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The Dragon Spear Goddess Appears

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The lotus leaf floated back and Tang Wulin returned to his initial position.

‘Who was he referring to?’ This question arose in many people’s minds. As for the girls on the opposite side, many of them had the same thought. ‘It’s not me?’

The smile on Dai Yun’er’s face froze. Wu Siduo’s expression turned pale. Female Number Eighteen was very quiet whereas Female Number Seventeen did not budge even an inch. However, the lotus leaf beneath her feet began sending ripples through the water.

‘He’s still into her.’ Dai Yun’er pressed her lips together. Her pretty face was pale. The instant she heard Tang Wulin utter those words, she felt as if her heart had been stabbed. She was in so much pain that it was almost impossible for her to breathe.

It had been more than three whole years. From the heartbreaking grief she felt when they first parted to the moment she received information about him not too long ago, her heart felt dead at times. From great sorrow to great joy, and now the sadness she felt when she heard those words. She was currently in so much pain that she felt as if she was about to be torn to pieces.

Nonetheless, in the past three years, she had matured. She had grown more than she ever did in the past twelve years before this. She learned to be strong, to bear her troubles alone, and to never give up.

‘No, I won’t give up. I won’t ever give up, no matter what.’ Dai Yun’er’s pale pretty face had this stubborn look. She had already endured such a long wait to finally catch up with him here. How could she simply give up?

One must fight for one’s own happiness. Regardless of how profound a feeling he had with the previous person, more than three years had passed. He was with her during those final moments. Maybe, she still had a fighting chance to start all over again.

When she thought of this, Dai Yun’er took a deep breath. She tried hard to calm herself. She wanted to be in her best to.fight for her love.

Wu Siduo looked at the person far away with dull eyes. When she rejected Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng back then, her heart was also tormented by excruciating pain.

Everyone was familiar with each other for quite some time now. She had hoped that it would not end like this. However, she was quite clear about what she wanted. She could not deceive herself. In spite of the knowledge that she had no place in that person’s heart, she still wanted to fight for it.

When she was but a little girl, she was already a perfectionist. She wanted the best in everything. Even in terms of strength, she worked hard and strived to be the most powerful. She was Hell Wu Siduo, a genius who possessed a twin martial soul and self soul fusion skill.

If ever there was a boy who was good enough for her, it could only be him. He was handsome, wise, farsighted, hardworking, and well gifted in natural endowments. When she first met him, she was only attracted to his looks. However, with the passage of time when he defeated her time and time again, she began to have feelings for him. Without realizing it, she had grown fond of him. From that point on, she had followed his every interest until the day he disappeared.

She had spent many years together with Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng. How could she not know their feelings? Especially during the period when Tang Wulin went missing, she had tried to accept one of them, but she realized that she could not do it. At least, she could not do it now. He always had a place in her heart since the beginning till now.

‘Maybe he’ll come back.’ It was this hope that she held on to as she worked hard in her cultivation. After the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters was decided, she became the class monitor of the genius class. She worked hard and cultivated with all her might hoping that she would be in his shoes one day. When and If he returned, at the very least she would be at par with him.

Now that he was back, he had returned just in time for the Sea God Lake Date Festival.

However, what he did not know was that she had decided to give up on that unrequited love of her youth in this year’s date festival. She had instead planned on accepting a new love!

He appeared, and her heart was flustered. She was at a loss as to what she should do. However, in a brief moment, she made her decision. She would give it a try no matter what. Even if her chances were slim, she would still give it a go. Otherwise, how could she ever be contented not knowing how it would be had she tried?

She had always been a firm and resolute character. She would not change easily once she made up her mind. Even if she might possibly lose the most important person in her life afterward, she still proceeded without hesitation. She just had to try despite being like a moth darting into the fire. Otherwise, it might haunt her for the rest of her life.

Love at Second Sight continued. Every boy who stayed on was displaying himself and expressing his feelings. Very quickly, this third segment which was full of incidences ended finally. At least, the problems which occurred in the first half did not happen in the second half.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng exchanged glances. Tang Yinmeng said, “The date festival is past the halfway mark. But, I have to say the actual c----x is only about to begin. All the boys better start saying your prayers now. In the fourth segment, it will be decided if you have the opportunity to bring home a beauty.”

Lan Muzi nodded. “Yes, what’s about to begin will be the most exciting moment in the Sea God Lake Date Festival. The fourth segment, Destined for Three Reincarnations will account for at least seventy percent of the final outcome. So, I want to remind all the Sea God’s fair maidens that you must pick carefully. Because once you have made your choice, you cannot change it anymore. That’s why you must be wise and listen mindfully to your heart and not be hasty with your decision that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.”

The girls had different expressions but they were beginning to focus their gazes.

Lan Muzi looked at Female Number Seventeen and Eighteen who still had their bamboo hats on. He said in a deep voice, “Up till now, the both of you are the only ones with your veils still on. If you’re still unwilling to take them off in this segment, you’ll not have the chance to take off your bamboo hats ever. So, I implore you to decide carefully. Also, because of your outstanding performances in protecting your veils, if you remove your veils now, you will have priority in the fourth segment. I’ll give both of you a minute to consider this.”

“I’ll remove mine,” a crisp and pleasing voice sounded across the entire Sea God Lake. The one who spoke was Female Number Eighteen.

She raised her hand and removed the bamboo hat with its veil from her head. A beautiful, flawless face was revealed.

Her long silver hair hung loosely and her purple eyes looked like purple crystals. Silver hair and purple eyes! Even the shine of the moon and stars paled in comparison to her perfect looks.

On Sea God Lake’s surface, the reflected lights seemed to enhance her ravishing beauty this instant. Everyone’s gaze was upon her.

“Dragon Spear Goddess!” It was not known who had made the remark. Instantly, the whole shoreside was screaming and yelling.

Even the gazes of the inner court male students turned fervent.

Although there had been rumors about the Dragon Spear Goddess joining this year’s Sea God Lake Date Festival, it was still hearsay up till now. Currently, the Dragon Spear Goddess made her appearance on Sea God Lake before everyone. What struck everyone initially was that she lived up to her reputation of being the most beautiful girl in Shrek.

Wu Siduo, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui were already considered strikingly beautiful. However, when compared to her, they were still lacking.

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