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"I've lost my memory, and you don't know." The sleepy Jane didn't know that Qin Yue misunderstood her meaning, but also stupidly refuted him.

"Simple!!!!!" Qin Yue's face was livid and his voice was even colder. It was as cold as the broken ice.

There was only a small orange light in the room. The light was warm. It was warm. But suddenly, she felt that the temperature around her body had dropped several degrees.

The temperature dropped rapidly, and the cold made me feel refreshed and awake.

Jane blinked and looked up at the man with a gloomy face. He didn't know why: "Qin Yue, what's the matter with you?"

She's okay to ask him what's wrong?

Couldn't she see that he was angry with her?

Qin looked at Jianran colder and colder. He was more and more dissatisfied with the woman. If he didn't like her, he would have thrown her out of the window.

"What do you mean by looking at me and not talking?" Qin Yue, a man who is considerate most of the time, only occasionally doesn't know why he will sulk with her.

What does he mean, she won't see?

Qin and Yue were extremely dissatisfied and did not say a word.

Looking at Qin Yue, who was so cold that he said nothing, she shook her head helplessly: "Qin Yue, you don't speak, do you want to have a cold war with me?"

Cold war?

He wanted to crush her.

She won't praise other men in front of him.

No matter how Jane said it, Gao Leng's general manager Qin was staring at her with a fixed face and didn't say a word.

They have lived together for more than ten years, but they still know this cold and awkward man. They know that he must be angry with her.

But she didn't know what he was angry about?

Jane thought about it carefully again, and suddenly realized that he must blame her for agreeing to help his daughter handle him.

Well, it should be.

From then on, he was not very normal.

After thinking it over, Jianran's mood was more relaxed. She smiled at him gently: "I said that President Qin, you are a few decades old, how can you still have a temper with a child?"

What does it mean that he is angry with a child?

He's pissing her off!

This woman is usually very smart, but she pretends to be stupid with him at this time.

Qin Yue glared at her fiercely, but still didn't say a word.

With a sigh, Jane lay on his chest consciously, and drew a circle on his chest with her fingers: "you are obviously reluctant to suffer a little grievance, how can you not get along with her in this matter?"

She thinks she's going to take it to her daughter, and he'll be able to figure it out tonight?

No way!

Qin Yue grabs her hand scribbled on his chest and pushes her out of his arms, saying that he is still angry with her.

Jane ran: "..."

This man, he pushed her away.

Does he think she can be held if he wants to, pushed away?

Although it's true, he can't deceive people too much.

Jane stares back at him in exchange for his colder eyes..

When it comes to lie, Qin Yue is so discontented, and she is also worried: "as the president of state a, Quan Nanzhai not only has the power, but also looks good. The key is to love us. Why can't you see others?"


Good looking!

Love ran ran!

What does Quan Nan Zhai have? He can't compare with him in Qin and Yue. Why do the two women he loves most in his family prefer to Quan?

These two women are all painful in his hands. The boy surnamed Quan has done nothing. Why should he get their favor?

"How's Quan Nanzhai? What's so good about him? " Qin Yue felt that she was about to be infuriated by Jane ran. She could not bear it, so she said her dissatisfaction.

"What's wrong with him?" "He has the right to be powerful, handsome and nice-looking, gentle and considerate. He can almost be listed as a specimen of a woman who wants to marry."

"Simple!!!" Qin Yue clenched his fist, and the bone rattled. "Can the boy surnamed Quan be better than me?"

"Ah?" Jane was almost confused, but seemed to hear something from Qin Yue's words. She understood that Qin Yue, a cold man, was jealous.

Thinking of his silly appearance when he was jealous, Jane couldn't help but chuckle softly, "Qin Yue, are you eating my vinegar?"

Qin Yue glared at her fiercely and said in a displeased voice, "don't you see that I'm eating your vinegar until now?"

He was so obvious, she was not stupid, how could she see it now.

"If you are jealous, you have to say it directly." She poked him in the chest, with a bright smile on her beautiful face. "It's like that time when we just got the license, we told me you were jealous."

A lot of times, Jane would still think of Qin Yue's innovative technology to stop her and solemnly tell her that he would be jealous.

At that time, he was so cold that she didn't dare to get close to him. She was afraid that if she got closer to him, she might be frostbitten.

Qin Yue looked at Jian ran discontentedly again. He was not a vinegar jar. How could he talk about it at will.

Jian ran nests in Qin Yue's arms again, takes his hand and lets her hold her: "Qin Yue, don't you know that you are the best in my heart?"

Qin Yue rubbed her into his arms and held her firmly: "you didn't say that, how could I know."

Jane raised her head and smiled at him: "that boy is very good, especially in Ran's heart, there may not be any man like him, but what's the matter? Because in my heart, no one can match you. "

He is her husband.

For her, it's a man who will accompany her all her life, or who can shelter her from the wind and rain.

In her heart, he is a hero, a hero no one can match.

Hearing Jane's words, Qin Yue's face slowly improved, her sexy thin lips slightly hooked, and she smiled slowly: "you can still talk."

"I just want to say what I want to say to you for a long time," she said with a smile

"Jian ran --"

Qin Yue suddenly called her name gently and passionately.


In a daze, his face suddenly turned positive. What was he trying to do?

He grabbed her hand and put it on his heart: "in my heart, no one can match you naturally."

"Well." Jane nodded. She knew it many years ago.

She disappeared for three years. He didn't give up looking for her. He had been waiting for her to come back. From then on, she knew that no one could replace her in his heart.

She can meet him, become his wife by accident, have children for him and stay with him till old age.

It was the luckiest thing in her life. /p

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