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Wilson’s POV.

It seems unrighteous for me to have any secret affair with a married woman because as it stands now I need God’s intervention in my life for past did..

In a while she was back from the bath room with a towel that hung on just her thigh. Her Fair little hairy fresh laps spined romantic massages into my body rendering my power house (lively)…

She began to catwalk round the room in a seductive apparent.. she acted like Scag.

She went and sat on the chair facing the the big standing mirror in her room, brought out a lotion form a small bag which was hung on the side of the table..

“Can you apply this lotion on my back please” she regusted..

“Please ma’am I will like to but it’s seems wrong for me to that beside I’m not supposed to be here.” I replied.

“Don’t worry about that, I need you to help and that’s all please be fast my skin are getting dried.” She said looking straight into my face.

I was really hard underneath seeing a woman almost naked.

I took the cream, excluded some in my hand and began to apply it gently on soft skin. Our skin contact got me more tune up.

“Wow, you’re such a nice guy please continue don’t stop, I like it ” she said almost screaming in pleasure.

In a while I was done with the application of cream to her back side not minding what she moaning out. wanted to stick back to my seat but she called me back in a plead.

“Please Stop acting like you are still a kid. You did well with my back and you haven’t done same to my front or you are scared of my boobs?” She said.

I was surprised she want me to scope her boobs..

She was still young and beautiful despite she has an aged child already her were still intact. I stared at her totally naked this time. I collected the cream and admitted to do the forbidden because I have started having some immoral desire towards the naked woman but she interrupted with a phone ring…

Martina’s POV.

It as been over 30 minutes now that mum went in with that handsome dude. Let it not be what I’m thinking because dad will be mad at her..

I thought to have met him and have a private discussion with him before mum came and took him away. He’s really a handsome guy with a tempting lips for a hot kiss… I began to have some urge of having him screw my wet G-spot but my problem is that will he accept my request of friendship?

Let me give mum a call to be sure if she’s not having canal knowledge of him…

“ Hello mum!” I said.

“ Hello, daughter what’s up?”

“I want to Know if you are safe with the dude”

“Yes, I’m cool with him please hang up now because you interacted our conversation.”

“Ok ma.” I Said and she ended the call..

I was suspecting something inside so I decided to check it out..

Mum is at times crazy with guys.

Wilson’s POV .

I marveled as she ended the call and started kissing me so hot…

I reciprocated immediately and and we landed on the bed. She turned over and undid my zip down ward. She pulled out my hard c--k and began to s--k it..

She was that good at blow job.

“Please take it gently I’m still in pain From the knock down.” I Said pleading in a low tone..

She only smiled and continue s-----g me..

She was done to satisfaction and asked me to tongue f--k her likewise.

I impatiently turned her down and spread her legs apart her hairy p---y was really slippery and wet. I used my hands separate the lips of v---a and inserted my middle finger very deep to her c------s..

She moaned aloud. I was scared of the husband. He might caught us doing this but she assured me to ride on. I t----t in faster as moved up her waist showing the urgent need of more screw..

“Please that’s is enough ride me with your d--k I want you in me please” she pleaded more louder..

I ignored her and made the finger two and more faster than before which made her screamed.

“You’re verilous, I’ve not seen your kind. I wish I married a young man instead of that old man called my husband. Keep on dude I love you” she complimented.

“Ma’am durex(condom) ” I requested at last.

“Don’t worry I am on a pill that’s why I’ve not giving birth accept Martina.” She said.

” But ma’am condom is not for preventing pregnancy alone but other STD.”

“Ok, are you infected?” She asked.

“No ma’am” I replied

“Then ride on and point to be marked I’m Felicia by name stop calling ma’am.” She said.

I position myself to screw her f-----g ass when a heavy knock banged on the door…

“Oh, Martina!” She exclaimed.

I quickly got up and went for my clothes.

But she tied up her towel and went for the door..

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