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"Brother lie, I'm just afraid. Ggaawwx "" what are you afraid of? "

"I'm afraid that one day when I woke up like a child, I would never find you again." When I was a child, there were two shadows in Qin leran's heart, one was afraid of the dark, the other was afraid that she would not see her brother when she opened her eyes.

These days, brother lie is by her side, but her heart is confused, always thinking that she will lose him.

"No! Brother Liege will never leave him alone. " Quan Nanzhai held her in his arms and lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead.

She was so worried that he was not.

She certainly didn't know. He would worry that he would never find the girl again when he opened his eyes.

"By the way, brother lie, has longyi figured it out? Will he come quietly to find sister Lingxi's trouble? " As he spoke, Qin leran thought of Shen Lingxi again. If she didn't see Shen Lingxi live a happy life, she would have great psychological pressure to stay beside her brother.

Quan Nan Zhai rubbed her head and said, "the Dragon wings are already in Lingxi's place. How can I not figure it out?"

"Where is longyi with sister Lingxi? Is it true? Brother lie, are you sure you are not comforting me? "

"When did I deceive you?"

"Of course not." Qin lelan smiled awkwardly, "that big fool of longyi can think it out so quickly?"

"He's not stupid, he's got evidence that got him into a dead end. If someone reminds him, he'll soon understand. In the future, he will shoulder his responsibilities and protect his women. " Quan Nan Zhai looked at Qin lelan tenderly. "However, don't worry about Shen Lingxi in the future."

"Qin lelan said with a smile:" OK, I only care about brother lie's affairs in the future. I don't care about other people

"But I'm sorry!"

"Brother lie, are you stupid? Why do you say sorry to me all of a sudden? " Qin lelan was confused.

"I've wronged you." Said Quan Nanzhai.

Qin leran, as a daughter of Shengtian, was held in the palm of her hand by her family when she was young. When did she need to worry about so many things and when did she suffer so much grievances? However, since she came to him, she hasn't had a comfortable day.

"Brother Liege!" Qin lelan smiled brightly. "It doesn't matter if I am wronged now, as long as you will hurt me twice in the future."

"Good." Words fall, right south Zhai bowed to kiss her, will little girl still want to say words one by one block back.

Tinkling bell

The annoying cell phone ring suddenly.

Son of a bitch, how can I call her at this time.

Qin leran shook his fist and wished he could tear up the person who called to harass her at this time.

She didn't want to pay attention, but the annoying ring kept ringing, which made her unable to enjoy the strong brother kissing her, so she had to push the strong brother away: "brother, you wait for me. When I get rid of the caller first, we can continue. "

"Well, good." Quan Nan Zhai could not help laughing. This little girl is so cute that people would hate to swallow her up.

She must not know what she just said.

However, when Qin leran saw the phone number on the screen, he immediately counseled.

The phone call is from her dearest father. How dare she clean him up.

Not only dare not clean up, but also immediately put on a lovely smile, said softly: "Dad, I miss you so much, do you also want to be so?"

However, no one spoke on the phone.

Qin leran knows that her proud father is still angry with her. Last time he called, she didn't get a call. She called back, and he didn't either.

Every time she met with such a situation, she would make more calls, and her father would surrender in spite of her heavy fire. However, she didn't do so that day. She forgot everything in a hurry these days. It's estimated that her father was more angry.

Qin leran immediately said something to please his father: "Dad, don't be angry with him. Although I didn't call you, I think of you every day and every moment in my heart. "

There was still no one talking on the other end of the phone. She could even imagine her father's cold face.

Her bad dad, only bullies her, has the ability to bully her mother to try.

In his heart, he was dissatisfied with his father. Qin lelan dared not say it. He just made a face at the end of the phone, but Tiantian said, "Dad, are you going to ignore it all your life?"

There is still no response.

It's really cold!

It's really proud!

She has to remember her revenge. Next time her mother is angry with him, she will not help him talk, but will stir up the flames.

"Cough -" saw her for a long time did not speak again, the telephone that end Ao Jiao's man coughed deliberately, indicated that he was listening.

When her father gave a signal, Qin lelan knew that her cold father was slowly thawing.

With a blink of her beautiful eyes, there was a flash of sly light in her eyes. She even flattened her mouth, a pitiful, choking look: "Dad You don't like me any more. Brother lie is also carrying me with other women. You don't want me anymore. I'm a poor and unloved child. "

"That kid's back to you and other women?" At the sound of his daughter's grievance, Qin Yue could not hold up and said in a deep voice, "don't cry, dad will pick you up at once. As for the one who betrayed you Liu Yong, find someone to kill him. "

This is Mr. Qin, who is proud, charming, cold and very active.

Just now I was still quarreling with my daughter. When I saw her sad, I would send someone to give up the person who made her sad.

No matter who the other party is, even the supreme leader of country a, he will not forgive his daughter if it is to make her sad.

Because in his place, only his daughter and his daughter like him. There is no such term as Mr. President of a country.

These days, whenever he thought that the boy had stolen his lovely daughter's heart, Qin Yue was so angry that he wanted to be assassinated.

Qin Ran Ran awesome, and her father would not give it so much.

She quickly explained: "Dad, no, no, I lied to you. Brother lie didn't betray me."

Qin Yue was very unhappy: "are you still protecting him?"

"No, he didn't betray me. It's not because you don't talk to me. I tease you on purpose. Dad, I am your most lovely, beautiful and intelligent daughter. Have you ever seen me aggrieve myself? " Not only was his father threatening her, but there was a fierce look on her. /p

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