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Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord

Zhao Feng had nine portions of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey remaining after giving one to Supreme Emperor Dark Night.

He needed three portions for himself. The first would be used when he was about to reach the limit of the Sacred Lightning Body's 5th level, the second would be used when he was about to break through to the Mystic Light Realm, and the third would be used to break through to the 6th level of the Sacred Lightning Body.

In reality, using the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey more than once would decrease its effects, so using more than three portions or even just two would waste some of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey's value.

I'll use one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey when the Fire of Wind Lightning has refined my body to the peak 5th level of the Sacred Lightning Body in order to create a strong foundation for the 6th level of the Sacred Lightning Body and the Mystic Light Realm. Zhao Feng thought for a moment before resisting the urge to use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey right now.

The later he used the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, the more effective it would be. Zhao Feng was waiting for the perfect moment.

Within the chamber, Zhao Feng kept on absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning. His Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique could be split into several thoughts while he wasn't at the critical moment of breaking through.

Absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning was a daily task.


More than one thousand five hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lightning glowed in his purple Soul Sea, and wisps of lightning continued to refine his soul.

Zhao Feng's purple Soul Sea had reached the thousand-yard limit of his previous life, and it was more condensed than before. His soul had almost exceeded the range of Emperors and was about to touch the level of Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

"I can almost start absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning into my Wind Lightning True Yuan."

A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes.

In this life, he hadn't used his True Yuan to absorb too much God Tribulation Lightning. Instead, he started to do so after comprehending it more completely.

Wisps of God Tribulation Lightning were released from the marks of God Tribulation Lightning inside his purple Soul Sea and merged into the dimension of his True Yuan.

However, his True Yuan was extremely thick in his True Yuan dimension. After merging with all the True Yuan, the power of the God Tribulation Lightning could diminish dramatically. Zhao Feng could only choose to merge it into the Fire of Wind Lightning right now; not only was its offensive power the strongest, it also had the smallest quantity. Merging it into the Fire of Wind Lightning would mean that the God Tribulation Lightning would be able to unleash its full power.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to do this, an unwelcome quest arrived at the Duke's Palace.

"Hmm?" While Zhao Feng was cultivating, he felt his True Yuan and his bloodline start to freeze. Even his soul became heavy for some reason.

A magnificent aura appeared and affected the entire Duke's Palace. This aura seemed to rule supreme over everything else and made the Yuan Qi in every direction tremble, as if it was bowing down to a saint. All Yuan Qi, including True Yuan, bloodlines, and Intent was unable to escape from being suppressed by this aura.

"This aura…!" Zhao Feng raised his head, and waves crashed through his heart.

The sky within several thousand miles seemed to dim as if darkness had descended. In this instant, everything within several thousand miles of the Duke's Palace entered a world of darkness.

The Duke's Palace became dead-silent. Countless beings froze and weren't even able to speak. This power could flip Heaven and Earth around, and it had been never seen before.

In a side hall of the Duke's Palace:

"Duke Nanfeng, you should know the reason why I'm here," a Demonic Lord in black robes and covered in darkness spoke slowly.

His state of existence had ascended, and his eyes were black. His Intent seemed to contain a power that could shatter Heaven and Earth. His voice resounded throughout the air like the ruler of Heaven and Earth. It was as if no one could go against his will.

Normal Void God Realms would probably be unable to talk back or even breathe. Everything had been suppressed, including the flow of blood.

"Nine Darkness Demonic Lord, you're a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord. Is it really worth it for you to personally take action against a junior? Besides, even if I was willing, the power of the imperials is not to be looked down upon," Duke Nanfeng took a deep breath and said.

His every action and movement including breathing were much heavier than usual due to the aura of a Mystic Light Realm. This was still under the basis that the other party was purposely concealing it, otherwise just the aura from a Sacred Lord could lock down space and instantly kill over 99% of the beings within the Duke's Palace.

Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords stood at the peak of this era, and seeing any one of them was extremely difficult.

"That Zhao Feng is the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor who is famous across the Cang Ocean, not some unknown junior. The Nine Darkness Palace will compensate the Duke's Palace for its losses. As for the power of the imperials, I will personally go to the Grand Imperial Hall and apologize to them."

Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's words were swift and unable to be retorted against.

Since he took out the identity of the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor, then no one would say that he was a bully. He would also pay back the losses of the Duke's Palace and be held accountable for the loss of face from the imperials.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord only had one goal, and that was to capture Zhao Feng.

Duke Nanfeng's expression flickered for a while before shaking his head. "Demonic Lord, I'm sorry, but Zhao Feng is my friend. How will everyone else look at me if I just hand him over?"

Duke Nanfeng was unable to go against the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord for public reasons, so he took out the "private relationship" card. No matter what, he would do his best.

"Hmph, Duke Nanfeng, are you not giving me face?" Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was angered, and the darkness around him started to twist.


Duke Nanfeng's bloodline and True Yuan started to shake and crackle under the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Intent. This was still under the fact that he had reached the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

"Apart from Sky Suspension Palace, the leader of the cultivation world, who else do the Great Gan Imperials need to give face to?" Duke Nanfeng showed no signs of weakness as an invisible power of providence formed dragons in the air, which spun around his body and decreased the pressure he had to face.

"Draconic Providence of the Lord Dynasty." The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's expression became slightly ugly as he looked at Duke Nanfeng.

Draconic Providence wasn't just normal providence. This was a power that only pure-blooded upper echelon imperials could control, and it was the fundamental reason the Great Gan Imperials were in charge.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord knew that Duke Nanfeng was warning him about who the true ruler of the continent zone was.

The Quasi-Sacred Lord ranked Duke Nanfeng with Draconic Providence and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had the ability to fight back against a Sacred Lord.

Just at the two were in a stalemate:

"Duke." A purple-haired youth walked into the side hall.

Zhao Feng!

Both Duke Nanfeng and the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord looked at this youth.

Zhao Feng felt that all power within the hall was suppressed by the aura of a Mystic Light Realm. The Nine Darkness Sacred Lord's state of existence and power had exceeded the limits of mortal bodies and reached an incredible level that gave him the ability to oversee Heaven and Earth, as if he was looking down on ants.

"You're Zhao Feng? If you don't want to harm any innocents, come with me," Nine Darkness Demonic Lord said emotionlessly, and Zhao Feng felt his body and soul become heavy under his gaze.

At this moment, every one of Zhao Feng's actions, including his thoughts, were much slower than usual. It was unknown who would win, but one thing was for sure – once they started fighting, Zhao Feng would be immediately suppressed.

"Fine, I'll come with you." Zhao Feng's eyes were calm, and Nine Darkness Demonic Lord paused for a moment. Zhao Feng had slain several peak Emperors of Nine Darkness Palace. He actually agreed to leave obediently?

Duke Nanfeng's expression changed; "Zhao Feng, don't be scared of him. I owe you a favor, and we can fight a Sacred Lord with our combined strength."

Zhao Feng, Duke Nanfeng, and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly did indeed have the ability to fight the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord. After all, their strength had exceeded peak Emperors, and they were both about at the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

That was precisely something that the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord didn't want to see. He wasn't scared of these two, but he was wary of the Great Gan Imperials, or more precisely, the Grand Imperial Hall.

"Thank you. However, while you may be able to protect me for a moment, you can't protect me forever. Besides, I hope that Duke will repay that favor after breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile and rejected Duke Nanfeng.

He sighed in his heart; he didn't expect that the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord, an unrivalled existence, would come.

"Zhao Feng, you…" Duke Nanfeng's pupils contracted in disbelief. To his understanding, Zhao Feng wouldn't do anything that he wasn't confident in.


With a flash of Wind Lightning, Zhao Feng leapt into the air above the Duke's Palace and roared with laughter, "I've been too lonely amongst Emperors. I've waited for a battle like this for a long time."

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In that instant, Intent shot out from Zhao Feng's eyes and thunder boomed inside the soul-dimension. His Intent and bloodline started to burn as his battle-intent was ignited.

"What powerful Intent!"

"Zhao Feng dares to challenge a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord?"

Some of the experts within the Duke's Palace were stunned.

Duke Nanfeng looked at the youth that was filled with battle-intent. This kind of courage and confidence was something that even he, a Quasi-Sacred Lord, didn't have.

"Brat, I can tell that you've never fought with a Sacred Lord before." The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord laughed instead of becoming angry.


With a flash, a streak of black light instantly closed in on Zhao Feng.


A loud explosion sounded near the barrier of the island zone as a tall black demonic figure clashed with a small golden-blue giant.

Hu Hu Bam!

A pair of giant scarlet lightning wings extended from the small golden-blue giant's back as a blazing punch shot into the air.

The instant they clashed, explosions sounded around Zhao Feng.


The wings behind Zhao Feng's back faded and were almost shattered. In just one blow, his True Yuan and bloodline were almost forced back by the powerful demonic light that could suppress Heaven and Earth. Luckily, his body and soul were both extremely strong, so he wasn't severely injured.

"Brat, that was 40% of my strength and you were only slightly injured. I have to admit that I underestimated you…."

Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's black figure paused for a moment before leaping toward Zhao Feng once again with demonic light that could pierce anything in its way.

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