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Hung up the phone, Shen Lingxi side head to the side of the man, a red lip: "Dragon Wing, we do this will not be too cruel?"

"Shh!" Long Yi made a gesture of silence, and then he opened his mouth and said to Shen Lingxi silently, "you can only lead the snake out of the hole if you plan. We do not let the girl know the truth, but our enemies put too many eyeliners around her. Once we tell her the truth, the enemy will soon receive the truth, so what we have done today is totally useless.

Quan Nanzhai has always protected Qin leran, tried to prevent her from appearing in public, and tried to prevent others from knowing the relationship between her and him, that is, to prevent others from putting their ideas on her.

However, no matter how careful the guard was, she was found by the crafty enemy and knew that Quan Nanzhai had such a girl around him that he cared about.

Of course, those people know her importance in Quan Nanzhai's mind, so how can those crafty enemies give up such a perfect chess piece.

Seeing Shen Lingxi's frown and worried eyes, longyi said, "let that girl feel sad for a while, and then she will be able to see the moon."

"But..." Shen Lingxi is still worried.

Because she has experienced the heartbreaking pain of losing her beloved, she can feel the pain of Qin leran at this time.

"Darling!" Long Yi rubbed her head. "Don't forget that your man is right beside you. If there is something he will deal with, you will go to sleep."

With him by her side, she doesn't have to worry about many things, and he will do them well, but Shen Lingxi is still worried about Qin lelan: "Dragon Wing..."

"Why not obey?" Long Yi looks at her and sees that she still wants to talk. He just lowers his head and kisses Shen Lingxi and seals her mouth in such a direct way.

When beloved women say something they don't want to hear, men like to block their mouths in such a direct way.

Because kissing them like this can temporarily distract her attention. There is no way to think about other people and things except receiving his kiss.

This time, longyi kisses Shen Lingxi directly on the bed, and even has a more intimate contact. Shen Lingxi is so tired that she has no mind to think about Qin lelan any more.

If there is no business to be done, longyi will never stop at one time. After they are together, with his physical strength and ability, there is only one time, which is definitely not the style of longyi.

Staring at the woman who was tired to sleep in his arms, longyi's eyes were soft and gentle. He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. In a soft voice, he said: "good night!"

"Well." Even in his sleep, Shen Lingxi could hear his voice sensitively and gave him a reply gently.

"Silly woman, she is so lovely when she is asleep." Let him really want to knock her down and enjoy her again, but there's no time for him tonight.

He pushed Shen Lingxi out of his arms. Unexpectedly, he just pushed her, which made her tremble. He hugged him tightly and said, "Dragon Wing, don't leave me!"

She's still scared!

Afraid that he would leave her.

Afraid of a repeat.

A few days ago, she talked in her sleep every night and was easily woken up by nightmares. These days, it's not easy to get better. Today, she has made these problems again.

It should be that this evening she thought of something more than a year ago through Qin lelan's things, and then she would have nightmares again.

"Xiao Xi, I'm here." Longyi hugged her back to her arms again, patted her back gently, comforted her patiently, until she really fell asleep, he just got out of bed.

After getting out of bed, longyi took an instrument and swept every corner of the house from the beginning of the bedroom to make sure that there was no eavesdropper and monitor in the house, so he took out a special mobile phone to dial a strange phone number.

Get through a strange phone number, but what comes from the handset is a familiar voice: "how are you getting ready there?"

"Everything is ready as planned," said longyi

Quan Nan Zhai's deep and pleasant voice came again: "well, let your people be ready, the big snake behind you may come out at any time."

Dragon Wing nodded and said with gnashing teeth: "catch the big snake behind you, and you will give it to me. I promise not to use them for soup. "

Quan Nanzhai: "well."

Quan Nanzhai said nothing more, and longyi said, "your woman called today. It sounds like she's much stronger than I thought. At least she's more rational when talking."

Quan Nan Zhai once again snorted softly, without any more words, because he knew that he could be very strong, of course, the main thing was that he sent someone to protect her safety.

They grew up together and knew each other's character and behavior very well. Since the other didn't want to talk more, longyi didn't mention Qin lelan any more.

Both of them were silent for a while, and longyi asked, "how is the helicopter crash arranged today? Can the enemy find out the flaw? "

Quan Nan Zhai sneered, "what do you think?"

In order to cooperate with the enemy in this play, he could not go back to accompany Qin leran for dinner, so that she could not wait for him not to say, and also let her worry about him so much.

At such a high price, can the personality of Yiquan Nanzhai allow his men to do a bad job of helicopter crash?

There's no suspense about the answer - no!

Why should Quan Nanzhai, who was supposed to crash with the helicopter in the helicopter and whose casualties are unknown, be able to talk to Long Yi on the phone right now?

Of course, the answer is obvious.

Quan Nanzhai, the president of a country, will check his plane before flying twice more than ordinary people.

The aim is to keep him safe.

It's not easy for the enemy to move his hands and feet on the plane he's on.

The enemy can send their men into the maintenance team. One can do it and two can do it. More than that, they don't have that ability. They can buy one or two inspectors, but they can't buy all the inspectors in charge of quannanzhai aircraft.

Today, Quan Nanzhai temporarily knew that someone had moved his hand and foot to kill him. He also made a temporary decision. He made a plan to make the enemy mistakenly think that he got on the plane, let the enemy mistakenly think that he crashed with the plane, and created the illusion of paralyzing the enemy.

Of course, their enemy is not a third rate cargo either. The snake hiding behind is very cunning. It's not easy to make him believe that Quan Nanzhai crashed with the plane.

Quan Nanzhai arranged for the pilot to crash the plane in the valley where the body could not be found, so that the enemy could not rely on the body to be sure that Quan Nanzhai was alive or dead.

Quan Nan Zhai counted thousands, but ignored Chang Li around Qin lelan. /p

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