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What’re You Crying For? You Good-For-Nothing

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On the tower ship, Yun Ming’s gaze also froze, but he soon felt relieved.

At least his beloved disciple did not pick that boy from Star Luo Empire. Who she chose was…

Tang Wulin?

In an instant, this name appeared on everyone’s mind. After a brief moment of silence, the shoreside went into an uproar again. On the boys’ side, innumerable lethal glares were all upon Tang Wulin. They would have loved to tear his limbs apart that instant.

On the girls’ side, Wu Siduo’s gaze quickly froze over. Dai Yun’er’s little jaw dropped in astonishment. Not a moment too soon, she knitted her brows tightly together.

Female Number Seventeen who had not taken off her bamboo hat trembled slightly, but she quickly regained her composure. In the minute where they were allowed to choose whether to take off their bamboo hats or keep them on, she did not show any signs of movement at all. She remained the only person who had yet to take off her bamboo hat.

Tang Wulin who was momentarily stunned began to react to the turn of events. He could not be sure whether to laugh or cry. ‘This young girl, her little prank will be the end of me yet!’

As he looked at Na’er’s sly smile, Tang Wulin could not help raising his hand to ruffle her hair. “You cheeky girl.”

“Tee-hee,” Na’er giggled and stuck out her tongue.

His eyes were full of love and her smile full of sweetness. For a while, they kept everyone in misery. The glow from the soul rings of the various male students obviously grew stronger. If it were not for the few elders on the tower ship holding everyone back, they might have carried out the taking of partners by force segment immediately.

Tang Wulin said in a low voice, “Are you making trouble on purpose?”

Na’er curled her red lips. “How is this making trouble on purpose? Can’t I pick you, brother? Or do you want me to choose someone else?”

Tang Wulin grunted. “I’ll deal with you after this festival is over, you naughty girl.”

On the tower ship, Yun Ming said in shock, “She picked Tang Wulin? Aren’t they siblings?”

There were not many who knew that Tang Wulin and Na’er were siblings, but he was very sure of that. However, Holy Spirit Douluo Yali said, “I’ve asked Na’er before. It seems they’re not related by blood.

Nonetheless, they look quite good with each other. It’s a fact that only Tang Wulin can match Na’er in terms of looks and moral character.”

Yun Ming gave a snort. His gaze toward Tang Wulin had the contempt of a father-in-law toward a son-in-law.

Yali had a good impression of Tang Wulin. This child was kind, brave, and his outstanding performance during the train incident had left a deep impression on her.

Tang Wulin had just recovered from the shock. He glanced at Long Yue who was staring at him from the side. He curled his lips. “Don’t you even think about it. You won’t have the slightest chance. Besides, she didn’t pick you. Even if she did pick you, I most likely won’t agree to it as well.”

A brilliant light flickered in Long Yue’s eyes. “I heard that there’s still a segment where we can take our partners by force. I’d like to see how long you can hold your ground during that segment.”

Tang Wulin was taken aback by Long Yue’s reply. He laughed hysterically. “You’ll know when the time comes.”

The way he saw it, Na’er simply came to play. She went around in a circle but chose him in the end. He did not make too much of this matter. After he had confirmed that Na’er did not pick anyone else, he felt relieved.

He shifted his gaze toward the only girl who had not removed her bamboo hat. Although she had not removed her bamboo hat, anyone who knew all the inner court female students would already have known her identity. After all, she was one of the Shrek Seven Monsters. Put another way, she was the true leader behind the current Shrek Seven Monsters!

Number Seventeen!

A bitterness showed itself on the edges of Tang Wulin’s lips. She was unwilling to remove her bamboo hat even after she had seen him. This undoubtedly revealed her attitude.

His gaze was slightly blurred now. If this Sea God Lake Date Festival was not a whole new beginning, would it be the final ending? However, he was not pleased!

It was only now that Lan Muzi managed to say something, “Hmm, I never thought that junior Na’er will pick Wulin. What a surprise. Wulin sure has good fortune!”

Tang Yinmeng said with a faint smile, “Alright, we’ll proceed with this segment. Now, the participants will draw lots to determine their turns to choose their partners. Before choosing their partners, the girls can make a request or pose a question to the boy they’re interested in. They can then decide afterward. Junior Na’er, have you forgotten about this?”

However, Na’er waved at her. She replied sweetly, “I don’t need it. I think no one else knows him better than I do.”

When she said this, the boys were put through their misery again. Their anger was probably at its peak. Even with his power, Tang Wulin felt as if ten thousand arrows had shot through his heart at this moment.

‘This brat, are you having fun while your big brother is suffering at your expense?’

“Very well. Let’s move on to the next participant. Hmm, the person we have picked is junior Ye Xinglan.”

Ye Xinglan had been silently observing all the happenings on the Sea God Lake Date Festival. When she saw Na’er choose Tang Wulin, she inadvertently frowned. As Tang Wulin’s teammate, she knew about the sibling relationship between Tang Wulin and Na’er. ‘This young girl is either here to cause trouble or is hoping that the other girls would retreat in the face of difficulties. However, Gu Yue also knows about their relationship. Gu Yue, what’re you thinking right now?’

She was mulling over her thoughts when she unexpectedly heard her name being called. After recovering from the shock, she utilized her soul power. The lotus leaf under her feet drifted toward the center of Sea God Lake.

“Junior Ye Xinglan, you may now choose the boy whom you admire, and you may ask him a question or make a request.”

Ye Xinglan’s gaze was lifeless. Amidst the crowd of boys opposite her, the obese and flabby one currently had his head buried deep in his own chest. His body trembled slightly. He dared not face the situation before him.

Prior to his confession, he was already in such a nervous state. He did not know if he still had the courage to say those words again ever. He knew that many people liked Ye Xinglan as well. She was powerful and beautiful. She was one of the outstanding ones among the inner court female disciples.

They were already eighteen years old. He was truly afraid that she had made her choice before he expressed his feelings toward her.

Her gaze was on him. In the depths of her memories, he was the chubby little boy who followed her everywhere she went when she was little. He was the little fellow who kept calling her ‘Sister Xinglan’ with a snotty nose.

He was also the companion who was large, cuddly and always stayed by her side. No matter the time or place, he never let her out of his sight.

She had gotten used to having him around and seeing that foolish grin of his. Most of all, she had gotten used to the variety of buns he made.

“Junior Xinglan, do you have any questions to ask? You can also direct your question to a few other boys. Then, you can make your decision.” Tang Yinmeng reminded her.

Ye Xinglan shook her head lightly. “I have no questions.”

“Then make your choice.”

The lotus leaf accelerated. Spots of starlight surrounded her. The speed at which Ye Xinglan’s lotus leaf moved was much higher than that of Na’er’s before this. She was already among the ranks of the boys in an instant.

Although she was not as beautiful as Na’er, she was still a pearl of the inner court, a bright and attractive star. The boys held their breath.

Xu Lizhi instinctively raised his head. He had been secretly loving her all these years. He had to see whom she would pick.

Then he saw the figure getting closer. He saw her calm face and the glow that flickered in her gaze.

She, she…

‘Is the partner she’s about to choose standing beside me?’

At this moment, Xu Lizhi seemed to have gone into a trance. His eyes started blurring. He felt the warm tears welling up in his eyes.

‘So, in the end, she’s leaving me?’ Even though he had half expected such a day would come, his heart would still not accept it.

“What’re you crying for? You good-for-nothing.” A plain hand reached over and wiped away the tears that trickled down his face.

“I hate to part with her.” Xu Lizhi, however, could not restrain himself as he cried loudly. At this very moment, his emotions were in turmoil.

His tears could barely be wiped away as they came pouring down and wetted her hand.

“Idiot, what do you hate? Do you hate me by your side? Or do you hate the flab in your body? I remember hearing you say that you’re willing to lose weight for me just now.” Ye Xinglan was at a loss whether to laugh or cry when she looked at this obese man in front of her who was much taller and bigger than she was, not least a waistline several times her own.

“Huh?” Xu Lizhi was suddenly stunned. His tears stopped flowing abruptly as if the sluice gates had been closed. He stared at Ye Xinglan with his mouth agape. To be sure, he rubbed his eyes vigorously.

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