When Trouble Meets Trouble - S01 E06

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We arrived at the end of the hallway, the option of

stairs or the elevator greeting us. We could either

hobble up the dark steps or wait a good 25 seconds

for the elevator to meet us. I quickly started pressing

the elevator button.

“What are you doing? The stairs are right here!”

Jonah hissed into the darkness.

“Those stairs haven’t been used in ages! There could

be a dead body in there!” I told him, watching as the

elevator left the top floor and made it to the second,

then the first, and finally the basement. The doors

opened and Jonah and I jumped into the enclosed

space, rapidly pressing the “close doors” button.

The light from the elevator illuminated the hallway,

which revealed the football players running full speed

like bulls towards the elevator. They were 20 feet

away. I started pressing the “close doors” button

even harder. “Come on!” I screeched at the buttons.

They were about 10 feet away and the doors were

slowly closing. I grabbed a textbook that was lying

lifelessly in the corner of the elevator and tossed it at

one of them, hitting one of them in the foot. He

toppled over, followed by the other football player.


The doors stopped closing for a moment from the

movement between them before starting to close

again. I saw a light from a phone in the distance and

Jeff, the human train, was barreling towards us at full

speed, an ounce of blood trickling from his nose.

“HERE’S JEFFREY!” Normally, I would’ve laughed at

the fact that an idiot like Shaw would have made a

comment like that but at that moment, I couldn’t.

The only thing I was capable of was pressing a

button and praying for the best.

“HOLY SALTINES!” I screeched and the doors finally

closed. I let out a breath of relief as the elevator

started moving. I leaned against the elevator door,

running my hands through my hair repeatedly.

We were silent before Jonah had a look of terror

etched onto his features. “What if he’s at the top?” he


“What if he knows that we think that he’s going to be

at the top, so he stays at the bottom while we think

he’s going to be at the top, so we come back down

to the bottom and he’s already there?” I asked and he

looked visibly pained by my realization. He was

probably thinking of the bloody mess he’s going to

be once Shaw gets his hands on him.

“Should we get off at the second floor?” Jonah asked

me, his eyes wide. I shrugged, stammering stupidly.

I haven’t been in a situation like this since last year!

I’m a little rusty when it comes to making up plans

on the spot. “I have an idea. How about we skip? We

just go to an abandoned warehouse and make out?”

he asked. I wasn’t sure whether he was serious or

not. He didn’t crack a smile.

“You’re such an idiot! I’m no star student but I know

better than to just ditch!” I told him and he threw his

hands up.

“So we can make out after school?” he asked

“I can punch you in the throat right now,” I


“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do! It’s my first day

and I’m already hated by 3 people!” he sighed.

“4,” I piped.

“Shut up,” he retorted.

The doors opened at the third floor and I peeked my

head out. I was surprised to see that Jeff wasn’t

there. Maybe I was right.

I exited the elevator the moment the bell rang. I hiked

my bag over my shoulder and began walking to


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