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Dragon Wing: "..."

Long Yi was stunned and looked at her quietly. Ggaawwx

what is he sorry for her?

Too much too much.

Even if he spent the rest of his life making up for her, I'm afraid it's not enough to make up for the damage he did to her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry If I'm sorry, what law and what police are needed? "

"Are those who have committed a crime, and if they say sorry, the victims will forgive them?"

Don't give longyi a chance to talk, Shen Lingxi wipes her tears and roars again and again, as if in this way to vent her grievances around him in this period of time.

Hearing that she brought herself to be compared with those criminals, longyi's eyes sank again, and there was more loneliness in them.

In fact, Shen Lingxi is right. Some time ago, he imprisoned her, refused to give her freedom, and did whatever he wanted to do to her. Those actions were not as good as that. She used crime as a metaphor for him and looked up highly on him.

"You go! Don't let me see you! I beg you, please let me go, OK? I really don't want to see you again, not at a glance. " She could not forget how good he had been to her before, so she was even more unable to accept the fact that the person who forced her was the one she loved.

At that time, when she was bullied by him, she silently read the name of longyi, assuming that the man on her was her longyi.

She never thought that the man was her Dragon Wing

The tall body of longyi stands in front of Shen Lingxi like a Taishan mountain. No matter how she pushes it, it can not push him any more.

For a long time, longyi gently opened his mouth. It was still three words that were too simple to be simple: "I'm sorry!"

"I ask you what I'm sorry for?" Shen Lingxi didn't know what was wrong with her. She just wanted to get an answer from him.

Dragon Wing: "..."

Once again, longyi couldn't answer because he owed her so much that he was too ashamed to say.

Shen Lingxi bit her lips and asked aggressively, "can't you tell? Well, you tell me, who are you? What do you have to do with me? Why do you want to say sorry to me? "

"I didn't know who I was for a long time. I couldn't even find the courage to live But I never forget that I still owe someone a promise. I said I would make her happy, but I haven't done it yet. I hope she can give me a chance to continue to do what I haven't done. " Word by word slowly from longyi's mouth, beating on Shen Lingxi's heart.

Shen Lingxi clearly remembered that it was snowing heavily that day, and there was a white mountain between heaven and earth.

There is a man who runs like a madman holding her hand in the snow with thick snow, runs to the top of the snow mountain, holds her hand and shouts to the sky, "as God testifies, I, longyi, swear here today that I will love Shen Lingxi for a lifetime, to make her happy, and absolutely no one is allowed to do anything to hurt her again."

Such a childish thing is not what the always calm Dragon Wing would do, but for her sake, he did such a childish thing.

Just when Shen Lingxi looked at his side face, he suddenly turned his head and caught her eyes staring at him. He smiled: "Shen Lingxi, you will be the woman of my Dragon Wing in the future. I will take care of you and I will not let anyone hurt you again. "

"Well." Although his words are extremely domineering, Shen Lingxi doesn't care about him at all. He can't help but hook his lips and smile, "I won't be afraid of you." She put her slender hand in his, "Dragon Wing, I will make you happy in the future."

They promised each other to make each other happy, but soon after, a huge change separated them.

She was waiting for him, waiting for her to come back; he was recovering, looking forward to coming back to find her.

They are not together, but they think of each other.

But no one expected that another accident happened the day before longyi was ready to come back.

He asked Longtian to take someone secretly to investigate the event that the dragon family was destroyed. After half a year of investigation, he finally got a clue, and the information he got directly pointed out that Shen Lingxi participated in the event that the dragon family was destroyed.

In a year's time, the spiritual pillar that made him bear the pain of changing his face became the culprit of the destruction of the dragon family. When he saw this news, longyi had only one feeling at that time, as if the sky had fallen to the ground.

"May I have another chance?" Long time did not wait for Shen Lingxi's answer, Long Yi shook his fist and asked carefully.

Shen Lingxi looked at him. He changed his face and voice, but his eyes didn't change. She saw the tenderness in his eyes only for her.

"May I?" He asked again, in a more cautious tone, as if worried that if he asked her a little louder, he might scare her.

Shen Lingxi did not answer him with words, but involuntarily stretched out his hand, slowly approached, slowly approached, and finally fell on his face wearing half a mask.

A year ago, when she got the news that something happened to the long family, the Hao house of the long family was burned down. There were more than a dozen burnt bodies in the house. It was unclear who they were. Later, DNA test confirmed that all the bodies were from the long family.

It's all from the dragon family, but it's impossible to tell who it is, so Shen Lingxi doesn't know whether her Dragon Wing is still alive or dead in the fire.

Because I don't know, she lied to herself and told herself that her Dragon Wing is so excellent, he will be OK, he will be OK.

With such a belief, she was waiting for him for a whole year.

Now, it's hard to wait until he comes back, even if he changes his face, even if he does something to hurt her.

She still has no way to blame him.

Often her body is more honest than her mind, she hasn't said it, and her hands have touched his face.

The pain of face changing is so piercing.


"I'll make you happy, too." This is her answer to him.


"Ran?" Looking at Qin lelan's head hanging down, Quan Nanzhai reached out and patted her head. The little girl didn't respond, and she still pouted up.

"But what happened?" Quan Nanzhai held her face and asked again.

"Nothing." Qin lelan said dully.

"Nothing?" All the girl's emotions are expressed in this face, how can it be nothing.

"It's just that I feel stuffy all of a sudden. I'm not feeling well." Qin lelan looks up, just in the gentle eyes of Zhai in Shangquan south.

Quan Nan Zhai understood what she was thinking and what she was worried about. He stroked her head and said softly, "but then give brother lie some time, OK?" /p

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