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Ask the two little guys to hand over their big brother's photos, and then send them to the online search for people in minluo city. As long as their big brother is in minluo City, he will be found out.

Ji Rou is planning this matter happily in her heart as she rushes home, but because she runs too fast and doesn't pay attention at her feet, she stumbles over something and stumbles into a tragic flat fall, which is even worse than the previous thief.

"Fuck! Who did you provoke, Auntie? " Looking at the bruises on her elbow and her broken lips, Ji Rou really wants to cry without tears.

She just wants to help the two handsome boys find their relatives quickly. What's wrong with her? Is God going to punish her like this?

"Miss Ji, are you here?" Ji rougang falls into her yard, and Qiaoyi comes here at the first time. Seeing the bruise on Ji Rou's body, Qiaoyi is worried and tears bloom. "Come in and sit down, I'll call Dr Tong."

"Aunt Qiao, don't call doctor Tong. For this small injury, you can find some medicine to wipe it for me. " Although Dr. Tong seems to be knowledgeable, gentle and generous, Ji Rou always feels that her eyes on Qin Yinze are not right, and she doesn't like Dr. Tong.

"Miss Ji, you see the skin on your elbow is worn off. Can it be a minor injury?" Qiaoyi can't ignore this. For the first time, regardless of Jirou's objection, she picked up the phone and called Dr. Tong.

Ji Rou didn't say anything more. She was not willing to see doctor Tong again. In case the wound was infected, how could she help the two handsome boys find the eldest brother.

Dr. Tong's speed is still as fast as usual. He came here with the medicine box on his back in a few minutes.

While helping Ji Rou with the wound, she said: "Miss Ji, these injuries are all skin injuries. Your young wound has a very good function of automatic recovery. You can get scars in two days, which is naturally good. Of course, if you don't touch water, you can't get infected, or you may be in danger of life. "

"Well, I remember." I don't like Dr. Tong any more. On the surface, Ji Rou still wants to be polite. "Dr. Tong, I'll trouble you again."

Dr Tong said, "Miss Ji, I think you may have misunderstood me. I'm not obligated to help you with the wound. I've got my husband's salary. I'm just taking money to do things. There's no trouble. "

"That's right. You take his salary. I'm his man. You should help me with the wound." Although doctor Tong's words are quite impersonal, Ji Rou admits that they are true, and she accepts them easily.

Unexpectedly, doctor Tong suddenly put a heavy pressure on Ji Rou's wound when he applied medicine, which made her hiss.

Ji Rou hasn't spoken yet, but Dr. Tong said first: "Miss Ji, before the wound is not fully healed, you'd better be safe these days. Don't pull the wound like just now."

What did she do just now? Why doesn't she know?

Ji Rou looks at doctor Tong. The woman has a gentle smile on her face, but it makes people feel uncomfortable.

Maybe it's her delusion, because of the prejudice to Dr. Tong, he felt that Dr. Tong didn't have a good heart for her.

If before, Ji Rou will say her dissatisfaction with Dr. Tong, but after so many things, she is also learning to restrain her temper and patience.

"Aunt Qiao, sir is not at home. You have to take good care of the family. Don't make anything happen. It's not you who will be unlucky at that time, and no one else will be responsible." Before leaving, Dr. Tong also said this to Aunt Qiao.

Ji Rou knows that Dr. Tong's words are intentionally said to her. It seems that it's not only that she regards Dr. Tong as a false enemy, but also that Dr. Tong regards her as a false enemy.

But Ji Rou doesn't care about doctor Tong now. What she cares about is the two little guys at home who are looking for the eldest brother: "aunt Qiao, I'll go up and have a look at the two little guys."

"Miss Ji, please slow down. You can't bump into any more places," aunt Qiao said

Ji Rou smiled: "Qiao Yi, don't worry, I won't."


Maybe I'm tired of looking for the eldest brother. The two little guys are sleeping soundly in bed. Some people slip into the room quietly, and they don't realize it.

Zhan limo's sleeping posture is similar to the personality he usually shows. He lies on the bed in red. This bed is mine. No one can compete with me.

"Little boy, I'm so cute." Jirou kneads the little face of the war, "so cute, I want to hide you two and keep them by myself."

Ji Rou looks at Qin Yingu again. Qin Yingu's sleeping posture is right, just like his cold appearance when he is awake, but his expression is much softer, especially his face is red and looks very cute.

When he was awake, Ji Rou didn't have the courage to pinch his face. Now he fell asleep, and Ji rouzhuang reached out and pinched his face.

This face is full of elasticity, just like QQ sugar. It feels great But, but just before Jirou released his hand, Qin Yinjian slowly opened his eyes and looked at the strange elder sister in front of him indifferently.

"Oh Little Jane, you wake up! " Ji Rou quickly let go and pretended that nothing had just happened.

"Are you hurt?" Qin Yinjian not only didn't ask Ji Rou to pinch his face, but also took the initiative to care about Ji Rou's injury. This was the first time in his young age that he cared about a stranger he didn't know even though he had only met twice.

"It's just a little skin that was accidentally scratched. It's no big deal." Concerned by Gao Leng's handsome boy, Ji Rou's heart is totally soft. It is estimated that no matter what Qin Yinze asks, she will not refuse.

However, it's no big deal. Ji Rou is not really comforting Qin Yinjian. She has been fighting with people since she was a child. She has been injured many times and has gradually grown thicker. A little skin injury is nothing to her.

Qin Yin didn't ask much.

"By the way, Jane, do you have a picture of your eldest brother?" As soon as he asked for the exit, he saw Qin Yin's defensive eyes. Ji Rou hurriedly explained, "Jane, it's like this. My sister just went to the property office to ask. They said that there is no one I want to find in Xishan villa area, and we have this family with the surname of Qin, and there is no second one, so I thought of sending your brother's photo to the people-seeking network in minluo City, and let the netizens help us find it, so it should be faster. "

"Neither Qin Xiaozhan nor I have a picture of my eldest brother..." If I gave her my brother's photo and helped her immediately, he would not be so stupid.

However, he felt that the beautiful little sister who was almost praised by the end of the war also had the shortcomings of many women - beautiful without brain.

The staff of the service office told him that there was only one owner surnamed Qin in Xishan villa area. He and Zhan Liming's pseudonym were also Qin. She didn't even have any doubts.

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