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Quan nanzhairang deliberately made the plane crash and immediately blocked the news. All procedures and confidentiality are strictly required. It is absolutely arranged according to his real crash.

Their enemies are cunning and treacherous. It's not easy to cheat them. So their people dare not be careless.

But he never thought that in this place of country a, in addition to his enemy's intelligence network can be compared with that of the country, the intelligence network of Chang's mother and son can also be so powerful.

In such a short time, Chang Li was able to get the news that his plane crashed on the way back from the disaster area.

This is something that Quan Nanzhai did not expect.

Qin Yue is the life-saving benefactor of Chang's mother and son. Chang's mother and son are loyal to Qin leran in autumn. When they know the news of his crash, they will undoubtedly report the situation to Qin leran as soon as possible.

Their speed is so fast that Quan Nanzhai hasn't thought of a solution Qin leran has called Shen Lingxi.

When Qin leran was watched by many people, Quan Nanzhai couldn't quietly inform Qin leran that he didn't have an accident, so he had to let Shen Lingxi accompany him to act together and let Qin leran believe it.

Qin lelan is an accident in Quan Nan Zhai's perfect plan In order not to make her sad, he almost ruined his plan.

But fortunately, his reason prevailed over his emotion, which he restrained, and did not waste a helicopter crash that he had worked hard to make today.


Qin lelan, who didn't know it, was still working hard, trying to figure out how to get to Quan Nanzhai anyway.

No matter whether Quan Nanzhai is injured or anything else, Qin lelan has no confirmation with his own eyes. He is skeptical of any news.

Chang Li looked at her deeply locked brow and apologized, "Miss, the North Palace has sealed the news to death. At present, we can't find out more about Mr. President."

In Qin leran's view, the North Palace sealed the news to such a death that Chang Li's people could not find out a single piece of information, which can prove that today's events are more serious than everyone imagined.

Casualties unknown!

At the thought of these words, Qin leran's heart was shaking again, which made her unable to control her emotions.

She clenched her fist tightly, so tightly that her fingernails fell deep into the palm of her hand, punctured the palm of her hand, and red blood flowed out.

She wants to make herself hurt, and then make herself hurt a little, so that she can calm down and sober herself up.

"Miss..." Chang Li was worried to see her face grow pale, but he didn't know what to say to comfort her.

He has been around her for two or three months. He knows her things, especially her feelings for Quan Nanzhai.

If Quan Nanzhai's life and death are not clear, the panic in her heart can be imagined, but she is trying to bear it, swallowing her grief in her stomach.

"Go down." Unable to find out the news, it's useless for Chang Li to stay here all the time. Qin leran waves for him to return to his residence first.

"Miss, let me sit with you." Chang Li worries about her and fears that she will do something to hurt herself once she leaves.

"No more." Qin Yueran said lightly.

"But..." Chang Li also wanted to say something. Suddenly he gave Qin lelan a firm look, and he closed his mouth obediently.

How to say, she is his master. No matter how worried he is about her, he can't disobey Qin lelan's order, or go back to his room downstairs.

As soon as Chang Li left, the originally quiet room became quieter.

Even if the door is closed and the window is closed, the sound insulation effect of the door and window is very good, but Qin leran still hears the wind and snow whistling outside.

The wind and snow sound is like ghosts crying and howling. It's really annoying to hear people feel cool and cold.

Qin Le ran bit his lips, raised his steps to the window and looked out of the window.

There are thousands of lights outside the window. Colorful lights illuminate the city, making it a city that doesn't stay up at night, and making the city with heavy snow as beautiful as a dream.

The white snow makes the city look much more beautiful, but it is cold as a dead city, a dead city without any warmth, a dead city without feelings.

If it wasn't for brother lie's presence here, she thought, in her life, she would never have lived here for a long time if she had come to this city for a few days at most.

In a trance, there was a figure outside the window, a huge figure, a figure that Qin lelan could not be familiar with any more.

Seeing the figure, Qin lelan instinctively reached for it. However, not only did she not catch the empty figure, but her hand hit the transparent glass heavily.

The glass is very strong and hard. When Qin leran's hand hit it, it made a loud noise. It hurt so much that she felt that her five fingers seemed to be smashed.

But Qin leran didn't care about the pain of her fingers. She reached for her strong brother again, and her hand hit the thick and hard glass again.

Again and again, she bumped her hands, but she still didn't stop, because the person she saw was her strong brother, who she absolutely didn't want to give up.

"Brother lie, it's me! It's me! I am ran! Can't you see me? " She waved to the huge figure of nothingness outside the window, hoping that he could hear her and let her touch him.

But she didn't know what happened. She had just seen a very clear and obvious figure. Suddenly, it became blurred and blurred. At last, she couldn't see him.

"Brother lie, you are not allowed to leave!" Qin lelan cried out his name in a hurry, and hit the glass hard. He seemed to want to break the glass window to get back the brother who was about to disappear.

But no one answered her

The pain let her know that it was not her strong brother, it was just an illusion she had.

"Brother lie......" When he called Quan Nanzhai again, Qin leran raised his hand and wiped his eyes. When the back of his hand touched the warm tears, she knew that she was in tears.

She was not as strong as she thought.

She is a timid girl.

At the thought that brother lie on the operating table of the hospital at this time, her life and death are unknown, she is so scared that her whole body is shaking.

She cried and said, "brother lie, you promised me something. You haven't done it yet. You must be OK, right?"

"Brother lie......" Cried his name and smiled with tears. "You told me you would never leave me alone again."

"Brother lie, you told me that you wanted to marry me and that you wanted to accompany me to the old age You have been away from me for more than ten years. Now I can't find you easily. I haven't enjoyed your tenderness. How can you leave me again? " /p

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