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The Goddess Chooses Her Husband

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The beauty of the Dragon Spear Goddess did not lie solely in her looks, it was more of an aggregate of her disposition, appearance, and her gaze that was gentle as a lamb. If ever there was a befitting description, she could only be described as flawless, par excellence.

Tang Wulin was a little stunned. Na’er looked so beautiful today. With the complement of Sea God Lake and the surrounding lights, she truly resembled a goddess that walked on the ripples of the lake’s surface. She stood there elegantly with a sweet smile on her face. Being spontaneous, she stuck her tongue out playfully at him.

Ordinarily, if two people stood a hundred meters apart from each other, it would be quite difficult to make out the other person’s expression. How could Tang Wulin not see that?

Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were also a little stunned. Lan Muzi said, “Junior Na’er, I thought the rumors saying that you’ll be joining the date festival were just rumors. Who would’ve thought that you’d actually come. But, you’re not even eighteen yet!”

Na’er smiled sweetly.

“According to Douluo Continent’s rules, a sixteen-year-old is already an adult. Why can’t I come? I have special permission from my teacher, you know.”

Tang Yinmeng smiled and said, “Alright. Na’er, with your presence, you’ll be making this year’s Sea God Lake Date Festival grand. But, will you be choosing a person that you like? You must be careful.”

When Tang Wulin saw Na’er nodding her head without hesitation, he was taken aback by surprise. He was none too happy about it. Then, he began looking around in a rather resentful manner.

‘Who is it? Who made Na’er fall for him? She’s my beloved sister!’ His gaze turned fierce as he looked at his surroundings.

However, nobody paid him any attention. Even Dragon King Long Yue was completely mesmerized by the glamorous Na’er. Almost every male student’s gaze was upon her.

Na’er stood there graciously. Without a doubt, she completely overshadowed the other inner court girls. Some of the girls even had angry expressions on their pretty faces. With her presence, today’s date festival would be truly different.

Lan Muzi’s heart skipped a beat. He said, “To be fair to the other girls, since you already have someone in mind, junior Na’er, we’ll let you have first pick of the person you like in this fourth segment, Destined for Three Reincarnations. All of us would like to know the lucky guy who has our Dragon Spear Goddess’s attention.”

After he said that, the girls immediately heaved a sigh of relief whereas the boys tensed up. More than ninety percent of the boys puffed up their chests instantly. If they could be chosen by the Dragon Spear Goddess, that would simply be the most fortunate event in their lives!

Naturally, the girls were relaxed because after she picked her partner, at least the boys would give up on her. They could then focus their attention on the remaining girls.

Na’er nodded. “Okay! Then I’ll go first.”

Lan Muzi made an inviting gesture. “Alright. So, let’s invite Number Eighteen, junior Na’er to approach the person that she admires. I wonder if the boys can feel their hearts beating faster.”

Na’er smiled. She did not seem to have moved when her body flashed with silver light. The lotus leaf beneath her feet had floated out lightly. There was a wake on the lake’s surface as she headed straight toward the boys’ side.

Tang Wulin could hear the breathing sounds beside him were becoming labored. He could also hear the excited, thumping heartbeats. Without question, the boys were currently highly excited.

The lotus leaf drifted closer. Na’er’s pretty face had the same sweet smile. The closer she got, the more apparent the impact of her awesome beauty was on the boys. Despite the inner court boys having calm composures, they were currently bedazzled by her beauty. If a man could marry such a wife, what more could he wish for?

‘Pick me, pick me!’ Almost everyone cried out in their hearts.

‘She’s close, she’s getting close!’

‘A hundred meters, eighty meters, fifty meters, thirty meters!’

The beautiful lady was only a few feet away from them. Everyone’s breathing became heavy. One of the boys could not restrain himself as he unleashed his martial soul directly. Circles of dazzling soul rings rose from beneath his feet as he displayed his strength. In the next instant, more than half the boys shone with the glow from their soul rings. For a time, a riot of colors broke out on Sea God Lake’s surface.

On the tower ship.

“This young girl Na’er really has someone she likes?” Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue asked Sea God Pavilion Master Yun Ming beside her in astonishment.

Yun Ming’s expression was also one of shock. “I’ve never heard this young girl talking about it! This girl can really keep a secret. But, I won’t be able to tell you who’s good enough for this disciple of mine.”

Long Yeyue smiled. “Are you feeling unwilling to let her go? A grown girl can’t be kept at home. But, this girl is slightly ahead of her time, isn’t she? Can’t she at least wait until she’s eighteen?”

Yun Ming’s brows were slightly furrowed. In his heart, Na’er was like his own daughter. Yun Ming was greatly shocked to hear that Na’er had someone that she admired. At the same time, he felt some reluctance to part with her.

Holy Spirit Douluo Yali who was beside him pinched his hand lightly. She smiled at him and said softly, “Na’er is extremely clever. The boy who earned her admiration must have his uniqueness. Let’s watch silently and not interfere.”

Ten meters. Only ten meters left!

The eyes of the boy closest to Na’er were bulging. He kept staring with his wide open eyes as the peerless beauty came toward him. The feeling was simply exhilarating.

There was a killing intent in Tang Wulin’s gaze. He stared at the boy, and his hands were already tightly balled into fists. He thought inwardly, ‘If you want to be with Na’er, you’ll have to get through me first. If you can’t defeat me, how can you protect my Na’er? Yes, that’s it. I heard that we’re allowed to take our partners by force in the final segment of the Sea God Lake Date Festival. Hehe, no matter who Na’er picks, I will have to fight him then.’

At this very moment, the lotus leaf under Na’er’s feet suddenly drew an arc on the water’s surface. The graceful arc deviated silently and went straight toward Tang Wulin.

No, to be more precise, it was in the direction of Long Yue.

Long Yue gave off a domineering aura as he stared at the beautiful face that was approaching him. He was not a person who paid much attention to matters relating to the heart. Had he chosen Dai Yun’er, it was because, in his heart, only Dai Yun’er’s looks and status were good enough for him.

However, this young girl was much more beautiful than Dai Yun’er, and she also had an awe-inspiring disposition. When she got closer to him, his heart was beating faster at an irregular pace. He suddenly had a feeling that this was the so-called love at first sight. ‘So, all these years, I’ve never had a girlfriend. Was it because I was waiting for such an opportunity?’

At the same time, when his mind was filled with confusing thoughts, Na’er was getting close to him. She was only a few feet away from him.

Tang Wulin’s eyes bulged, ‘No, Na’er, you can’t pick him! He’s from Star Luo Empire. He…’

Tang Wulin would have loved to strangle Long Yue right now.

On the shoreside, the outer court disciples were in an uproar. Many of them could no longer restrain themselves and started yelling. If their Dragon Spear Goddess picked an exchange student from Star Luo Empire as her partner, it would be unacceptable for everyone.

The lotus leaf under Na’er’s feet slowed down noticeably. She glanced at Tang Wulin whose eyes were bulging. When she saw Tang Wulin’s hands tightly balled into fists while glaring menacingly at Long Yue, she could not help covering her cute lips in a graceful motion and let slip a laugh.

Silver light flashed faintly and the lotus leaf picked up speed once more. When she was about three meters from Long Yue, the lotus leaf slid away silently and drew another arc on the water’s surface as it floated to Tang Wulin’s side. Her lotus leaf touched Tang Wulin’s lightly. She raised her head and stuck out her tongue slyly at him.

Long Yue was stunned. The boys were also stunned, and Tang Wulin himself was equally stunned.

On the shoreside, the commotion had suddenly quietened down.

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