the two of them down and pinched their faces respectively. "You tell elder brother honestly first, how did you come?"

"Big brother, I......" Qin Yinjian, who has always been smart, calm and cool, shed two tears in her red eyes. "I just miss you so much, so I came out to find you with my mom and dad on my back."

When Qin Yinze ran away from home, in fact, the most sad thing was Qin Yinjian, but the little guy's feelings were introverted and restrained, and he didn't express his sadness.

Now it's not easy to see the elder brother who has been worshipped since childhood. He is really happy. This happy heart seems to be a string interrupted. The little guy who rarely tears tears tears tears. He looks at Qin Yinze pitifully: "elder brother, can you stop leaving me?"

"Little guy, how can big brother ignore you?" Qin Yinze gently wipes out the tears from Qin Yinjian's eyes and holds him in his arms. "Big brother is your big brother forever."

He never thought of leaving the little guy alone, but the past events made him not brave to stay in the Qin family again He also wanted to prove that he could live well after leaving the Qin family.

It turns out that his career has developed very well when he left the Qin family, but he knows that when it's quiet at night, he will think about that family, what people in that family are doing, and whether they will think about him

"Really?" Qin Yin shed tears, but smiled pleasantly. "Big brother, you really won't leave me alone? As long as I want to see big brother, I can come here to see big brother. "

"Of course!" Qin Yinze rubs his small head, "big brother's home is your home, you can come at any time."

"But big brother..." Elder brother, why didn't you tell others about our existence? Qin Yinjian wants to ask this question. He swallows it back to his stomach. As long as elder brother is still his elder brother, as long as he can come to see elder brother at any time when he wants to, other things are not important at all.

"Whoa..." At the end of the war, which was ignored by big brother, he burst into tears, "big brother, you only need him, you don't care about me, I'm so sad, I'm so sad."

Qin Yinze said in a deep voice, "the war is over. I will throw you out if I act again!"

At the end of the war, the cry stopped abruptly, staring at Qin Yinze with wide eyes: "who let you ignore me?"

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