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Day by day, everything is moving perfectly,it’s interesting been with twins,first year is gone,we are already in second year which means am now in 200L


One faithful night,I had decided to follow twin to club ,atleast for the first time,I would be seeing what the club looks like ,I decided to put on a bumper short with a free round neck top and a canvass full covered shoe

We got to the club

Wow!!! What a place,the red and blue light shining ,some people were dancing to the music while some were sitting ,some were smoking and drinking ,we went deep inside and where we sat,I can see afar some strippers dancing naked ,I sees things as a movie home , interesting

I was still admiring everything I saw,just when a guy pass by ,his back view I saw was hmm…a fair fitted guy , wearing just top and trouser,I admire this guy alot that I wish he could know what I had in mind ,I haven’t seen his front view but I must confess,his back view is perfect ,no it’s normal,when you see someone’s back view,you can easily figure out they would love look like,the guy sat opposite us ,I took a proper glance and mehn,what I saw was wow ,I don’t know how to compare it with,if a guy could be this fine , imagine how his gf would look like,I wish he could just come to me

But this guy look worried,what could be wrong ,he doesn’t looks like someone that came to club to enjoy or catch fun

I stood up and purposely decided to take a walk pass him if he would see me ,but what will I say I was looking for

About a blink of eyes,I saw the guy receiving a call and he left the spot to excuse himself,seems the noise is too much and he couldn’t hear ,I stylishly followed him but twin didn’t notice me,they were busy dancing ,I found him

Me:heyyy,heyy heyy

The guy looked back and was like

Guy:,is it me

Me:yes,wait for me

I moved towards him and proper take a look at his place

He look familiar ,I became freeze at that spot to have a thought on where I know him

Me:sorry ,seems I know you


Me:I can’t remember

Guy:okay , taking his leave

Me:no no,waitt

He waited again and was like

Guy: what?

Me:my name is Ayomide ,pls can I know yours?

Guy:am Brian by name

Me:Brian,nice meeting you stretching my hand forward for handshake


Me:pls can I have your number

Brian:what for

Me:I mean no harm ,just to be friends


Me:thank you

I stood there while I watch him go

I quickly returned to the club and still met the twins dancing ,I gently sat down and wanted to pretend nothing happened,just then taye came close to me

Taye:where did u go to

Me:I went to check something outside

Taye:okay,come let’s dance

Me:am fine like this

We left the club very late,and we all got home exhausted

The following day which is Sunday ,I decided to call Brian ,I took my phone and dialled his number

Phone conversation


Brian:sorry who am I unto

Me: Ayomide

Brian: Ayomide?which Ayomide

Me:the lady you met at club yesterday night

Brian: ohkay,how you

Me:am fine nd u

Brian:am good

Me:okay,just decided to give you a call,save my number

Brian okay

Phone cut

Kehinde:I heard you saying something now


Kehinde:you collected number yesterday.l

Me: yea

Kehinde:how come I don’t know

Me:why should you know

Kehinde: marafucker,you don dey wise abi

Me:I be ur mama for the game

Taye: learning self dey tlk

Me: foolish girl

All day have been thinking about Brian,like I know him before,have met him before but I can remember where,when and how we met

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