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Duke Nanfeng gave Zhao Feng a deep glance. He could tell that Zhao Feng's definition of "finishing off" Supreme Emperor Dark Night definitely wasn't simple.

Before he left, Zhao Feng spoke in a probing tone, "The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly has recovered to its peak in every aspect. I was wondering if the Duke might be willing to trade it for a chance to break through to the Mystic Light Realm."

Hearing that, a light flashed in Duke Nanfeng's eyes as he looked at Zhao Feng for a long time. Zhao Feng smiled and remained calm against the faint pressure of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Those that knew Duke Nanfeng knew that the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was his treasure. Not only did it have strong abilities, it also meant a lot to him on a personal level, so Zhao Feng was just testing his luck.

He was extremely moved by the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly. The most important thing was that he had ten portions of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey remaining, so he could give one to the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly and help it break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

"Zhao Feng, I need to think about it for a while," Duke Nanfeng thought for a long time before answering.

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised. He originally thought that Duke Nanfeng would decline immediately.

"Of course, you need to be ready because the chance of me agreeing isn't high. If it was someone else or some other suggestion, I wouldn't even think about it," Duke Nanfeng added.

"I understand."

Zhao Feng faintly smiled. He was already surprised that Duke Nanfeng was considering it at all.

It was obvious that Duke Nanfeng also knew that Zhao Feng had Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. After all, it had been half a year since the Divine Illusion Dimension ended.

Breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm was Duke Nanfeng's dream. His destiny would change a lot if he managed to take that step, but the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly also meant a lot to him, and its value also exceeded the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

"Duke, please think about it. Apart from the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, I will also give some legendary stones that can be used to create substandard God weapons. The combined value of it all will definitely exceed the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly." Zhao Feng gave his side of the deal.

He knew that the value of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly exceeded a portion of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey since its Origin Pollen could also increase one's chances of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm.

The only problem was that the Cloud Silkworm Saint butterfly had a limited supply of Origin Pollen, and giving too much away would affect its potential and growth. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly also needed one hundred years to give away its next batch of Origin Pollen. If it forcefully gave it away, then it would almost definitely lose all hope of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm.

Legendary stones that can create substandard God weapons? Duke Nanfeng's heart rate sped up by a little bit as he sent Zhao Feng away with his eyes.

Right now, he was a Quasi-Sacred Lord, and with a portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, he was almost guaranteed to break through. Legendary stones and metals might allow him to create a substandard God weapon, or at the very least, a weapon whose power was close to a substandard God weapon. This would increase his battle-power and make up for the loss of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

Zhao Feng returned to his garden building.

"Big Brother Zhao," a voice sounded from the garden.


Zhao Feng was surprised as he looked at Princess Yuqing sneaking around. This was the first time she had come to find Zhao Feng after Duke Nanfeng told her off.

Zhao Feng's head hurt slightly when he saw her.

"Big Brother Zhao, I won't trouble you. I just want you to help me tame a monkey." Princess Yuqing told Zhao Feng why she was here.

Since she had become an adult not long ago, Princess Yuqing received a present from the Great Gan Imperials. This present was a high-tier monkey-type pet.

"Sure, I'll help you." Zhao Feng nodded his head in agreement. He didn't even need to do this himself; the little thieving cat was more than enough.

"Princess, what does the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly mean to your father?" Zhao Feng asked.

This concerned whether he would be able to acquire the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, a spiritual pet with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

"The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was given to my father by my great-grandmother before she died…." Princess Yuqing answered Zhao Feng's question, and he instantly understood.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had a lot of sentimental value to Duke Nanfeng. No wonder he hesitated so much in exchanging it.

Looks like the chance of Duke Nanfeng agreeing isn't very high…. Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

Within his cultivation chamber, Zhao Feng sat down and merged his consciousness into the Misty Spatial World.

The Little World of the Misty Spatial World was extremely broad – it was several times bigger than the Cloud Country.

At this moment, Supreme Emperor Dark Night was sitting in a corner and cultivating quietly.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night's injuries were mainly in his soul, and while there were some resources from Xie Yang Palace that could heal souls, the damage caused by God Tribulation Lightning couldn't be healed so easily.

"Supreme Emperor Dark Night, I need you to create an underground assassination organization similar to Black Screen Corner after you recover most of your injuries," Zhao Feng said.

"Reporting to Master, Black Screen Corner has their own elites that are responsible for finding information, assassinating, running away, etcetera. Just assassins alone isn't enough to build a force similar to Black Screen Corner," Supreme Emperor Dark Night answered respectfully and told Zhao Feng his thoughts.

Zhao Feng didn't find this weird because, after the Dark Heart Seal had been perfected, the target would retain their own individual thoughts.

"Tell me more."

"Black Screen Corner is one of the three biggest underground forces. It has its own information agencies, assassins, methods to wash their money, etcetera, and it exists between the lord dynasty and the cultivation forces. Furthermore, it's always neutral; they never train their own assassins. Anyone strong enough can become an assassin and accept all types of missions…." Supreme Emperor Dark Night explained, and Zhao Feng nodded his head. The specialty of Black Screen Corner was that it was a neutral force and didn't need to rely on anyone else.

"You don't need to worry about the information agencies, all you need to do is create an assassination organization. I will supply you with all the resources," Zhao Feng ordered.

Everybody had their own specialties, and every superpower needed to have separate departments. Without a doubt, Supreme Emperor Dark Night stood at the peak of the assassination world.

What made Zhao Feng happy and surprised was that Supreme Emperor Dark Night's ambitions weren't small; he had already formed his own group of elites in the underground world. This meant that in the early stages of forming his assassination organization, Zhao Feng wouldn't lack any elite members.

"This is one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. You can use it to break through to the Mystic Light Realm when the time is ripe. The promise between us still stands; as long as you serve me for a hundred years, I will give you back your freedom."

Zhao Feng took out a small bottle that contained a half frozen multi-colored honey.

"Thank you, Master." Supreme Emperor Dark Night took the small bottle of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey with a trembling hand. With his current strength and the help of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, his chances of successfully breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm had reached 40-50%.

Of course, before that, he needed to recover to his peak state.

In another corner of the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng inspected the situation of the Five Poison Distinct Bees.

These bees had grown dramatically after leaving the Divine Illusion Dimension. Almost all of them had become elite bees that were comparable to half-step Kings. There were seven or eight hundred bees in number, and there was close to a hundred Bee Kings.

However, the number of Bee Emperors was still quite low. There was only eight, but even then, Zhao Feng was extremely surprised.

His goal was to weed out the weaklings and raise them all to become Bee Kings. Just the thought of thousands of Bee Kings was terrifying. It was enough to make even Sacred Lords retreat.

"A lot of time and resources will be required for them to reach that stage…."

Zhao Feng took back his consciousness.

He had decided to stay in the Duke's Palace because he was waiting for someone, but Zhao Feng wasn't sure if that person was actually coming.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and started to quietly cultivate within the chamber. Before Supreme Emperor Dark Night arrived, Zhao Feng had been at the critical moment of reaching the 8th level of the Wind Lightning Technique, and now he was going to resume breaking through.

Due to his powerful Intent and the amount of resources he possessed, Zhao Feng didn't have any bottleneck in breaking through.

Several days later, a green-and-blue whirlpool started to form in the air above Zhao Feng's building. The aura of the whirlpool was extremely chaotic as the Water and Wood of Wind Lightning spun continuously.

Ten days later:

Weng~~ Boom!

A sparkle of fiery red appeared in the center of the Wind Lightning whirlpool and radiated a chaotic aura of fire and lightning. At the same time, the Wood of Wind Lightning within Zhao Feng's True Yuan dimension expanded and formed the third element of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique – the Fire of Wind Lightning.

Because he was cultivating the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, Zhao Feng's True Yuan dimension was different from other normal Void God Realms. His Crystal Core had a thin layer that split the Water of Wind Lightning apart from the Wood of Wind Lightning.

Amongst them, the Water of Wind Lightning was the original, so it had the highest quantity.

The Water of Wind Lightning could be converted into the Wood of Wind Lightning, and now, another thin layer appeared after the Wood of Wind Lightning to separate it from the Fire of Wind Lightning.

The Fire of Wind Lightning was similar to the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning of his previous life. This was one of the reasons why Zhao Feng could successfully form it so easily.

"The Fire of Wind Lightning has the strongest offense and power. It can also strengthen the secret battle techniques such as the Wings of Wind and Lightning."

Zhao Feng kept forming the Fire of Wind Lightning. At the same time, he took out some Fire elemental resources from the Misty Spatial World in order to increase his efficiency.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed, and Zhao Feng had completely stepped into the 8th level of the Wind Lightning Technique. At this moment in time, a bright red bit of Wind Lightning took up almost one quarter of the space within his True Yuan dimension.

Zhao Feng could feel his cultivation slowly approaching the late stages of the King level.


He circulated the Fire of Wind Lightning to refine his Sacred Lightning Body and found that it was effective. The Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body that was at the late stages of the 5th level hadn't improved for a while, but after being refined by the Fire of Wind Lightning, it showed signs of approaching the peak 5th level.

Zhao Feng started to realize that he was currently at a stage where his strength was rapidly rising.

"It's about time to use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey…."

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as a multi-colored bottle of honey appeared in his hand.

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