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The snow continues.

The impact of snow disaster is more and more extensive.

Of course, the worst hit area is Wushan District, where dozens of households and hundreds of people are buried in several villages at the foot of Wushan mountain.

After receiving the news, the relevant departments immediately arranged airborne soldiers to rescue, and then Mr. President rushed to the disaster area to comfort the rescue soldiers and the trapped people.

The National Central News Channel constantly broadcasts the rescue work in the disaster area, so that the whole nation can know the progress of the rescue work in the disaster area at the first time.

However, compared with the snow outside, the soldiers who went to the disaster area and their president, there are so many people who live very comfortable.

In the snowy days, the most pleasant thing is to find a tavern with friends, drink wine, eat barbecue and have a chat.

The appearance of a small restaurant is not impressive, but the interior layout is very comfortable and warm. Today, only one table of guests is served, and a full sign is hung at the door.

There are only two guests at a table. The first floor and the second floor are full of vacant seats. I don't know why the tavern owner doesn't entertain other guests.

Two guests are sitting on the second floor of the tavern near the window. Looking out of the window, they can enjoy the snow.

But their attention is not in the snow outside the window, but in the TV on the wall. The TV is just tuned to the central news channel, which is showing Mr. President's condolence in the disaster area.

Quan Nanzhai, holding a big loudspeaker, shouted to the victims and the rescue soldiers: "no matter how much material and financial resources are used, we should try our best to rescue every one of our trapped people."

"Well, this is a very good play for a rabbit!" One of the two guests in the pub picked up the TV remote and turned off the TV.

Sitting at guest a, guest B of the other party picked up the wine pot and added a glass of wine to him. He smiled calmly: "Quan Nanzhai is willing to play tricks on the masses, so let him play. What's your hurry with him?"

Guest a expressed his dissatisfaction: "when you see that Quan Nan Zhai's popularity is increasing day by day, his supporters are increasing day by day, and his position is stable day by day, you can still sit."

Guest B fills up guest a with wine and slowly adds a glass to himself, still calmly saying: "some things are not his, even if he snatches them, they can't be him."

Guest a looks at the light expression of guest B and mutters, "isn't there really a little worry in your heart?"

But guest B didn't answer guest a's words. He took a glass and sniffed the smell of the wine: "well, it's really good wine! So many pubs, you are the most delicious

The more indifferent guest B is, the more anxious guest a is: "I'm talking to you about business. What kind of wine do you talk to me about?". You want to drink, where there is no wine to drink. "

Guest B took a sip of the wine and said, "it's so snowy today. Is it easy for me to go out? You can have a good drink with me."

One insisted on talking about the so-called business, while the other was reluctant to mention the so-called business. For a while, there was a stalemate in the atmosphere.

After waiting for a long time, I watched guest B pour a glass of wine into his stomach. In fact, guest a was the owner of the tavern. He stared at the people in front of him and was slightly angry: "what are you thinking about?"

Guest B said: "it's still snowing. It looks like it's going to get bigger and bigger. Today, several villages under the fog mountain are buried. Tomorrow, who knows if there are more places to be buried. "

The shopkeeper was so anxious that he poured a glass of wine into his mouth and said, "what does this snow have to do with what I want to tell you?"

Guest B smiled and said slowly: "as long as the snow doesn't stop, the disaster will continue. One disaster stricken area and two disaster stricken areas can still take care of If the disaster area is more and more extensive, the government may not take care of it. "

It's so obvious that the shopkeeper finally understood. He laughed and laughed: "as long as the government's rescue is not timely, the people will have complaints. At that time, someone will naturally push Nanzhai to step down."

Guest B sips his wine, and there is a cold smile between his eyebrows, but he doesn't continue to pick up the shopkeeper.

The shop owner added: "it seems that we should raise our glasses and have a good drink. I hope it will snow for another few days. Don't stop."

"Well, have a drink." Guest B squints slightly, and there is a very disdainful light in his eyes.

In his opinion, asking for more snow is just the idea of some useless people. He casually said that the stupid man believed it.

He really didn't understand that the man was so smart, hiding behind his back for so many years, how could he use such a subordinate?

However, he just takes money from others to do things for them. He can't control what kind of people he wants to use, and doesn't want to.

It's hard to talk with such a stupid person every time.


Thanks to Lin Jiacheng's reply, Qin leran will soon be able to translate with Quan Nanzhai.

Thinking of going to work with brother lie every day, and then going to work together, Qin lelan's heart is inexplicable.

She was so excited that she rolled on the sofa a few times and ran around the sofa a few times. She looked like a little crazy man who lost his mind.

Excited, Qin leran thought of her family far away in New York, but this time her side is afternoon, New York side is midnight, it's not easy to call them.

She couldn't help it. She picked up the mobile phone and dialed through the mobile phone of her mother's adult. She thought that her mother's adult would turn off the phone. Who knew that she had just called, her mother's adult would turn it on.

"Baby, what's the matter with the call in the middle of the night?" the mother's voice was soft and sleepy

"I'm sorry, mom. I woke you up." "I'm just so excited. I want to find someone to share the joy," Qin said

"Baby, it doesn't matter." Jane's voice is more gentle. "Tomorrow is the weekend. I can sleep more. Let me know if you have anything to do. "

"It's very kind of you, mom!" Qin lelan was eager to get into his father's arms and play coquettish.

In this life, for her, the happiest thing is to have such a good mother and father as well as such a good family.

Their mother dotes on her like a treasure, so she has never experienced strong brother's feeling that her father doesn't love her.

"Silly child, you are my baby and your father's baby!" "You can tell me what kind of good things you want to share with me?" she chuckled

"Haha......" Qin lelan giggled, "Mom, I can go to work next to brother lie." /p

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