Our New Driver - S01 E04

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Wilson POV .

Few minutes after dinner I decided to take some rest in the visitors room ushered to me earlier by madam Felicia.

I went in, sat on the large bed and rested for a while and decided to take some shower..

I got off my clothes left with my boxer pant then went for a white towel hung beside the door.

I opened the door and to my greatest surprise I meet marthina half naked slamming in the bathtub..

I stared at her in confusion. I wonder why she did that..

“Marthina what are you doing here?” I asked and covered myself with the towel immediately..

“Why do you ask? Don’t you like your sight? Or you are pretending.” She asked storming out of the bathtub.

“What do you want Martina? ” I asked as she came forth with a hug and romancing my chest..

I was wondering what she and her mother does for living..

what they’re after is sex alone. I don’t think I really need to f--k her now. Just rest is all need. She was really charming and romantic. She waved at me as I was lost in thought.

“Hey dude, what are thinking about? Look at me let’s have bath or are you scared of touching.?” She asked looking straight at me.

“You know I just got relief of the little accident please let me have some cool shower alone. ” I said making her reason.

“I know you are tired but just a bath will be fine for the night.” She said leaning flat on me.. it was really a hell of enduorance. My d--k was hardly awake because of the sensation she was send into me with her hands.

I gradually took of the towel and my boxer short. I cought her staring at me with a fixed gesture at my d--k. I was a hard rod indeed. I was a sex freak back then in school but ever since I lost my beloved girlfriend to unknown place I deduced the level of f-----g ass.. She opened her mouth wide in astonishment wishing she have a taste of it.

” I will be glad if you can allow me to have a taste of your juice.” She requested eagerly..

“Please you can have the taste probably tomorrow because now I’m weak and tired” I said turning on the shower.

She came closer and wrapped her arms around me as the cool water sprinkled on us.

In a while it was over. I thanked God I was able to resist the seduction.

“Can you answer just a question?” She asked backing the door out.

“Yes go ahead am all ears?” I said expecting a better question.

“Be sincere what were you doing in my mum’s room this afternoon?” She asked looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Be honest, nothing much just some interactive process.” I replied lying.

“I know you are lying because my mum is such a devourer when it comes to staying alone with a man.” She said very serious.

She really know her mother too well..

“Now that you have resisted me with a compliant that you are weak, can you be my friend, like boyfriend please” she requested pleading…

I didn’t reply her but went to the main to have some rest. We went out together and very unfortunate her mum was sitting on the bed.

“Wow! I am sure you enjoyed your bath?” She asked and there was absolute silent in the room.

I was really scared that she might do me harm. I began to shiver with fear and immediately I felt feverish.i cold runs down my spine as my body temperature rised..

Marthina’s POV ..

I was wasn’t surprised to see my mum there because I expected her to come and be f--k.

Who cares about what she has to do.

I walked to Wilson and hung on him kissed him and whispered to his ear “good night love don’t let her deceive you. I love you and I will love you forever,” I said and walked out.

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