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Don’t Tell Me You’re Only Passing By?

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She stood there charmingly beside him. Her lotus leaf was right beside him. There was no other person near them. There were only the both of them. She was standing by his side.

“Don’t, don’t tell me you’re only passing by.” Realizing what he had just said, Xu Lizhi had the urge to give himself a tight slap.

Ye Xinglan pinched his chubby face. “You have a death wish, don’t you?”

Xu Lizhi grinned foolishly and said, “Use more force. I think it hurts a little. If it hurts, that means I’m not dreaming. I’ve been daydreaming every day lately. I dreamed that you’ll choose me at the Sea God Lake Date Festival.”

“Are you stupid?”

“It hurts, it hurts! Haha, it hurts, haha!” Xu Lizhi laughed excitedly. All of a sudden, he leaped.


What does reaping sorrow at the end of great happiness mean? Currently, Xu Lizhi was the classic example. He forgot to restrain himself. When he leaped just now, that heavy body of his crashed directly onto the lotus leaf shattering it in an instant.

The lake water splashed onto Ye Xinglan’s body. For a brief moment, she was stunned. What happened?

With a loud gurgle, Xu Lizhi’s body floated back to the surface. “Ah! I’m not, I’m not pulling out. I’m not! I did it by accident. Sister Xinglan, Sister Xinglan, I did it accidentally. I…”

The fat boy was so nervous that he was on the verge of tears. After he took a plunge in the ice-cold lake water, his mind cleared. According to the rules of the Sea God Lake Date Festival, the participants would be disqualified from the date festival once they fell into the water!

As she looked at his flustered appearance, Ye Xinglan said pointedly, “You stupid fatso, stop embarrassing me here. Let’s go!” She stooped down to grab Xu Lizhi’s arm. She swung her arm forcefully and flung him skyward. Then, she turned into a beam of starlight and caught up to him. In the next instant, the both of them flew over the lake’s surface and landed on the faraway shore.

Ye Xinglan’s choice of Xu Lizhi, together with his emotional ups and downs had made the others stare with their mouths agape.

Such a situation had never happened at the Sea God Lake Date Festival before. For all the self-abasement, Xu Lizhi had definitely made it worth his while. Without question, his howls clearly worked and his confession was a success.

His dreams had finally come true now that he had gained her approval.

Currently, Xie Xie’s eyes were filled with admiration, there was even envy in them. Whether it was him or Yue Zhengyu, they had known all along that Xu Lizhi liked Ye Xinglan. However, none of them thought that Ye Xinglan would actually accept him.

In this instant, he finally understood why Yue Zhengyu who should have succeeded, failed whereas Xu Lizhi who should have failed, succeeded.

True feelings. Only true feelings could move the heart, and only true feelings could remove all obstacles.

Lizhi had succeeded, what about himself?

He instinctively looked at the opposite side, at the figure who had regained her female appearance with her red hair falling loosely behind her.

‘If Xu Lizhi can succeed, why can’t I?’

Lan Muzi laughed hysterically, “Although it had been tortuous, I must say that the outcome was splendid. Let us congratulate juniors Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan. Our best wishes are with them.”

Ye Xinglan and Xu Luzhi had technically withdrawn themselves from the Sea God Lake Date Festival. They did not participate in the final segment and did not have to take their partners by force. However, without a doubt, they had succeeded.

Tang Wulin was genuinely happy for Xu Lizhi. He was on extremely good terms with Xu Lizhi. He could more or less guess Xu Lizhi’s thoughts. However, when Ye Xinglan accepted Xu Lizhi, he was truly overjoyed.

Yue Zhengyu had failed, while Xu Lizhi had succeeded. ‘How about me? Can I succeed?’

He was not the only one who felt trepidation in his heart. Xu Lizhi’s success had undoubtedly rekindled the hopes of the male students.

“For our next participant, the name drawn is Xu Mi’er.”

Xu Mi’er was not particularly beautiful, and she had a hot temperament. It could also be described as her aura. Her aura would make most of the boys keep a respectful distance from her.

Fiery and violent, like a volcano that could erupt any second. Perhaps, this was related to the soul tool she loved most.

The lotus leaf under Xu Mi’er’s feet moved and drifted out slowly.

“Mi’er, let me see the man of your choice.” Tang Yinmeng could not help but laugh.

She and Xu Mi’er were good friends. Xu Mi’er was slightly younger than her. This was not Xu Mi’er’s first time taking part in the Sea God Lake Date Festival. Her strong character had made it difficult for her to find a compatible partner.

Xu Mi’er rolled her eyes at her. Then, she looked at the group of boys.

“Anyone here has the confidence to defeat me? Come out and fight.” This was her request.

The boys were exceptionally silent. The situation was so tense and quiet one could hear a pin drop.

Xu Mi’er curled her lips. “You’re all a bunch of weaklings. Nobody here is good enough for me.”

When she said this, the expressions of the inner court male students turned sheepish.

It was not that there were no experts among the inner court boys. For example, Lan Muzi was extremely powerful and recognized as the best inner court disciple. Apart from him, there were other powerful male students. However, such male students would naturally have girls vying for them. Usually, they would already have chosen their partners. Consequently, they would not be appearing in the date festival.

Xu Mi’er had participated in Sea God Lake Date Festival for a number of years but had not succeeded in landing a date. With the passage of time, her own strength had increased at a fast pace. Now that she was quite powerful, it was even more difficult for her to find a date. Besides, she had that overbearing character of hers which naturally made it difficult for her to find a man.

When she said those words, she had done it to vent her anger. Girls were like this. If they could not find a suitable partner in their first two Sea God Lake Date Festivals, chances would be she would find it almost impossible to get a partner.

The world of Soul Masters did not care about the family status of the respective couples, but the gap between their strengths should not be too vast. Particularly when the female Soul Masters looked for their partners, they would usually wish that their men were more powerful than themselves. This was the reason Yuanen Yehui had always said that she wanted Xie Xie to become more powerful than her before he was qualified to pursue her. The principle was the same.

Hence, Xu Mi’er knew that she would never find a person that suited her. She was not into anyone either. The boys were either too young or too weak. She had no intention of settling for a defect. Of course, this was her own thought. How could there be any defects in Shrek’s inner court?

She looked upon the boys with disdain. Her lotus leaf floated back.

“Wait!” At this moment, a deep voice sounded. “Who said all the boys were weaklings? At least, I’m not.”

Xu Mi’er turned around in shock. She never expected anyone to be courageous enough to step forward and take up her challenge. She had done the same thing in the two previous date festivals.

The big and tall figure stood on a lotus leaf and drifted toward the center of Sea God Lake. Everyone was astonished when they saw this person. The one who drifted out was none other than Dragon King Long Yue from Star Luo Empire who was hit by Xu Mi’er during the earlier segment.

What kind of personality did Long Yue have? He was staunch, upright, and outspoken. He could definitely not accept being called a weakling by a woman. He had always viewed himself as the most masculine man in the world.

When Xu Mi’er saw that it was him, she raised her eyebrows. “You from Star Luo, don’t think that you’re qualified to challenge me just because you had deflected my hand cannon attack just now. In a battle, I won’t be holding back.”

Long Yue replied proudly, “And if you lose?”

Xu Mi’er snorted, “If I lose, I’ll choose you.”

Long Yue curled his lips. “Even if you choose me, it doesn’t mean I’ll choose you.”

Xu Mi’er said angrily, “Why do you talk so much? Do you want to fight or not? Even if you don’t choose me, I’ll still choose you. If you lose… hehe!”

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