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A Formidable Enemy

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The people in the front cars were beyond saving for they had all been murdered by the evil soul master. However, they managed to defeat the evil soul masters fast enough that even though there was still a high casualty rate in the rear cars, more than one-third of the passengers survived. Many of them had been severely injured. Those in somewhat less serious condition began to help the wounded and the dying after calming themselves. It seemed like the situation was under control in the end.

A middle-aged man that appeared to be a doctor ran to Tang Wulin’s side. “Hello. Thanks for saving everyone. Is there any news about when the rescue personnel will be here? We can’t delay medical care anymore for those in critical condition, especially those with internal injuries. The chance of survival decreases the longer we hold off on treatment for them.”

Tang Wulin frowned as he spoke, “I don’t have a communicator to contact the nearby city. I don’t even know where we are now.”

The middle-aged man seemed to be slightly disappointed as he spoke, “Then I suppose we have no choice but to wait. However, all the soul trains are equipped with a positioning system, so notification will be sent out at once after an accident. This place here is right between two cities, so the rescue department will certainly need a period of time before they can rush over here. We can only do the best we are able and leave the rest to God’s will now. I’ll go and rescue people first and give them the best treatment I can. Please bring me any first-aid kits in the cars if you can find some. It will be very helpful.”

“Sure. Thanks for all the trouble you’ve taken.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Xu Xiaoyan knelt on the ground as she carefully bandaged the wound on a casualty’s arm. She spoke softly, “It’s fine. You’re going to be fine. The bone in your arm is broken, and I’ve helped to stabilize it. Don’t move. Just lie still and wait for the rescue personnel. They’ll be here soon and take you to the hospital.”

The casualty was an old man. Even though the old man was slightly pale from the pain, he appeared very calm. “Thank you, little girl. You’re just like an angel. Thanks for defeating those cruel scoundrels. Can you please tell me where are all of you from?”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled. “We are Shrek Academy’s students.”

The old man was stunned for a moment. “Shrek Academy, huh? No wonder.”

Xu Xiaoyan consoled him, “It’s fine now. Please lie down over here, and I’ll help the others.” She smiled as she spoke to the old man. She then stood up and ran over to another casualty.

The old man frowned as he watched her silhouette. He sighed softly. “What a nice, young girl. Shrek deserves its reputation of being the number one academy on the continent. Other than their impressive power, they also have a moral standing that is beyond anyone’s attainment.”

It was at that exact moment that the old man’s eyes suddenly widened as he cried aloud, “Be careful, young girl!”

No one noticed when a purple-black shadow had silently arrived behind Xu Xiaoyan and shot in the direction of her heart at lightning speed.

It happened so fast that none of them had time to react.

However, it was clear that the sound of the old man’s cry had had its intended effect.

Xu Xiaoyan had a great deal of combat experience, so she threw her entire body forward upon hearing the old man’s voice. Moreover, she had not removed her battle armor, having feared that the enemy might possibly reappear at any moment.

Violet light swept past her back, so close it had almost touched her. Xu Xiaoyan gave out a muffled grunt as she was blasted away by the light and slammed straight into a train car nearby before bouncing back.

Speckles of starlight bloomed on her dark blue battle armor to dissipate the blow as much as possible. However, the enemy’s attack was so powerful that a huge breach was torn into the back of her battle armor. Fortunately, her battle armor managed to block most of the attack. Xu Xiaoyan felt a chill on her body as she hastily urged her soul power, the fright building in her heart.

The rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters immediately reacted to the sudden change of situation.

“Xiaoyan!” Yue Zhengyu snarled. The wings on his back flapped strenuously as his second soul ring shimmered. He unleashed his Saint Sword and shielded Xu Xiaoyan in the blink of an eye.

The purple-black radiance stopped moving, and a figure emerged from the darkness.

It was a middle-aged man with a sickly pale complexion. His eyes were dark purple in color. He looked at Yue Zhengyu and spoke coldly, “It was you who killed my men? Death to all of you!”

The man had no battle armor on his body, but he exuded a terribly ghastly aura.

Yue Zhengyu did not care who this man standing before him was. He had felt as if his heart was about to jump out from his chest the moment he watched helplessly as Xu Xiaoyan was blasted away by him.

Golden light was bursting out of his eyes as the wings on his back spread out. In a split second, his fourth soul ring was glowing as his entire body’s aura strengthened several times over. It was Angel’s Descent!

He took a step forward into nothingness as the Saint Sword t----t toward the middle-aged man at lightning speed.

A purple-black halo rippled away from the middle-aged man. A total of eight soul rings emerged from his body without a word.

Three purple and five black soul rings! Eight soul rings set off the aura of his body. He did not dodge when he was confronted by Yue Zhengyu’s Saint Sword, merely standing there at its mercy.

Just as the Saint Sword t----t into the violet halo with blazing hot Saint Radiance Flames, Yue Zhengyu felt as if his Saint Sword had stabbed into a muddy swamp and could not sink in any deeper. He was even more shocked that his Saint Sword was contaminated by the purple-black color just as it stabbed into the dark violet light. The Sacred Radiance was swallowed and melted away rapidly.


Yue Zhengyu was startled.

The middle-aged man spoke coldly, “I hate Holy aura the most.” As he spoke, he waved his hand at Yue Zhengyu and flung out a stream of purple-black light that lashed straight at Yue Zhengyu.

The prowess of the Shrek Seven Monsters’ was on display at this moment. Yue Zhengyu did not panic despite being attacked by the middle-aged man. He retreated with lightning speed by using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. His body was akin to a phantom shadow as the Saint Sword in his hand was released in a split second without hesitation. At the same time, Holy Light glowed brightly as a beam of radiance shone down on his body.

His swift reaction allowed him to dodge the purple-black light’s frontal attack. He was only affected very slightly as the protective shield unleashed by the Holy Light and his battle armor just barely managed to block the assault, but Yue Zhengyu could still feel as the purple-black hue crawled toward his body. Could it contaminate his soul power as well?

A tremendous force shot forth and spun his body before blasting him away.

However, a huge hand appeared behind his back at this exact moment. It appeared out of thin air and pulled him down. Simultaneously, a pair of giant hammers dropped down behind the middle-aged man’s back and pounded straight for his head.

The corners of the middle-aged man cracked into a disdainful curve. He lifted his hands as if he was supporting the sky, with violet light bursting out of his eyes. The third soul ring of his body shimmered.

A ball of intense purple light suddenly imploded, like a bomb that blasted in all directions.

Tang Wulin had only just pulled Yue Zhengyu down when he immediately cried out ‘oh no’ in his heart.

Yuanen Yehui’s double hammers crashed down. The purple-black light’s assault blasted her away in a split second. Xie Xie’s hidden figure too had no choice but to retreat at high speed.

A stream of sword’s radiance flashed past, and Ye Xinglan was similarly blasted away. It was even more terrifying than anything that came into contact with the purple-black light would be rapidly contaminated by that violet shade. Despite their best effort to urge their soul power at full force, there was no way they could detach the purple color.

The purple-black radiance was filled with an icy cold and malignant aura, and also a terrifying corrosiveness. Yuanen Yehui’s pair of giant hammers were enormous, yet it had already begun to eat away at the parts that struck against the purple light. She urged her soul power to resist, yet she had only managed to reduce the rate of corrosion slightly.

Yue Zhengyu turned around and immediately made his way to Xu Xiaoyan’s side. He picked her up as he flapped his wings to fly away at lightning speed.

Tang Wulin did not retreat. At this exact moment, as the core of the squadron and the leader of Shrek Seven Monsters, he had to buy his team some time. Moreover, there were so many casualties on the ground.

A valiant dragon’s roar echoed. Tang Wulin held the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand as golden light bloomed from his battle armor. He aimed the spear at the violet beam of light that was spreading out.

The golden ring of light that had appeared before bloomed out of his chest once again and made the entire land seem dim before him. At the same time, Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out like a swarm of bees and bound the casualties in succession before tossing them all in one direction.

He had to put all else out of his mind. The top priority was still ensuring everyone’s survival.

Xu Lizhi moved his hands in a wide circle as he displayed the Tang Sect Technique Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to receive the casualties tossed to him by Tang Wulin in succession.

The Golden Dragon Spear t----t into the purple-black light. Tang Wulin first felt that same sensation as if he had sunk into a muddy swamp. Again, the violet light crawled along his Golden Dragon Spear in an attempt to contaminate and corrode it.

It was at this moment when the purple-black beam of light, which was pierced by Golden Dragon Spear, suddenly produced a diamond-shaped golden dragon scale pattern. Soon after, golden light glowed brightly as the spear struggled free from the purple light with the sound of dragon’s roar. A golden dragon’s head then emerged from the tip of the spear. It was the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens slamming directly at the middle-aged man’s chest.

Not only that, Tang Wulin shouted aloud and released the Golden Dragon Roar!

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