When Trouble Meets Trouble - S01 E05

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“They’re probably in there making out!” a new voice

proposed; he sounded disgusted.

“Never going to happen,” I snapped with a shake of

my head.

“I don’t care, go check!” Shaw demanded. I heard

footsteps nearing the door we were leaning against.

I began to panic, turning to see Jonah doing the

same thing I was. The outline of his body was

looking frantically for a hiding spot. I felt around on

the floor until I met a stray trombone; I stuffed it

under the door handle before diving behind a few


Jonah squeezed into the spot beside me, too close

for my liking. I didn’t complain though. I’d like him to

be alive when he faces my wrath. “It’s locked,” one

of the voices informed him.

“Locked?” Shaw was now storming over to the door

and shaking the floor that his feet touched. “Try

harder!” he demanded.

“How is he going to try harder to unlock a locked

door?” I whispered. Shaw’s stupidity shocked me.

“Shut up,” Jonah hissed, pushing me up against the

wall with his arm. I smacked into the wall arm first

and Jonah snickered quietly. “Sorry.”

He didn’t sound a bit sorry. “I’ll give away your spot.

They can’t hit a girl.”

“It doesn’t mean they won’t,” he snorted.

“I’ll just hide under your dead body,” I whispered

while they jiggled the doorknob violently. I was just

counting the moments until they opened the door,

ripped our bodies from behind these boxes, and beat

us to a bloody pulp.

“Necrophilia is sick, Savannah,” Jonah whispered.

“You’re sick,” was my amazing reply.

The instrument fell and the door cracked open. A

shimmer of light peeked in and I realized somebody

either had a flashlight or a cell phone. My thoughts

were confirmed when a shiny iPhone was pushed

into the room followed by three large bodies. I

almost let out a whimper but I held it back.

“I don’t see them, Jeff,” somebody announced

turning back.

“Are you sure? What about behind those boxes?”

Shaw snapped and the guys made a weird nose.

“There are spiders behind there!” an idiot informed

him. The thought occurred to me and I shifted

towards Jonah a bit but then realized my actions and

moved back.

“You guys are such wimps, get out,” Shaw

demanded. They did as they were told, exiting the

room. “Go check the other closets.”

Again, they followed his command while he walked

over to the boxes we were tucked behind. He

kneeled down and removed the box near my face.

When he saw me, he smirked. “Where’s your little

boyfriend?” I quickly jutted out my hand in the form

of a fist and it came in contact with his face; a

sickening crack and a groan sounded from the boy

while I pushed Jonah who was watching in complete


“Go!” I shouted, pushing him out of the closet. A light

flashed behind us and I growled. “Saltines. Saltines.

Saltines,” I improvised for swear words.

“You just punched a guy in the face, yet you don’t

swear?” Jonah asked, his voice was one of


“Yes. Just go!” I told him, pushing his back as I ran

behind him. The footsteps neared us and I let out a

sound that I make when I leave a dark room. Why

did I have to leave lunch fifteen minutes early? Why

couldn’t I sit outside at the stupid picnic table with

this idiot beside me? Why am I so easily offended by

stupid insults yet I dish them out like a diner?

Saltines, saltines, salt-fudging-tines

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