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Ultimate Yin

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An enormous dragon was faintly coiled within the golden soul ring. The group of people felt a gush of thick blood essence power bore into their bodies instantly. A bold dragon’s roar echoed within their eyes.

Tang Wulin’s body was expanding exponentially in the wind. He grew to a height of over three meters while the blood essence fluctuation in his body increased tremendously in a short moment. His eyes were no longer golden but turned bright red. The aura on his body was elevated multiple times.

He unleashed his fourth bloodline soul skill that was known as the Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

Tang Wulin acquired such an ability since he had broken through the fourth layer Golden Dragon King Seal, but he had never used it after he left the Dragon Valley.

The Golden Dragon Rage Domain enabled his Golden Dragon King bloodline to break out and enter the raging state instantly. At the same time, any friendly forces within the domain would receive the Golden Dragon King bloodline’s addition of one-third elevation to the potency of their attack and defense. Tang Wulin’s strength, defense and attack energies would double within the Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

The scales on Tang Wulin’s body became thicker and heavier when he grew to three meters. The dragon scale patterns on his battle armor had completely turned into thick and tough dragon scales. The dragon scales curled inward to wrap around the battle armor.

Tang Wulin’s aura was rapidly elevated such that he felt like a newly awakened beast. The Golden Dragon Spear was glowing brightly with radiance after being enhanced by his intense bloodline energy that was doubly amplified by the Bloodthirst Bean Bun and his Rage Domain. Furthermore, the spear was enlarging in tandem with his height.

“Roar…” His third soul ring glowed as a valiant dragon’s roar erupted. Powerful blood essence fluctuation lashed out repeatedly at the evil soul master’s battle armor such that his Domain Soul Ring was a step out of sync. In the next moment, Tang Wulin transformed into a stream of golden light as he surged forward.

It was the Golden Dragon Flies!

He did not have the slightest hesitation as he headed straight into the opponent’s domain with the lethal Golden Dragon Spear and the swift movement of a Golden Dragon’s flight.

He could not retreat even by a little at this moment. If he were to enter into the area that belonged to the opponent’s Domain Soul Ring, he would be trapped in his opponent’s world completely.

The ghastly cold aura that blew against his face was the Ultimate Yin Qi. Even though Tang Wulin had yet to find out his opponent’s martial soul, he suspected the person before him was an important figure in the evil soul masters’ world as his opponent had the ability to refine such pure Yin Qi.

However, Tang Wulin was akin to a burning sun at present. He was not burning as in flames but in blood essence. The thick Golden Dragon King’s blood essence pushed away the Yin Qi before his face while the Golden Dragon Spear shot toward the opponent’s chest much like the strike of golden lightning.

The evil soul master’s face registered surprise. He could never tell that Tang Wulin was only a five-ring Soul King! A five-ring one-word battle armor master who was surprisingly capable of pushing away his Ultimate Yin Qi as such and could even make him feel threatened. The evil soul master had never encountered such a situation before.

However, the evil soul master was not alarmed by this. He watched as Tang Wulin made his way into his gigantic purple-black hand with a cold smile on his face.

His cold smile was frozen the next moment because he saw a vortex-like golden aperture appearing in the middle of the gigantic purple-black hand which he unleashed. Soon after, the golden vortex enlarged rapidly to consume the gigantic purple-black hand. Golden light flashed and in the blink of an eye reached the front of his chest.

The evil soul master responded swiftly. He stretched out his right hand at lightning speed to smack the Golden Dragon Spear. In the split second that his palm came into contact with the Golden Dragon Spear, his body shuddered.

It was completely bloodline suppression which was unrelated to their cultivation bases. Whenever Tang Wulin’s soul power was elevated by one rank, his Golden Dragon King’s bloodline aura would be stronger such that it was better at fusing with his blood essence which made it even stronger.

Tang Wulin relied absolutely on his power to become Shrek Seven Monsters’ captain. Moreover, his fighting method was developed along the lines of suppressing others by dominance as his Golden Dragon King bloodline grew stronger with his body.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline’s ultimate Yang and fearless aura suppressed the Ultimate Yin Qi overwhelmingly. Even though the Shrek Seven Monsters were still feeling ghastly cold all over, it was not to the extent of being weakened due to the reinforcement from the Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

If they had been in a situation where they were without the Golden Dragon Rage Domain’s amplification and their cultivation bases were weaker, they would be turned into a puddle of blood from the corrosion effect of Yin Qi under the three-word battle armor evil soul master’s Soul Ring Domain.

Streaks of golden Starwheel Shackles arose from underneath the evil soul master’s feet silently. Xu Xiaoyan’s most powerful control soul skill burst forth with the most powerful prowess in a split second. The evil soul master’s raised right hand was frozen in midair instantly. Xu Xiaoyan was truly worthy of the reputation of being able to seize the moment.

The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand wounded the evil soul master’s fingertip as the impact of blood essence and Starwheel Shackles appeared almost simultaneously. In the next moment, the Golden Dragon Spear pierced savagely into the Hell Tortoise on his chest.

The purple-black three-word battle armor glowed brightly. Its protective shield was triggered, a most ordinary reaction of the battle armor. However, the power emitted from the three-word battle armor was not something a one-word battle armor could compare to.

A gush of ultimate cold energy struck against Tang Wulin and blasted him away. Nonetheless, an aperture appeared on the Hell Tortoise’s back and was shimmering with faint golden radiance.

Tang Wulin could obviously feel the gush of cool and refreshing airflow radiating from the Golden Dragon Spear. It was the Hell Tortoise’s vitality.

The Golden Dragon Spear managed to reveal its all-conquering special effect during the most crucial moment. The protective shield’s flare-up did not manage to blast away the Golden Dragon Spear. In the end, Tang Wulin managed to leave behind a trace on the opponent’s Hell Tortoise. Even though the Hell Tortoise was just a spirit soul, it had already become a part of the soul master.

Tang Wulin understood well that he could not unleash all the Golden Dragon Spear’s powers with his current cultivation base. Thus, he chose not to attack the other vital parts of the evil soul master which were protected by his three-word battle armor. He did not think that his attack could penetrate the three-word battle armor. Instead, he attacked the Hell Tortoise which was the core of the evil soul master’s power. Also, its defense was not as good as the battle armor.

“How dare you!” The evil soul master’s raging voice echoed. Tang Wulin did not manage to judge the situation clearly before he felt his body whipped by a stream of ghastly cold energy. His body was blasted away at high speed as he crashed toward his comrades.

Meanwhile, the Star Chain’s special effect was revealed. The battle armors on the Shrek Seven Monsters were shimmering with radiance as they endured the attack together.

Seven people gave out a muffled humph simultaneously, but they managed to dissipate the energy of the attack. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu managed to catch Tang Wulin and softened the impact of his landing.

“Ultimate Yin Boundary!” the evil soul master’s ghastly cold voice echoed throughout the entire scene.

Tang Wulin and his comrades felt everything in their surroundings turning sticky. His Golden Dragon Rage Domain was suppressed by the terrifying Ultimate Yin Qi like roaring waves slamming the beachfront. A stream of purple-black radiance suddenly arose from the ground and enshrouded Xu Xiaoyan.

It was the terrifying Ultimate Yin Qi that was ten times thicker than the evil soul master’s Soul Ring Domain. Furthermore, it cut off the streaks of Star Chains extending from Xu Xiaoyan’s body at the moment it appeared.

This was the first time the group from Shrek had ever encountered such a situation. The Star Chain was considered a star-type soul skill. Its tenacity could be observed when it connected all her comrades in an extremely firm and stable way. Nevertheless, this stability was not permanent.

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