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Fighting a Sacred Lord


The instant he exchanged blows with the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord, Zhao Feng felt an uncrossable chasm. Just a casual blow from the opponent contained enough power to rip apart his True Yuan, physical strength, and bloodline power. Zhao Feng's peak attack was shattered, and his strongest wings that were formed from Fire of Wind Lightning were almost completely ripped apart, so he lost his balance and agility.

Zhao Feng used this chance to retreat and first stabilize his Scarlet Wings of Lightning.

His choice was, without a doubt, correct. The Scarlet Wings of Lightning could greatly increase Zhao Feng's speed and agility as well as his Intent and the power of his Wind Lightning. This was extremely critical in battle.


The Water and Wood of Wind Lightning within Zhao Feng's body quickly circulated.

From Water came Wood, and from Wood came Fire. Everything turned into Fire of Wind Lightning, and its power was half a tier stronger than normal.


The Scarlet Wings of Lightning behind Zhao Feng's back released a brilliant glow of light as he shot into the sky and retreated with stunning speed. At this moment in time, the explosiveness of Zhao Feng's Fire of Wind Lightning had exceeded his previous life.


At the same time, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord flashed forward with a surge of demonic light. He didn't use any skills or technique, he simply crushed toward Zhao Feng with pure power.

It could be said that the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was just too disdainful to use any techniques since he knew that cultivation was Zhao Feng's weakness.

"Scarlet Lightning Windstorm!"

The Scarlet Wings of Lightning behind Zhao Feng's back extended to a hundred yards and summoned a monstrous storm of scarlet lightning. A blazing light suddenly erupted from the center of the windstorm, as if it contained a bloody sun.

Zhao Feng suddenly imagined that he could merge the explosiveness of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline and the Fire of Wind Lightning.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power of the storm increased by several folds after the bloody sun covered it.

"Petty tricks!" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord brought his demonic light and vanquished everything within a thousand miles.

Bam! Boom~~~

The wave of darkness devoured all existence.

In an instant, Zhao Feng felt as if the world had descended into darkness. He felt like a mortal facing a god; he couldn't even use 50% of his full power.

Crack! Crack!

The bloody sunlight and the storm of scarlet lightning shattered. They weren't even able to block one blow from the demonic light.


Zhao Feng's body shook as blood dripped from his mouth. The wings behind him contracted back to ten or twenty yards, and he got ready to retreat if he needed to.

"So this is the battle-power of a Sacred Lord…."

Even though Zhao Feng was prepared for it, he was still stunned. He was internally injured in this exchange, and this was still under the basis that he was ready to retreat and used the force to help push him away. If he had fought in a head-on clash, he would have been severely injured at the very least.

"Zezeze…. Interesting… but the stronger you are, the longer this torture will last."

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord gave a wicked smile.

Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords were usually in seclusion and didn't care about what happened in the world. However, when they did take action, they did so in an unparalleled and unrivalled manner. They stood at the peak of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, but the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord realized that his opponent wasn't quite as weak as usual and could struggle a little bit. However, the more he felt like that, the more interested he became, and he felt like he could "play" around a bit more.

"Zhao Feng, run! How can you fight with a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord head-on…!?"

Duke Nanfeng watched the short exchange between the two and was extremely frustrated.

Zhao Feng's strength was indeed stronger than he expected. His soul and body were both extremely powerful, and they were the reason he could barely fight against a Mystic Light Realm. If someone else attempted such a thing without such a powerful soul and body, even a peak Emperor would be killed for sure.

"Thank you, Duke."

Zhao Feng had already been injured in the short exchange just now, and his heart was as clear as a mirror.

In reality, the reason he had acted so "dumb" was because he wanted to see how strong someone at the Mystic Light Realm was. On top of that, it could ignite his potential.

"It's not that easy to run away."

A wave of darkness surged from the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord and shot through several thousand miles, turning the sky dark. All powers were suppressed in this world of darkness.

"Not good!"

Zhao Feng was slowed down even though he was circulating his Wings of Wind and Lightning to the maximum.

His heart went cold, and he knew that he had overestimated himself. If it wasn't for the fact that he had overestimated himself and decided to get into close combat with a Sacred Lord, he wouldn't have been restrained by the opponent.

At this moment, everything within several thousand miles had turned dark, and one could faintly see chaotic and gruesome figures.

Zhao Feng knew that this was the power of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World. Due to the limitations of the physical dimension, normal Little Worlds would be repelled, so they found it difficult to merge into a true world. The stronger one's Little World, the stronger the repelling force.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord used his Little World to affect the outside world, and when Zhao Feng was covered by this world of darkness, his speed decreased dramatically as he felt the power of the laws.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World contained its own laws, which would be a great help to his strength when fighting someone else.

For example, in this situation, Zhao Feng was unable to use his Lightning Wings Spatial Flash. Zhao Feng could even feel that his Wind Lightning was becoming weaker, but luckily, he still had his Sacred Lightning Body. Physical strength was the most original power and didn't require any laws or Intents from the outside world to function.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!"

Zhao Feng's figure rose again and released physically-powered lightning.

In order to face this danger, Zhao Feng used his life essence to push his Sacred Lightning Body higher and momentarily reach the peak 5th level.

Boom~~~! Weng~~~!

Golden flashing waves around Zhao Feng forcefully pushed away the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World.

The power of this technique was terrifying when one didn't care about losing their life essence. With Zhao Feng's current Sacred Lightning Body, he would be able to kill or maim a peak Emperor or severely injure an unrivalled Emperor.

"Anger of the Blazing Sky!" Zhao Feng roared as he increased the level of his Blood Devil Sun bloodline on top of burning his life essence.

Hu~ Shua!

In this instant, Zhao Feng's golden body released a wave of flames that started to melt the nearby darkness.

"This brat!" Even the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's expression changed slightly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power of his Little World was smashed by Zhao Feng's power, and a large hole was ripped open where Zhao Feng was located. Zhao Feng turned into a streak of bright light and shot out of the world of darkness with supreme speed.

I'll only be able to counter a Sacred Lord when my Sacred Lightning Body reaches the peak 5th level or when it's extremely close to the 6th level….

Zhao Feng's current terrifying battle-power was obtained from giving away his life essence. Even though he would probably be able to defeat the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord in this state, he didn't want to overuse his life essence. If he did, he would lose his potential to break through in the future.

"It's not that easy." The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord snickered coldly as he thrust out his palm, and a beam of darkness shot straight toward Zhao Feng and seemed to ignore the limitations of space.

Zhao Feng was cold as he felt something lock onto his body and soul.

"Not good, that's the peerless technique of Nine Darkness Palace, the Nine Darkness Sacred Scroll…!"

Duke Nanfeng chased after them and felt the forbidden force of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's palm. Even unrivalled Emperors would be instantly killed by this palm.


The sunlight radiating around Zhao Feng was ripped apart within half a breath, and it only managed to decrease the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's power by 20-30%.

"Sacred Lightning Protection!"

Zhao Feng's power of Wind Lightning and his Sacred Lightning Body that was currently close to the 6th level merged together.


A barrier blocked the palm from the Nine Darkness Sacred Scroll and caused lightning to hum and crackle.


Zhao Feng was sent flying, and the barrier in front of him was filled with cracks as it almost exploded. Despite that, he managed to withstand it. After all, at this current moment, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body was close to the 6th level, and his defense had reached the level of a Sacred Lord.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!"

Zhao Feng was finally able to leave the world of darkness, and the wings behind him released a brilliant glow of light that brought his speed to the maximum as he shot through the sky.


A beam of lightning travelled more than ten thousand miles in just one flash.


This stunning speed made the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's expression change dramatically.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!

Zhao Feng circulated his Fire of Wind Lightning after using the first flash and completed the second flash.

Just during the time when the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was dazed, Zhao Feng had run away by thirty thousand miles.

In this life, the power of Zhao Feng's Wings of Wind and Lightning techniques was stronger than his previous life, and it had surpassed the Wind Lightning Emperor.

"Brat, let's see how long this secret technique of yours can last."

A whirlpool of darkness appeared around the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord as he turned into a stream of darkness that started to chase after Zhao Feng with speed close to the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash.

In the limitless ocean, the arc of lightning and the beam of darkness were flying quickly, and every time they moved, it was by ten thousand miles.

"Zhao Feng, I hope that you'll be able to create a miracle this time as well."

Duke Nanfeng wanted to join the battle, but he couldn't even catch up to them. However, Duke Nanfeng had a question. Why didn't Zhao Feng team up with him and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly? If they did, the chance of them winning would be bigger.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the limitless ocean, an arc of lightning turned into a youth with a pair of wings.


After pulling away from the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord, Zhao Feng quickly drank some Hundred Origin Fruit Juice and one leaf from the Green Water Sky Lotus.

The leaves of the Green Water Sky Lotus were used for healing while the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice was used to replenish Zhao Feng's Yuan Qi and the life essence that he had lost before. Due to his body and bloodline, Zhao Feng's injuries from before were quickly recovered.

Zhao Feng's expression remained calm as he looked at the approaching the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord.

"It's not realistic for me to personally fight against a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord right now. Looks like I'll need to use some other methods…."

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