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"Le ran, what's the matter with you?"

Shen Lingxi's worried voice came from her mobile phone.

Because Qin leran has turned on the mobile phone speaker, Shen Lingxi's voice is very loud in this quiet room.

After asking, he waited for a long time, but didn't wait for Qin lelan's answer. Shen Lingxi asked again, "lelan, are you listening?"

Qin leran is afraid. His fingertips are shaking with fear. He is afraid that he will lose the whole world soon.

But she can't be afraid!

She kept saying to herself that she couldn't be afraid. How could she get into a mess when she didn't know about brother lie.

At the critical moment, her rich experience and courage helped her. Qin lelan's mood gradually recovered under her self-regulation.

She clenched her fist and bit her lips. When she made a sound again, the voice was calm and impermanent: "where are you, sister Lingxi?"

She asked, the voice is as usual, a little soft and a little crispy. I can't help but want to be nice to her.

"I'm at home." Unconsciously, Shen Lingxi used the word "home". Maybe she thought that no matter where she was, as long as there were Dragon Wings, it was her home.

At home?

Is it really at home?

Or is she lying to her like Lin Jiacheng?

Qin leran was not clear at this time, and then asked, "sister Lingxi, have you received any news about brother lie?"

At the same time, Qin leran was used to listening and waiting for Shen Lingxi's answer.

She can't see Shen Lingxi, and can't judge the truth of her words from Shen Lingxi's expression. So she can only tell from Shen Lingxi's voice whether she knows the news of the accident of brother lie's helicopter.

Shen Lingxi's gentle voice clearly reached Qin leran's ear from the handset again: "I saw the news not long ago, and I knew that Nanzhai had gone to the disaster area. What's up? Didn't you watch the news? "

Shen Lingxi's voice is very natural, not like lying, not like camouflage

Doesn't she really know about brother lie?

When Qin leran was confused, Shen Lingxi's pleasant voice came again: "leran, I have a new phone call. Shall I take the call first? "

New phone?

Qin lelan's body shook and asked urgently, "sister Lingxi, who called?"

But when Qin leran asked for the exit, Shen Lingxi at the other end of the phone had already hung up. Shen Lingxi should not have heard her question.

Would it be a call from the North Palace?

Qin leran's heart is tangled. She hopes it's a phone call from Beigong, and at the same time, it's not a phone call from Beigong.

If it's a call from Beigong, it can prove that brother lie's situation is very serious. If you don't call, the situation may not be as serious as you think.

After a little waiting, Qin leran dials Shen Lingxi's phone again, and prompts that the other party is on the phone.

Qin leran told herself to calm down. After calming down, she waited a little longer. She called Shen Lingxi again.

This time, Shen Lingxi of the caller didn't speak. Qin leran said carefully, "sister Lingxi..."

Later, she couldn't ask. Her heart was pounding. She was afraid that it would churn in her heart like a flood.

For a long time, Shen Lingxi's sad voice came from the phone: "lelan, Nanzhai has an accident. The situation is serious, but there should be no life danger."

There should be no danger of life.

How can I hear this? I can hear Shen Lingxi's heart failure.

Qin leran knows that Shen Lingxi is not a good liar. She said that the situation must be very serious. She said that there should be no life danger. It is likely that things are not as she said.

"Lelan, don't worry, Nanzhai..."

Before Shen Lingxi had finished, Qin lran snapped at her: "I know that he will be OK. He will be OK."

Qin leran is talking to Shen Lingxi. In fact, the main thing is to listen to her. She wants to make her believe that brother lie will be OK.

What a person is most afraid of is not the physical fall, but the spiritual fall. She knows that she can't accept the fact that her brother has an accident.

Shen Lingxi was worried: "Le ran..."

Qin leran said: "sister Lingxi, Beigong calls to inform you that there must be something you need to deal with. I beg you to take me to see brother lie. "

The news of Quan Nanzhai's accident didn't spread out. I'm sure that his men took measures to prevent the news from spreading.

After all, the president who just took office was killed. The impact of this event on the whole country can be as great as it can be.

Before brother lie's situation is 100% clear, the people under him will never let the news spread.

Shen Lingxi didn't answer in time. She paused for a long time, and then said slowly: "lran, I'm sorry! I can't help you with your request. "

Qin leran's heart cools. At the same time, she knows that brother lie's situation must be more serious than she imagined. At such a moment, she thinks that she will be flustered and disordered.

However, it was unexpected for her. She was so calm that her voice did not fluctuate at all: "well, I know."

She was clear in her heart that Shen Lingxi was not unwilling to help her. She must be addicted to her unspeakable habit. After all, Qin lelan was nothing in other people's eyes.

In other people's eyes, she has nothing to do with Quan Nanzhai. She is not from a country. No matter how they defend her, they will guard against her and worry that she will leak out the news of the president's accident.

No one knew that Quan Nanzhai had said to her that he would come back to dinner with her in the evening, and those people had no idea that Quan Nanzhai had also said that he would marry her, so that she would appear in front of his people.

The relationship between him and her is the relationship between them. No one else knows about it, so when he has an accident, she can't even go to his side to take care of him.

Reality is as cruel as a sharp knife. It stabs Qin leran's heart and makes her blood flow into a river.

However, no matter how cruel the reality is, no matter how painful the sharp knife makes her, she will bite her teeth and swallow the pain into her stomach.

At the time of brother lie's accident, no one in the country a could help her 360 degrees without dead angle. She could only rely on herself.

"Le ran, I'm sorry! I don't want to, but his identity is special. " Maybe it's because she can't help Qin lelan. Shen Lingxi's voice is full of guilt and self blame.

"Sister Lingxi, you are busy with your business. I know what I should do." Qin lelan smiled and ended the conversation with Shen Lingxi. /p

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