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It’s this suppose to be a revelation or what ,I became scared the moment I remembered where I met twin ,there were just the clear picture in my dream,I became extremely scared ,but opposite was the case in reality,they are the rich ones here

Taye:Ayo,let’s take you to the mall

Me:opoor seh

Kehinde:when should we go oo


Taye:Ayo tlk

Me:am contented with anytime

Taye:how about tomorrow then

Me:okay boss


The following day,we truly went to mall oo and we returned home safe but the experience there was funny imagine what happened


We got to the mall and we entered ,after the searching and the lead,we decided to exit where we were ,we got to place and this thing was like stairs but moving ,I don’t know what direction,it seems it’s going up and down,I was so scared to put my leg as the thing no gree stop for me to put leg ,I finally put leg after

Taye:let’s go na

Me:am scared

Taye:werey ni babe yii sha,stop behaving like a village girl nha

My heart was beating faster than normal beat,I finally summoned courage and put my leg,I nearly fall down cos i misplaced putting leg ,we finally got down and they both made jest of me ,


I finally bursted into laughter

Taye:what’s funny

Me:isn’t the mall experience funny


Phone rings ,the ringing tone wasn’t mine but that of kehinde



Kehinde:who is talking



Kehinde shouted as her phone fell down from her

Taye/me: what happen

Kehinde: shivering and trembling,they said banty had an accident


Me:who is banty

Taye:my blood brother

Me:but you guy never mentioned it to me that u had brother

Kehinde:we would talk later pls

.they both rushed out of the house

Me: should I follow you

Taye:there won’t be a need for that

Me:are you sure you guys are fine


They rushed out of the compound and I remain inside the hostel

Let me call Brian ,I brought out my phone and dialled his number but wasn’t available ,I just hope he is fine

Everywhere became boring ,I decided to sleep as very early as 6pm and intention was to go back home tomorrow to play with them small

The following day I left hostel for house and everyone was glad to see me ,my mum was the happiest ,i hugged her and everyone welcomed me

Mum:you left and never wanted to come back home

Me:it’s was the kind of schedule I have

Mum:am glad to see you

The following day at home,I seems to be tired and having headache,I can’t walk long journey ,I became very tired ,I didn’t hear from Brian ,I found him go to his place,his neighbor said it’s been 4days they saw him,I had tried twins number repeatedly ,they were not picking up ,where do I find this people,auuch ,this headache is something else,i refuse to let my mum know anything but as a mother,she noticed my attitude and decided to ask me

Mum:what’s wrong

Me: nothing ,m fine

Mum:Ayo are you pregnant

Me:when , where,how ,what ,but ..

Mum:I thought I gave birth to you


Mum:and you wish to lie to me again

Me:I haven’t even finished my University,why should I get pregnant

Mum:it doesn’t matter,once you near d*ck , there is 100% assurance of pregnancy

Me:but am not pregnant

Mum:let’s go see the doctor then

Me:okay with a fearful voice

We got to the hospital and a doctor came out

Mum: doctor I came to conduct test for my daughter

Doctor:how is she feeling

Me: explained

Doctor took sample of my blood and told us to come back the following day


We exited the hospital gate and my mum drag me near

Mum:if them born you well ,let it be pregnancy,consider yourself dead

Me: silent

We got home and I decided to do home test with this thing called accurate which I stopped by the busstop to buy

Guess what I am pregnant ,my life is ruined,there was no one to tell ,where on Earth would I see Brian,I don’t know any of his relative or close friends, haven’t I disgraced my family,have finally disgraced this woman (mum) the one that strive to make sure I feed,where has my rubbish led me to,I soliloquies ,what should I do oo,it’s Dawn already ,I slept on my bed


Me: doctor I want to abort this pregnancy

Doctor:okay ,I will give you drugs


I collected the drug and went home,I took it as prescribed and I felt this sharp pain in my stomach,I was groaning in pain when my mum entered

Mum: Ayomi,what happened

Me:I aborted

Mum:ahh,Ayo has killed me

Me:mum am so…

I gave up


I shouted from my sleeping, sweating profusely,my dreams are mostly like revelation,if I should abort,what I saw in dream will happen to me,no abort it nothing will happen to you, except you want to disgrace your mother and remember what your dad use to say


dad:Ayo will disgrace you with this behavior of hers ,I will be alive to witness the disgrace,like I can’t wait anymore

Mum:you are expecting feedback right?

It will be testimony at last


yes,you remember right ,I blocked my two ears to avoid hearing the voices again,

My dad has been saying I would disgrace my mum truly because we left his house,we never left on purpose oo,he pushed us out with his attitude and behavior,how on Earth will a responsible man lay his hand on a lady not even ordinary lady but his wife ,and will still send us(me and my mum) out

Disgrace upon disgrace

I stood up and went to meet my mum inside,

Me:good morning ma

Mum:ehn ehn, have been waiting for you to stand up

Me:what happened

Mum:the doctor called me just now

Me:what happen

My mum bursted out in tears ,Ayo u disgraced me,the doctor said you are pregnant , consider your life ruined,your education has stopped henceforth,now leave my house

I cried as I pleaded with my mum, she was also crying but still sent me out still



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