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My plan on marriage is to disvirgin on my wedding night but if it doesn’t go the way it was planned then am not leaving who disvirgin me ,this aim will always make me pray to God to order my step ,

I took my phone and called Brian

Phone conversation

Me:hello,I missed your call

Brian:Ayo please can I see you

Me:what for ,to record my nude this time around

Brian:haba nha,just come pls

Me:have heard

Brian:now please

Me:I said have heard

I made up my mind to go to Brian’s place ,I got there after an hour or more Sha,on entering ,I met Brian seated on his plastic chair with his head bow

Me:m here

Brian:Ayo, he quickly stood up and stood in front of me , trying to hold me

Me:don’t touch me

Brian:Ayo am sorry,I can explain

Me: explain what

Brian:sit down let me explain

Me: sat on the plastic chair he stood up from

Brian:all what happened wasn’t my fault ,I had a lot of broke up in my past relationships ,so ever since then ,I made vow not to give any lady chance in my life again

Me:so what’s my own,why did you rape me.

Brian:I can’t ask you for sex cos have been giving you attitude all while and it will be difficult to ask

Me:now you ruined my life

Brian:I never knew you were a virgin

Me:but you forcefully took my virginity

Brian:am sorry

Me:okay,there is no point in arguing, argument doesn’t brings back the virginity ,can I go ,I stood up without waiting for replies

Brian also stood up with me

Me:what else.

Brian:Ayo you can’t go ,


Brian :I want you to be my gf ,Ayo pls don’t say no

Me: silent while staring at Brian

Brian:Ayo pls talk

Me:but Brian ….

Brian:shuuss,just say yes

He moved closer to me using his two hand to hold my waist

Me: yes

Brian:I love you Baby ,he said as he brought his lips closer to mine and started kissing me,he found my breast and held it gently while kissing my lips,he was also kissing my neck ,one thing led to the other

After the thing

Me: Brian ,no protection?

Brian: there was no protection the first day I did it also

Me:what if ….

Brian:let anything happen,I am ready

Me:okay ,I moved closer to him and laid my head on his chest

Me:now Brian,tell me what usually cause break up between you and your exes

Brian:it’s a long story

Me:tell me

Brian:I hope you won’t also change towards me

Me: no,well ,it was because I didn’t come from rich family,neither am i rich and they said I couldn’t provide for their needs


Brian:I have a question if you don’t mind

Me:am all ears

Brian:what were you doing in club the other day I met you there

Me:that was my first day in club ,I followed my friends to catch fun

Brian:oh Kay

What have I gotten into ,I want Brian but to marry a poor guy wasn’t my intention,I remember making vow to my mum


Sitting on the couch ,I sighted my mum crying and I quickly rushed to her

Me:iya Ayo,why are you crying

Mum: still crying

Me:talk to me

Mum:I am tired and fed up of what’s going on,I need a rich life , am tired of working,I want to rest and enjoy

Me:mum did you look down on me,did you lost hope on me,did u think I can’t make it in life

Mum:you will my daughter and that’s my prayer for you

Me:mum wipe your tears ,I used my hand to clean her face


so where do I start from ,i don’t have work on hand ,I haven’t finished my uni less to talk of serving talkless of finding job and here I thought I would fall in hand of a rich guy so I can Carter for my mum needs but now

I was forcefully brought to my sense when Brian touched me

Brian:what’s wrong

Me:am fine

Brian:or you want to leave me also

Me:no ,I love you

Brian;no matter what ,I will never leave you and I promise to make things upto you


.now am dating Brian and am contented with it ,the aim is to be a rich wife and not a wife to a rich man , so we can build the empire,we can work things together,Brian can still make it

I left Brian place to my hostel ,on my way home,I met drey on the road

Me: padi mi, awpha

Drey:I dey , e get wetin I wan tell you


Drey:I love kehinde

Me:which kehinde

Drey:your friend

Me:did you recognize who is kehinde among them

Drey:yes, someone I admire,why won’t i know her

Me:if you see her,tell her,I would also talk to her

Drey:thank you ,so where are u coming from

Me:I went to ,ehm eem,Brian

Drey:that guy you told me about right ?


Drey: opooor, iyawo

Me:abeg abeg , leave me alone

We Departed our various places,on getting to hostel,I met taye and kehinde sleeping on the bed ,I gently wanted and drop my bag on the table

Kehinde: sleepy voice Ayo

Me: I dey , wetin sup

Kehinde:have been calling your number since not going through

Me:indeed,don’t bother saying anything,just sleep your sleep

Kehinde:baby am sorry now

Taye :I heard you guys conversation,Ayo you can come check our call logs,you would see receive calls

Me:don’t even bother ,you guys should sleep

I sat on the chair facing the mirror

I noticed hands on my shoulder and I tried to face back

It was kehinde

Me :leave me alone

Kehinde: am so sorry nha baby

Me:apology accepted on one condition

Kehinde:what condition

Me:I will tell you later

Kehinde:have you forgiven me

Me:not fully

Taye: am also sorry Ayo

Me:on one condition also

Taye:what condition

Me:go and cook for me

Taye:okay boss

Me:it’s this thing I want to eat oo,rice and …

My phone rings

Ohh,my love ,but I just left his place nha,he probably wanted to confirm if am home

Me:hello love

Brian:baby are you home already


Brian:take of yourself for me hun


Phone end

A year after,it’s three years in school already but Brian never for once come to check me in school,he will rather tell me to come to his place instead and he gives reason which am contented with ,drey asked kehinde ask and their relationship was moving smoothly,one day me and twins were inside while discussing about you out to mall ,ehn ehn ,I remember

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