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As the days rolls by, everything has been in order,have been attending classes and never missed a class before, despite my intention toward bad character,I remember the daughter of whom I am and the struggle of that woman (my mum)just to make sure I don’t lack anything

It was a Thursday morning,I had prepared myself for school ,I dashed out of the house and took shuttle to my school and school department,everywhere was noisy as student were murmuring,I went straight to my seat and sat down, I bow my kept my forehead on the table and stretch forwards my arms on the table also ,I heard a bang on the table and I quickly raised my head

Me:drey ,what happen nha,why u scared me

Drey:have been here for while now and you didn’t seems to notice

Me:I was lost in thought

Drey:what’s wrong

Me:drey ,you know you are my bestie,I can’t hide things for you

Drey:go on .

Me:there is this guy I met in club Abt some weeks ago,I love this guy but he doesn’t seems to notice

Drey: didn’t you show him body

Me:I did and I want him

Drey:then tell him you love him

Me:how is that possible

Drey:you see where you guys,I mean girls make mistake

Me:what mistake

Drey:what will happen if you ask him out

Me:what if he says no

Drey:good,naso e dey pain us too when girls says no

Me:it’s not funny ,you know?

Drey:do what I say you should do

Me: okay

Drey:let’s go home since this teacher is not coming

Me:okay,you would follow me to the doctor’s department

Drey:what for

Me:I want to go inform twins that am leaving


I stood up and carrier my bag and we both left for doctors department,we got there after 10minute walk

Taye stood up immediately she saw me

Taye:Ayo ,awpha,drey ,aw you

Me:m fine,I want to take my leave



Taye:okay, prepare food oo


. Me and drey left as we chatted along the walk to our house ,it took us some minute before we got to the street and we both departed for our hostel

I got in my room very tired cause of the long walk ,my mind wouldn’t leave Brian,I think I should go visit him tomorrow,let me call him

Phone conversation

Me:hi Brian

Brian:hey Ayo

Me:can I visit you tomorrow,am bored

Brian:for what

Me:just to say hi

Brian:no problem

Me:how about getting your home address

Brian:I will forward it to you

Phone cut

Beep beep ,I opened my phone and saw message from Brian ,oh ,I got the address already ,

The following day ,have dressed completely and decently to visit Brian,I didn’t tell twins my whereabouts but they knew I was going out

I got to Brian place about an hour after ,it was a face me and face you house,I went inside and met Brian ,he didn’t lock his door so I had free access to the room,his room looks very clean and neat ,

Brian :hey you here

Me :yes

Brian:hope it wasn’t stressful

Me:not at all

Brian:what can I offer you

Me: nothing,am okay for now

Brian:okay ,he went back to seat on his bed while I was sitting close to him on a plastic chair,he didn’t seems to have my time

Me:so how are you out,how is mummy and daddy,how is girlfriend and friends


Me:Brian ,I am talking to you

Brian:I am busy pls,how about coming back some other time if you wish

I felt embarrassed and of course was closed to tears ,I gently stood up and left

I got to the hostel looking sad

Taye:what’s wrong ,how about where you went to

Me: crying he disgrace me

Taye: what happen

Me:he doesn’t have my time

Taye: didn’t I tell you

Me: remember when I told you to leave him


Me:Taye I met one guy at the club, his name is Brian,I so much admire this guy that ever since then,have been thinking about him and dreaming all time about him ,but this guy doesn’t seem to see me,he doesn’t even have my time

Taye:what did you now want to do

Me:I think I should make move

Taye:you dare not,we talking about guy,if you force things,you won’t like the outcome

Me: hmm,but I like him

Taye:,let it flow freely,wait for him to admire you too


Me: crying

Kehinde moved close to me

Kehinde: don’t mind taye,see taye if u continue like this,you might end up not seeing husband or marrying wrong facing taye

Now Ayo facing me don’t quite ,try again till u achieve what you want

Me:are you sure it’s gonna work out

Kehinde: just keep trying



After some months ,have been chatting freely with Brian and he had apologize for the attitude he has been giving me for long ,he claim frustration due to his broken relationship which made home loose focus ,we are now very close (Brian and I)

One Friday Evening,I was with my phone playing games when a message popped up

I tapped on it and it took me to Whatsapp where I opened it

Brian:can you come over tonight

.what have been expecting ,why won’t i say yes


Brian:okay I would be expecting you

I quickly stood up and get myself ready for the outing, special outing I said ,there was no one to tell my whereabout since twins had went home for weekend holiday but I was left alone in the hostel ,I ordered for taxi that took me directly to Brian’s place ,on getting there,I met the door locked and I knocked on it

A voice came from the background and the door was opened

Brian: Whatsup Ay

Me:am fine

Brian :can I offer you drink now,I hope you won’t say no

Me smiles I will take it

Brian left my side and returned with the drink in a glass cup and placed it before me , I drank the orange juice and that was what I know

The next thing was me waking up on Brian bed ,I felt pain in between my legs,I tried to check and see that I was stained,it look like I was raped,I raised my head and found Brian sitting opposite me on a stood

Me:Brian what have you done

Brian:I can explain

Me: explain what? You raped me

Brian:am sorry

Me: crying sorry for what

Brian:i never knew you were a virgin

Me:why don’t you ask for it instead of raping me

Brian:you might not allow me

Me: still crying Brian you are wicked

I yelled out as I angrily stood up,I went to the bathroom to take care of myself and returned to the room ,I took my phone and checked the time ,it was past 8pm,I would leave I said as I called a taxi to come pick me

Brian:am sorry Ayo ,Ayo please forgive me

Me:don’t touch me

Just then the cab came and I ran outside, Brian ran after me but couldn’t meet up with the cab

I got to my hostel very late and about to enter when my phone rang,I took it out of the pause and found out it was Brian that was calling me ,I ignored it and paid the cab man money then went inside my room ,I bounced on the bed very worried

I wept bitterly but there was no one to pet me ,I dried my tears with my palm and slept off

Time flew very fast ,the following Morning,I received a message from Brian and opened it

M sorry Ayomide,please forgive me,ever since what happened between us yesterday happened,I think I can’t stop thinking about you,Ayo pls I want you,I want you to be the loml

The message made me happy but I was sad at a part , I remember promising myself to get disvirgin on my wedding night ,been the fact that I had intention of been bad,I never wanted to have unprotected sex ,ahh my plans are ruined

I decided to place a call on Brian since I had no choice,I can’t leave who disvirgin me again

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