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“I left my books outside of the cafeteria!” Jonah let out

a frustrated groan.

“Not my problem,” I told him as I walked to class,

letting out a sigh of relief when I realized that neither

Jonah nor Shaw had this class with me. But Francis


“Where’d you go during lunch?” he snorted the

moment I sat in my seat, which also happened to be

in the secluded part of the room. What can I say? I’m

a sucker for desolated areas. The room was near

empty, like Francis’s head.

“Your face,” I retorted, grabbing my text book out of

my bag. Francis glared at me before flipping me the

bird. I just snorted in reply, listening to the teacher

talk about tardiness as students filed in.


Still on edge, the walk to my jeep was nerve

wracking. The twist and turns of the parking lot were

a maze. I was waiting for Shaw to just pop out, rip

my head off of my shoulders, and use it as a football

for their next game.

“Nervous?” I nearly Superman jumped to Heaven

and back at the sound of a voice, no matter who it

belonged to.

“Not quite,” I snapped. Jonah was leaning against a

bright blue car.

I continued walking towards my jeep which was a

few cars down. “I think you’re stalking me,” I told


“Me? Stalking you? Yeah, I’ll stalk you when Hamilton

moves out of that box,” he chuckled. I turned and

stared at him. Did he just-?

“Did you just refer to Maggie and the Ferocious

Beast?” I asked. My eyebrows rose.

“Did you just catch me referring to Maggie and the

Ferocious Beast?” he asked, his eyes darting from car

to car.

“Obviously or else I wouldn’t have said anything,” I


“Is that your car?” he changed the subject swiftly,

pointing to a red small buggy. I looked at the car and

shook my head, adding in a snicker.

“No,” I answered him. I continued walking and he

followed me, trailing behind. I arrived at my Jeep and

smiled at it, patting the front. I walked over and

unlocked the driver’s side door.

“This is your car?” he asked.

“Nope, I just have the keys to somebody else’s car,

you know?” I sarcastically replied.

“This car is expensive. I kind of expected you to have

a small car, like a buggy or a smart car,” he told me,

eyes widened as he ran his hand on the shiny black

exterior. I nodded.

“I worked two jobs for a year and a half managed to

save up $3,000. I was fired from one of them and

managed to make a bit more. I also dipped into my

savings account. In the end, I had $6,000 and my

parents paid for the rest,” I explained.

“This car is around $28,000 if you get it new,” he

told me and I laughed.

“This car is used and was a family friend’s,” I told

him and he furrowed his eyebrows as he examined


“It still would go for a lot since it’s in nearly perfect

condition,” he responded.

“My dad’s friend sold it to him for $12,000. They

worked together for a while and he knew about my

car situation with my brother,” I sighed.

Jonah stared at me for a minute before going back to

admiring my car. I rolled my eyes but buckled

myself in and closed the door. My bag was sitting in

the passenger’s seat as I shoved the keys in the

ignition. The car roared to life and I smiled at the

familiar sound.

As I backed out of the lot, Jonah walked forward. He

was standing in front of the car, about 10 feet away,

and he was staring at me. I moved forward a foot

and he fell backwards from surprise, hitting the

pavement with his bottom. I snorted, pointing to

him while I laughed loudly with a grin on my face.

His face was red and he glared at me while I drove

out of the parking lot laughi

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