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Wilson’s POV .

I gently sat on the bed and dripped down water from my hairs. I was wondering what to say at the point. As many things runs through my mind. I began to think of Fredrick my room mate. He must be worried now that I’m not back. I don’t even have a phone to call him through neither to chat him up. I sniffed as tears dripped down my cheek.

I sopped silently with my eyes closed.

“Hey, you’re crying. I’ve told you to stop crying everything will be well soon I promise you that” Ma’am Felicia said as she moved closer to me at the edge of the bed.

“Ma’am, I’m not worried about my stay here but about my one and only friend ‘Fredrick’ He must be worried now” I said almost in tears.

“Just stop… stop crying. Don’t you have his contact on your phone?” She asked.

“No ma’am, I don’t have a phone of my own rather I do use his own” I replied.

She took in a deep breath and exhaled.

“Ok, everything shall be figured out tomorrow” she said and remained quite.

I justed on the bed and wanted to sleep. I felt her hand on my chest and moved it downward my tummy.

“Can you tell me what you and my daughter did while bathing? She requested romantically.

My mind skipped immediately she asked that question because I wasn’t expecting it that moment.

I managed to answer stammering

“Not.. nothing much ma, just an introductory conversation.” I replied.

“I see, so you did a perfect introduction to her p---y. Okay no problem, now it’s my turn for you to introduce your d--k to my p---y. I’m sure you not disturb by that”? She politely.

“Ma’am, not what you think. We did nothing of that nature. We took a short shower and that all.” I replied quickly. She chuckled under her breath and persisted to come over me.

“Ma’am, please I’m so tired let me have rest of body and soul.” I said.

“Do I request for anything? Why are you in a hurry” she said smiling widely. I looked at her smiled back. Her Fair body were smooth, hairy and fresh. Her boobs were both packed in her transperent night wear. A short and blouse.. I stared at her cleavage for minutes and I was lost into confusion..

“You’re staring at me now but if I demand to look down on your power house you will refuse saying you are tired. Please stop pretending and let’s have fun.” She said and jerk.

“No ma’am permit me to rest tonight please.” I pleaded again.

She stopped every intimacy of sex and went further for my personal details. I told her everything about me and she promised to connect me up with her husband’s friend. That night I was so extremely excited for such a easy offer.

She pecked me and left as her husband requested to have a short conversation with her..

I slept that very happy full of thought of having a better job soon. I had a lot of sweet dreams and woke up very early.

I opened my eyes and it was dawn. The bright dawn promised a brilliant day. I quickly went into the bathroom and got refreshened because I thought of leaving that morning.

“Hey dude, breakfast is ready come downstairs.” A sweet feminine voice spoke and that was of marthina. Her voice was really cool and melodious..

I quickly left for downstairs and met the family already on table. I joined them and in while I was satisfied.

I thanked them and left to have a rest at sitting room.

“Mr Wilson get ready let me drop you off at the junction” Mr Bernard said as he got set for work.

I immediately went upstairs get my dresses and hurriedly came downstairs just to avoid waisting his Time..

I looked at Ma’am Felicia and I saw annoyance in her eyes likewise marthina. I guess they don’t want me to leave.

“Please let get going” said Mr Bernard.

“Please honey don’t know you it’s too early for one to leave someone house? Just go don’t worry about him. I or marthina will drop him later in the day” said madam Felicia.

“If you say so I will, Mr Wilson this is just a token for your transport 10k just manage it and here is a cellular phone for you. It contains just my number. Call me when you need me.” He lamented.

I was so grateful for what he did I happily collected it and thanked him.

He left and turned round to face madam Felicia.

I gently sat down in excitement and watched her walked back to her room.

I marveled at the gift on my hand and jubilated..

I went to the room ushered to me earlier and slumped to the bed and in a while the door agaped. And behold marthina came in with just a breast hub and a short. She looked so sexy and attractive. Her nipples pointing out of her singlet. She jumped into the bed excitedly..

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