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Martina’s POV

I couldn’t believe my eyes as the door agaped and mum showed up with just short towel. It wasn’t a big surprise to me because that was the same thing he did to my Ex boyfriend..

She came to the door blocking the entrance.

“Marthina what do you want now?” She fired me with a disgusting question.

“Well, I came to check if you are safe with the stranger?” I replied trying to peep inside.

“What are you peeping at?” She caught me looking behind her. I quicky took off my peep..

“Nothing ma but I was worried” I lied.

“Don’t be just go I will catch you up later” she said and banged the door closed.

“Wait…wait….wait mum. “I said trying to stop her.

She reopened the door yelled.

“What do you want?” Stupid daughter of mine….” She said on the top of her lungs.

“What’s is happening here?” My dad asked with his deep voice stepping out of his room.

“Nothing dad” I replied immediately.

“Then why are you both disturbing my rest with yelling..” He asked.

My mum closed the door behind and came leaning on him.

“Honey it’s nothing much just that marthina is giving me headache in this house” she complained.

“Marthina,! Are you okay? Why should you disturb my wife? If you are tired of staying here with us you can pack your things and leave to where care not about.. Now leave my sight” he yelled at me almost hitting me. I was scared because my dad is mean someone. I was in pity for him because my mum is a great cheat and there’s no way I can talk to him because my mum’s words rule him…

I left them for my room hopefully for the guy to come out because I can’t wait for him to touch me.

“Sweetheart you can go back to your room I will join soon let shower up.” My w---e called mum said romancing the idiot called father. I regretted been their child..

I watched as my dad left for his room and my mum adjusted her towel upward and catwalked to her room..

Wilson POV

All this while there was heavy clamoring between the family. My mind skipped as I heard the broad feminine voice of the man(Mr Bernard)

“Dude! You looked worried. What’s up?” She asked coming closer with her lips wet looking for kiss.

“Ma, I’m fine but not comfortable here please. I’ve to go” I said pecked her and departed. She held my cloth behind but pulled her off.. I left for the sitting room and sat on a sofa and exhaled in relief.

Marthina’s POV .

Wow!! He’s finally out of that pit of aged woman. I must have this handsome dude. He’s really stunning..

I went to him sat beside him and made my hands run over his collar.

“Hey dude are you bored” o asked pretending to haven’t know of his been since.

“I’m good but I need some soft drink.” He said shyly. I never believe guys can be as shy as he was..

I quickly rushed and offered him a cup of coffee.

He collected it gently with our eyes looking intact at each other.

He sipped off it with broad smile.

“I’m marthina by name and I’m a fresher in the academic system… I’m 19, single and searching. That’s the little about me for now. Can I just know you better?” I asked looking forward for answer instead he kept on smiling…

“You’re so excited what’s up nah?” Asked again running my hands around his neck..

“I’m not expecting you to come closer to me like this. Please give me some distance then we can gist better.

I was sure he’s is a shy guy because it’s was obvious.

Why do you need distance between us? Are you scared of me?” I asked looking straight into eyes .

“Not that but we’re still strange to each other so I don’t deserve that closeness..” He concluded and exhaled.

I was happy same time sad because I wasn’t expecting that of him….

Before I could say another, my dad snapped from upstairs..

“Mr Wilson, you’re highly welcome please come over and take this little stuff for your transport…” He said deeped his hand into his pocket and brought some naira note.

“Thank you very much sir.” Wilson said as he walked upstairs to meet my dad was very annoyed but I was deeply happy because I earlier collected his credentials from my dad’s car that’s a very great opportunity for me to get him..

“Honey please can you let him spend the night with us? It’s getting dark already.” She said coming from her room.

Mr Wilson hesitated to go but my convinced him and my dad to let him stay for the night..

“Sweetheart very early in the morning I will drop him off at the junction..” she said and my dad agreed..

Wow!! My mum was very good at convincing my dad.

I was a bit happy but sad because mum is going to have him all the night..

“Hmmm,,I have a plan I won’t let that work.. I will go and hide at the guest room before he talk going inside..” Yes I thought within me.

Few hours later after dinner, dad decided to watch some movies before going to bed. With my plan still intact I told them I was going to my room but instead I diverted to his room.

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