When Trouble Meets Trouble - S01 E04

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“Run!” the word escaped my mouth without a trace

of hesitation. I looked back to see Shaw chasing after

us with two other football players on our heels.

“I’m not stupid!” Jonah snapped back, his grip on my

arm digging into my skin so hard that it hurt.

“I beg to differ!” I retorted, trying to keep up with the

guy. If it isn’t obvious, I’m not physically fit. This

guy, on the other hand, was like an Olympic runner

or a zombie from Dawn of the Dead, same thing.

“You’re the one that told him what I said!” Jonah told

me, looking back over his shoulder as the loud

footsteps came closer.

“You’re the one who started dragging me! I wouldn’t

be in this mess if it weren’t for you!” I ranted,

becoming winded.

We halted to a stop, or at least Jonah did and I came

smashing into his hard back. I peeked out from

behind him to see a football player nearing us with a

malicious grin on his face. When he saw me, his

eyebrows raised.

“Savannah Harp?” he asked, shock clear in his voice.

The football players may or may not like me. I’m

leaning towards the latter. It all goes back to a prank I

pulled on them when I first earned my reputation,

which was around mid-sophomore year. I put

itching powder all over their new uniforms right

before a big game. I put dish soap in their water

coolers and I put freshly chewed gum in their

helmets. We lost that game.

“The one and only,” I replied sheepishly. His glare

deepened while his pace quickened. “Hey, look! Free

footballs!” I shouted, pointing over his shoulder.

Surprisingly, he looked and I pushed Jonah to run

into the corridor to the right of us. The hallway was

dark and it was used for music classrooms and

storing unused instruments. I heard the jock swear

and start after us into the pitch black hallway.

“In here!” I hissed, yanking Jonah, whose hand was

still locked around my wrist, into a large supply

closet. I quietly closed the door.

My lungs were on fire and so were my legs. I walked

towards the corner of the room and leaned over, my

hands on my knees. “You’re such an idiot!” I hissed

once I heard the three jock’s footsteps pass by.

“Me? How?” he replied instantly. It was like he was

expecting it.

“You’re the one who wants to grab onto me and go

all Speedy Gonzales off into the hallways. I don’t

run!” I exclaimed, swinging my hand at my last

sentence even though he couldn’t see me.

“How should I know that?” he hissed.

“Exactly, you shouldn’t know that, now shove off

before you get me into even more trouble,” I

snapped, ready to leave the closet.

When my hand reached for the door, I was yanked

back. “Get off of me, you creep!” I started to shout.

“Shut up!” he hissed, placing his large hand over my

mouth. I was going to go as far as to bite his palm

and kick him where no boy should be kicked until I

heard footsteps.

“They’re not there?” Shaw’s voice entered my

hearing and I instantly cringed, pushing Jonah’s hand

away from my face.

“No, we checked every classroom,” a winded voice

replied. How did a football player get winded from

running a 60 foot hallway?

“Somebody needs to shed a few pounds,” I

whispered to no one in particular as we listened to

them. Jonah snorted but shushed me.

“Did you check the supply closets?” Shaw

responded, obviously he was annoyed. The guys

stayed quiet for a minute. “How did you guys not

check the supply closets?”

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