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Qin leran is cold at the back of his back when he looks at the eyes beside him. He looks sideways and sees brother lie looking at her deeply. Ggaawwx

father and brother lie are not easy to provoke. How can she touch their tiger beard easily.

She smiled at him playfully and continued to talk to her father when she didn't say anything: "Dad, don't stop talking. When you don't talk, I'm in a panic. I feel like I'm a child nobody loves. Dad, I'm your lovely and sensible natural baby. Please take care of me. "

In contrast, it's still the father who is more important. Qin leran decides to comfort her proud father first. As for brother lie, if she has any way to coax him, let him go first.

"Well." Qin Yue chuckled such a syllable, and did not know whether he believed her explanation or not.

Qin leran is angry and shrugs his shoulders helplessly. Every day, he faces such a proud father with little cold talk. It's really hard for her beautiful and gentle mother.

If her brother were a father, she would break down.


"Tell that kid next to you. What I said is not a joke."

"What's the point?"

Then, the answer to Qin lelan is to hang up the busy call.


She is so pitiful. She is a pitiful and unloved child. After so many days, her father is still angry with her.

Her father didn't say goodbye to her, but he hung up her phone directly.

She looked sadly at Quan Nanzhai and said, "brother lie, it's all your fault!"

"I heard that I'm going to be back with another woman?" Quan Nanzhai is also very vengeful. He didn't forget the act of pulling him into the water just now.

"Brother lie, I know you like me so much. How can you carry me to other women. You tell me who said that, and I'll help you clean her up. " Qin lelan raised a flattering smile and was ready to play dumb with him. As long as she played coquettish, brother lie would never punish her.

"Without your help, I will" clean up "the little villain who says I'm good with other women." Quan Nanzhai specially accentuated the tone of "tidying up" and listened to Qin lelan's fear. Before she knew what she was afraid of, Quan Nanzhai told her with practical actions.

He said "clean up", but he can't be dirty any more. For the first time in his life, Qin leran met such a thing. He was stupid for a while and was so nervous that he could only let brother lie clean up her again and again.

When brother lie finally let her go, Qin lelan was so ashamed that he could not look at him with his head down.

She swore that she would never dare to provoke him again.

Brother lie is a wolf in sheep's clothing!

She is still a simple child paper. How can he "clean up" her in such a shameful way?

"Like it?"

Suddenly, there was a magnetic sound with a bass bubble effect on brother lie's head.

As soon as the voice entered her ears, Qin leran suddenly got drunk. Looking at him, she nodded stupidly. Soon she felt wrong again and shook her head vigorously: "no, I don't like it."

She's not a masochist. How could she like her brother to bully her like that.

Just now his hands are

I have no face to think again.

At this time, Qin leran felt his hot face, almost can imagine that he must be red into a familiar cooked shrimp.

"Don't like it?" Quan Nanzhai asked again.

Qin leran felt that brother lie was close to her again, and that she could feel his breath spraying on her ears, tickling people's little heart.

She felt her face redder, as if it could bleed.

It must be funny.

At the next moment, Quan Nanzhai holds her to his thigh and sits down. Somewhere in his body, he strongly expresses to her how much he wants to love her.

"Brother lie Don't do that! " Qin Yueran exclaimed, his hands on his chest, too scared to move.

All along, she underestimated how strong a man was when he wanted a woman. She was so strong that she could not refuse. She felt that all senses were attacked by his breath.

"Little girl, there's no next time." His heart, his body and every cell of him are shouting. He wants her, wants to turn her into his own woman, completely turns her into him, and interrupts everyone's Thoughts on her.

But in the end, his reason defeated his impulse. How could he eat the little girl so casually before he gave her a righteous identity.

Qin leran patted the frightened little heart. Fortunately, brother lie was not so, but there was a trace of unspeakable disappointment when he calmed down.

She didn't know why.


At the same time, Mr. Qin, who has just hung up his daughter's phone, is not so good as standing at the door of the study and staring at her.

He was seen by her a little guilty, asked: "late, do not go to sleep?"

Jane still didn't speak, just looked at him.

Qin Yue put down the document and went to her side: "Jane ran, what's the matter? What happened? Why don't you talk? "

Jane pursed her lips, still silent.

Qin Yue reached out and hugged her, but she backed away: "I don't speak, what do you think happened? I'm in a panic, aren't I? "

"Yes." Qin Yue replied honestly.

"You know it's hard to feel this way. Why don't you ignore the baby? She is alone in other countries and villages, her parents are not around, you don't talk to her on the phone, do you know how sad she will be? "

Jane wants to beat this man with very low EQ a lot of times. Obviously, she loves her daughter more than anyone else and treats her like that. If her daughter really ignores him one day, he will hide in the toilet and cry. She will never pity him.

"I......" The language of Qin and Yue is blocked.

Jane threw him a big white eye: "don't you know? Do you think she doesn't care about your father when she has her strong brother? I said President Qin, are you naive? Our baby is the one you gave birth to, the one you pulled up. How could she not want you? "

"I just can't stand that kid. Why does he get my baby daughter's love?" It's because Qin leran is the kid he pulled hard. He ran so far to find that kid just as an adult. Whenever he thought about it, Qin Yue felt his heart was soaked in vinegar jar, which was so sour.

Jian ran disagrees with Qin Yue's point of view: "what's wrong with lie? I think he's fine. Since childhood, Ran Ran has been in love with us. Last time I saw him, he loved ran a lot. These days, he is more satisfied with our natural protection. "

Qin Yue takes a look at Jane discontentedly. This is the typical mother-in-law who is more satisfied with her son-in-law. /p

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