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Ten Thousand Year Hell Tortoise

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A powerful soundwave combined with spiritual power and also the Golden Dragon King’s power burst out.

The middle-aged man was slightly stunned as the purple beam of light he had unleashed immediately slowed down.

A purple light shield emerged before his chest. The shield was in the form of a tortoise shell. It was a dark purple tortoise that used its shell to block Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens’ assault.

Was he using a spirit soul to protect himself?

Tang Wulin was shocked. Soon after, he felt as a tremendous force beamed out and lashed against his body.

Tang Wulin’s strength was astonishing. Even though his cultivation base was much less powerful than the opponent, the strength of his body was amazingly high. He unleashed the Domineering Golden Dragon Body that gave all the scales on his body and battle armor a mirror-like surface. He was more confident after seeing that his Golden Dragon Spear was capable of withstanding the purple beam of light’s contamination. He relied on his strength, battle armor, and soul skills to resist the opponent’s assault by force.

His resistance managed to buy his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul enough time to toss all the nearby casualties aside and also allowed his companions to retreat.

However, the true disparity between their powers was revealed in the next moment.

Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten before he was blasted away by the attack. The thick Golden Dragon King’s blood essence power weakened rapidly. He discovered that even though the opponent’s purple light was incapable of contaminating himself, he would need to resist with his blood essence power in order to prevent the corrosion. Tang Wulin felt that his blood essence power was damaged rather severely during that one point of contact earlier.

The middle-aged man looked toward Tang Wulin coldly. “Quite interesting.” He stretched out his right hand, so the purple tortoise could drop onto his palm. The tortoise was not very big. It had a diameter of one foot with that violet shade all over its body. Its glowing eyes were completely white and were filled with a ghastly aura.

“That’s a Hell Tortoise!” Xie Xie cried out in surprise involuntarily.

Hell Tortoise was an extremely rare soul beast. It could only live in the darkest, most ghoulish places and survived by absorbing Yin Qi. The Hell Tortoise was extremely slow in its growth being less than an inch when born and growing one inch every millennium. In other words, the Hell Tortoise in this middle-aged man had a ten-thousand-year cultivation base.

The most powerful part of the Hell Tortoise was its ability to refine Ultimate Yin Qi. If it were to meet with a soul master with a compatible martial soul, its amplification of the soul master’s power would be so great that it could even cause the soul master’s martial soul to evolve immediately.

Leave alone ten-thousand-years, even a Hell Tortoise with a one-thousand-year cultivation base was an exceedingly rare creature. The evil soul master was capable of possessing a ten-thousand-year Hell Tortoise as his spirit soul, so one could only imagine how powerful he was.

It was already difficult for Tang Wulin and the rest to fight an eight-ringed Douluo-ranked powerhouse without wearing their battle armors. Even though there was only one opponent, he alone was much more threatening than all of the evil soul masters from earlier.

Yue Zhengyu held Xu Xiaoyan as he looked toward the tear on her battle armor. Fortunately, the battle armor blocked most of the attack, but there was also a patch of purple-black that was slowly stretching across Xu Xiaoyan’s back. Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes were tightly shut as she urged her soul power at full force in order to hinder the spread of the violet color.

“You must immediately remove the Yin Qi which has entered your body, otherwise it’ll be troublesome when it enters your main meridians,” Xie Xie said to Yue Zhengyu hastily.

Tang Wulin moved in a flash and arrived by Xu Xiaoyan’s side. His right Golden Dragon Claw pressed onto her injury as thick Golden Dragon King Bloodline aura was unleashed. The bloodline aura that was filled with indomitable Yang energy penetrated under Xu Xiaoyan’s skin to rapidly dissolve the purple hue.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline was indomitable with pure and righteous Ultimate Yang Qi! No matter how powerful the Hell Tortoise, it was incapable of matching up to the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s level. Only that the evil soul master had a greater cultivation base with Yin Qi refined until it was so pure that it was difficult for Tang Wulin to resist him. If both of them had the same cultivation base, Tang Wulin would naturally be more powerful than him.

Xu Xiaoyan opened her eyes and shivered from the cold. “It’s freezing!”

Yue Zhengyu quickly held her tightly. “How are you? Feel better now?”

“I’m fine now!” Xu Xiaoyan nodded to him.

Meanwhile, everyone from Shrek Seven Monsters was gathered there except for Xu Lizhi.

Tang Wulin had already raised his hand and stuffed two buns into his mouth. Those were Xu Lizhi’s third soul skill Bloodthirst Bean Buns and his fourth soul skill Puncture Pork Buns!

Not only him, but both Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan each ate two of these buns. The three of them stood at the front as they gazed out to the opponent in the distant.

Yuan Yehui’s pair of giant hammers were corroded by one-tenth before the Yin Qi dissipated. Its power was evident.

The man seemed in black to be looking at them with excitement. “No wonder you’re capable of killing my men. All of you are genuinely quite different from ordinary soul masters. Interesting, but do you think that you’re capable of stopping me?”

After speaking, he suddenly raised his brows and muttered to himself, “They’ve arrived quite soon. I can only fight a quick battle to force a swift decision under such circumstances then.”

As he was saying that, his pair of purple eyes suddenly glowed brightly. Soon after, a layer of purple light arose from his back and transformed into an enormous phantom. The aura from his body increased exponentially. Pieces of purple-black armor then emerged from his body

The battle armor was filled with darkness and ghastliness. It was even more peculiar that there was an oval-shaped groove on his cuirass. The middle-aged man pressed the Hell Tortoise into the groove. The Hell Tortoise’s color turned even darker at once as if it had fused into his battle armor.

A pair of gigantic wings spread out behind his back, the characteristic of two-word battle armor. It seemed apparent that the middle-aged man was clad in two-word battle armor.

One demonic marking after another emerged on the battle armor, accompanied by a purple-black soul ring, three meters in diameter, that appeared underneath his feet. The outer soul ring appeared like a crown of thorns while the inner ring was formed from complicated demonic markings with the most center pattern in the form of a ghost.

It was three-word battle armor with the projection of his martial soul and Domain Soul Ring!

Just like how the presence of wings signified two-word battle armor, the Domain Soul Ring represented three-word battle armor!

Three-word battle armor had its own domain special effect that was also extremely compatible with the soul master. A soul master’s fighting capacity would be doubled at least within the domain.

An eight-ringed cultivation base with three-word battle armor! His power was already enough to fight a Hyper Douluo!

The expressions on Shrek Seven Monsters’ faces became dour!

The terrifying dominance of three-word battle armor, especially its domain power that could possibly be triggered at any time, made Tang Wulin’s group feel suffocated. Even though the Bloodthirst Bean Buns had already begun to take effect, the disparity between the two parties was truly too great.

Tang Wulin bit the tip of his tongue as he took a step forward. The expression on his face was gloomy. “Yuanen, launch the Fallen Angel! Xiaoyan, launch the Star Chain!”

It was utterly impossible for them to run away with a Hyper Douluo-ranked powerhouse standing before them. However, they could tell from the evil soul master’s words to himself earlier that reinforcements would not be far. This was their only chance of survival. They could live if they could withstand this.

Tang Wulin crossed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand as four golden soul rings bloomed with light from his body. He could not summon the Overlord Dragon anymore or he could certainly have been able to resist much longer. However, as captain of the squadron, he would need to remain at the forefront to guard his companions.

Tang Wulin helped Xu Xiaoyan to remove the Ultimate Yin Qi. Even though she was quite exhausted, she could still launch a few soul skills. She gulped down the Bloodthirst Bean Buns hastily while illuminating her fourth soul skill.

Streaks of illusionary chains that seemed to be condensed from stars connected to everyone and joined them in union.

The Star Chain allowed them to share their life source! Every attack which they had suffered would be equally borne by everyone including Xu Lizhi in the distance. He was also connected with a streak of Star Chain.

They could sense each other’s heartbeat and condition. Their thoughts and feelings were connected.

Yue Zhengyu held Xu Xiaoyan’s hand subconsciously. Xu Xiaoyan struggled gently, but Yue Zhengyu held on to her hand tightly and refused to let go regardless.

Everyone thought that they were about to lose Xu Xiaoyan just earlier. Fortunately, Xu Xiaoyan managed to survive so he refused to let go of her anymore.

“For me, killing all of you will be no different from crushing ants!” the evil soul master spoke coldly. The wings on his back flapped as his right hand reached for something in the air. A gigantic purple-black hand shot forward and tried to grab hold of Tang Wulin’s head, while the battle armor’s Domain Soul Ring underneath his feet diffused in a split second and enwrapped all of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Tang Wulin was crying out ‘oh no’ in his heart. The evil soul master did not despise them for the disparity between their powers, but he triggered his Domain Soul Ring in an attempt to kill them as quickly as possible.

He had no other options! He could not allow the enemy’s domain to enshroud everyone. Otherwise, Tang Wulin and his companions would be at his mercy.

The fourth soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body suddenly glowed brightly as a golden soul ring appeared underneath his feet and spread outward to a diameter of five meters, covering the Shrek Seven Monsters. At present, Xu Lizhi had already joined the group in a rush after he was connected to the Star Chain.

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