Our New Driver - S01 E06

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Wilson’s POV .

I stared at the well structured body of Marthina.. Her nipples pointing out of her transperent singlet. She came upon the bed and lay beside me.

She pecked me and boosted into laughter.

I amazed at her laughing. I got amazed seeing laughing like everything on earth was good.

“What is amusing here?” I asked looking at her.

“I’m much excited that you are excited.” She replied.

“What does that mean? How do you know I’m excited?” I questioned her again.

“It’s all over your handsome face” she teased.

“Hey, you’re very good at teasing.” I said.

“Not teasing you but telling the truth.” She added to her brush.

“Keep your lies outside I beg” I said and we both laughed at a spot. I was getting shy as she plotted another hot kiss on my lips.

She jumped on me and started tripping off my clothes.

“What are you doing?” I requested full of surprise.

“Wilson, I love you with all my heart and I wish you to love the way. I wanna prove that I love you now” She and continue undoing my belt.

“Baby, I don’t believe you love me and I will never love again because I have felt so many heart in the past.” I said remembering my love days with Vivian my Ex.

“Please try check out on me I’m a different person with different personalities. You will never regret loving me” she pleaded.

I was quite for while as she await my reply.. ‘I think this is an opportunity for to grab. Maybe later on I will quit her up and go for the right one’ I thought while silent reined.

“Do you agree to date me? Please don’t say no because I am into already.” She added to her please.

“Ok, let me try if you can fit in to my life and amend my broken heart .” I said and jumped on me like a lion who wants to count on a prey for lunch.

She started kissing me and reciprocated immediately by turning her down and bed and further on kissing her from her fore head down to the neck and stopped for a while. She moaned to that move. I continued to her cleavage kissed it so passionately that she started requested I went down and s--k her dry.. I stopped and looked into her eyes to urgency of her need.

“You’re still in stake please go ahead and s--k me or rather wait let me s--k you.” She said..

I allowed her downed over me. She pulled my shirt so slowly and began to fundle my chest. She went down unbuckled my belt and stripped off my trousers left alone my boxer pant. My d--k was hardly push out of my wear and she “wow!!” At the sight of my rod.. she happy pulled it out and apply some saliver on it. She insisted it into her mouth and began to roll it over it.

“OMG” I yelled. I was sent to the state of uncomplicated standard as she continue thrusting… coolval stories, I moaned in pleasure as she was done s-----g and stroking it against her soft palm.

“Hey what the arrant nonsense going on in there?” A very strong voice yelled from outside.

Then I became terrified and scary as a result I began to quiver with cold.. sweat succomb over my body.

“I can see you are scared already don’t be she is my mother and she can’t harm me” she assured before going to open the door.

Boom,, the door pounced immediately she opened it.

I know this is what you are doing here stupid daughter of mine. A sex brat. Now leave at once before I course you to death, idiot.” She yelled at marthina as she completely lost her temper. I was on the bed thinking of my own penalty for having sexual related affair with her in the point.

“Please don’t my so called daughter, that’s how she behaves at visitors” she apologized.

I was thinking of receiving a slap or something bad but instead an apology.

“Ma’am thank you I appreciate” I said still in freight..

“Please come over and kiss my pains off..” she requested.

I couldn’t believe that old woman wants me to f--k her old ass. I had no option to start f-----g be it old or not. I mounted on her and inserted my already hard d--k into p---y gently as it wasn’t tight. The pink p---y libia closed on my d--k and I began to t----t very hard. I started gently at first but she moaned more louder I increased in speed.

“Please f--k me more harder, you are good keep going deep I love you baby f--k it ” she requested and I took that compliment and banged her harder. I was reaching my c----x when she said ” keep going fast let me c-m” I thrusted for about 40 minute and she c-m over my d--k and I felt her hot juice over the rod.. i picked another gear and f----d for about another 30 minutes and finally cummed. She went down and s--k my left over juice and thanked. We finished having sex in the bed room and she decided we showed together and their again we had another round of doggy style…

After we were done she went to her room while rested on the bed and thought of my recent experience with someone’s wife. Although it wasn’t intentional she pushed me to it so the blame is on her.

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