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"Well, it's really exciting." Jane Ran's soft voice came to Qin leran's ear from the handset. "Congratulations to our family, the baby can finally go to work next to her sweetheart."

Her voice was gentle, and it didn't sound surprising. It seemed that she had expected her baby daughter would do that.

"Mom, but I still have some worries." His mother has always supported him. Qin lelan knows that his father is not easy to deal with him.

It's her initiative to ask her to work beside brother lie, in case her father misunderstood that brother lie let her suffer and suffer.

"However, don't worry about going to work beside your brother. Your father still has me here." Of course, Jane knows what her daughter is worried about.

"Thank you mom!" Qin lelan said sweetly.

Every time she can't help her father, his mother will come out to help. As long as his mother helps, there will be no time when she can't help his father.

Qin leran is happy to hear this, and the man lying beside her is almost black. He is very dissatisfied and approaches Jianran and takes a bite on her neck.

"Hiss -" Jane was in pain and hissed. She looked back at him. How could this man make trouble at this time.

"Mom, what's the matter with you?" Qin leran was worried when he heard the sound of Jane's backward breathing.

"Maybe it's a bite from a bug." How could Jane say that Qin Yue bit her? She had to make an excuse.

Who knows this excuse just one exit, Qin Yue that Gao Leng smelly man one embrace her into bosom, hold her to bite again.

Jane ran: "..."

She didn't scream until she held her breath.

But she is not the little sheep still bullied by Qin Yue. She raised her hand and hit Qin Yue with her elbow.

She hit Qin Yue for a while. Qin Yue didn't feel any pain. Instead, she had a smile on her face and bit her in her arms.

"I'm still on the phone with my daughter. Don't mess with me," Jane warned him with her eyes

But when Qin Yue was stubborn, he was really stubborn and domineering. Instead of letting go of simplicity, he stretched out his hand to drill into her clothes.

Jianran grabs his hand quickly. Suddenly, Qin leran calls out to her in a soft voice: "Mom..."

"Well, baby, I'm listening, you say..." Because she was worried that her daughter could hear something, she stammered a little.

Thinking that his embarrassment was all caused by Qin Yue, the man, she gave him a fierce look, but Qin Yue leaned over to kiss her again.

Jane ran: "..."

Only animals and men are hard to raise!

Qin lelan's voice soft sweet voice came again: "Mom, in fact, I just want to ask you, what do you think of brother lie?"

Qin lelan knew that his father didn't have a good impression on brother lie, but he didn't know what his mother's views were on brother lie.

Although her mother didn't object to her being with brother lie, she didn't directly say that she liked brother lie.

Because the idea of marrying brother lie is more and more intense, Qin leran also hopes that his sweetheart can be affirmed by his family, so he will have such a question.

"Strong?" Jane's impression of strong has always been very good.

Now the contact is less, Jane doesn't know him very well, but she believes that a boy who used to protect her daughter with his own life can definitely be entrusted for life.

"Mom, don't you like him?" Because his father doesn't like brother lie any more, Qin leran is very concerned about his mother's views on brother lie.

After all, no matter how good she thinks brother lie is, she still hopes that his good will be recognized by her parents.

"How could I not like him?" But she soothed me with a soft voice, thought about it, and said, "I was so impressed by Liege that I thought this boy was not easy when I saw him at the first sight."

As Jane was saying this, she suddenly received a fierce look. She looked up and just looked at Qin Yue with jealousy.

This man, she is talking about her daughter's future son-in-law, is he also mean to be jealous?

Jane white his eyes, and looked away, really do not want to deal with this jealous man.

Qin leran on the other end of the phone is still asking: "Mom, do you just think brother lie is not easy? No other opinion? "

"Then he will accompany you, pamper you and even protect you with his life At that time, I was thinking about how good it would be to find such a boy who loves her to take care of her when my daughter grows up. "

His mother said that he wanted to become her son-in-law. That is to say, he had a very good impression on him.

Qin leran was surprised and said, "Mom, do you really think so?"

"Well." Jane nodded, "because he was injured and disappeared. I'm sorry for many years. Fortunately, I didn't give up and found him."

"Mom, I love you!" Qin leran could not wish to shout "long live" to his mother.

My mother is more considerate. The man I like is the same as what I like. Unlike her father, he always thinks that brother lie is not good here and there.

"Baby, I love you too! By the way, and your father, he loves you very much! " Said Jane softly.

"Then I won't disturb your sleep, mom," Qin said. "We'll talk another day."

Listening to her daughter's happy voice, Jane was in a good mood: "goodbye baby!"

When she hung up the phone, Qin Yue immediately heard a low, sexy and discontented voice: "what's your first impression of Quan Nanzhai

"I'm impressed with him. What's the matter?" Ask simply.

"What else?" Qin Yue's face was heavy and he looked very unhappy.

"It's not light yet. I need to sleep." Jane didn't want to ignore him, and she didn't know what his bad temper was.

She thought that Qin Yue was going to quarrel with her, and she moved a little to the side, trying to distance herself from him, but Qin Yue didn't move at all.

Jane couldn't help but look back at him again. He closed his eyes too. It seems that there is nothing wrong.

She just closed her eyes and went to sleep at ease. When she was about to fall asleep, Qin Yue suddenly dragged her body into her arms again. His deep voice sounded in her ear: "how did you not remember me?"

"What didn't remember you?" She rubbed her eyes and thought vaguely. Maybe he was talking about what happened after he found her, explaining, "because I lost my memory."

"You lost your memory?" Qin Yue's face was even worse.

When they met for the first time, she not only scolded him but also vomited him, which made him remember her firmly, but she had no impression of him at all.

At this time, she even said that she lost her memory!

Qin Yue wants to crush this woman! /p

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