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Tiger King Battle Armor

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“Contestant Tang Wulin’s martial soul has become stronger with the unleashing of his fourth soul skill. What a thick vine! It looks to be a rank more powerful than before. Contestant Dai Yueyan couldn’t charge out of that light ring. The vines also rose within the light ring, and they look stronger too.”

Circles of blue rings rose from under his feet. Bluesilver Golden Array was Tang Wulin’s third soul skill. In truth, this soul skill’s greatest strength was Elemental Stripping. It had a powerful restraining effect on every elemental attribute. It also has the ability to bind the opponent.

If it were under normal circumstances, the Bluesilver Golden Array could not constrain Dai Yueyan. After all, its constraining ability was dependent on the Bluesilver Grass’s Bind and puncturing ability.

However, under the improvement brought about by the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation, the powers of the Bluesilver Golden Array were more formidable than before. Dai Yueyan’s body was bound in no time and he was forcibly pulled onto the ground.

Dai Yueyan kept his cool although he was shocked. At the critical moment, the fourth soul ring on Dai Yueyan’s body shone brightly. His body suddenly curled up. Then, beams of black and white light burst forth from his body.

The beams of light flickered in the air. They brought with them incomparable destructive power. Under the improvements brought by the three superb support soul skills, the force of this fourth soul skill, White Tiger Demonslaying Kill was raised to the hilt.

He finally managed to cut through those thick Bluesilver Emperors. However, it was also at this very moment when blades of Bluesilver Grass punctured him from the ground.

Bluesilver Impaling Array, second soul skill!

Since his controlling skills had taken effect, he followed up with a series of control skills. Currently, Tang Wulin had already leaped into the air. Under the enhancement of his battle armor, he slashed at Dai Yueyan with his pair of Golden Dragon Claws.

The Bluesilver Impaling Array would not be able to restrain Dai Yueyan for long. However, an instant was all he needed, an instant was sufficient.

Then, out of the blue, Dai Yueyan’s body shattered and exploded into a puff of black and white smoke. The Bluesillver Impaling Array had punctured a little tiger which had an illusory body. The moment it was punctured, it instantly became transparent.

Meanwhile, Dai Yueyan himself had appeared more than ten meters away! He took a few light steps and charged out of the range of the Bluesilver Golden Array.

A faint smile appeared on his face. “Since you’ve unleashed your ability, I’ll do my best to respond.”

Beams of light shot out from his body, which curled upward. A clean, white armor with black patterns fell on his body. Not a moment later, it merged with his body.

From the looks of the colors, his battle armor was similar to Xie Xie’s, but they were thicker and heavier. The pauldrons on his shoulders were in the shape of two tiger heads. The battle armor covered his entire body including his face.

One-word Battle Armor! Tiger!

Tiger was the name Dai Yueyan gave to his battle armor. In fact, all the previous one-word Battle Armor Masters who possessed the White Tiger martial soul gave their battle armors the same name.

With the battle armor on his body, the aura on Dai Yueyan increased rapidly. Under the influence of the White Tiger Demon God Transformation, pieces of white metal merged upward from the base of his six-foot long tiger claws. The metals clamped themselves around the base of each claw. The tiger claws emitted a layer of dark golden glow. His body turned transparent as if it was made of crystal.

Tang Wulin who had leaped into the air was still targeting Dai Yueyan. It was as if he had not seen Dai Yueyan’s transformation. His pair of Golden Dragon Claws slashed downward.

Dai Yueyan’s expression changed. He yelled loudly, “You dare!”

The front of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws shone brightly with golden light. He grabbed the black and white bi-colored little tiger and closed his claws forcefully to squash it. The little tiger turned into spots of light as it dispersed in the air.

Dai Yueyan grunted. The aura on his body changed immediately.

“When two armies are facing each other in all readiness, what is it that I dare not do?” Tang Wulin dropped within the Bluesilver Golden Array. He looked at his opponent with keen sparkling eyes. “All this would’ve been dealt with if you had utilized your battle armor sooner.”

Dai Yueyan drew a deep breath and tried to keep his calm. He knew that once he got angry, he would fall into the trap of this sly young fellow. He remembered very well how Dai Yun’er had lost.

His body flashed. Dai Yueyan sprinted ferociously toward the Bluesilver Golden Array. With the protection of his battle armor, these vines could be easily deposed in his eyes.

Tang Wulin just stood within the Bluesilver Golden Array. Blades of Bluesilver Emperors which had undergone Bluesilver Overlord Transformation poked out of the ground continuously as they tried to impede Dai Yueyan’s advancing footsteps.

Under the enhancement of his battle armor, the power of Dai Yueyan’s pair of sharp claws was tremendously powerful. The Bluesilver Emperors were all shattered as he pressed on ardently.

Even the Bluesilver Golden Array could not stop him a fraction of an inch. The present Dai Yueyan was at the peak of his prime. Making his way forward was a piece of cake as he was almost upon Tang Wulin.

“I’m afraid that this match is coming to an end.” There was a hint of relief in Fang’er’s commentary. Tang Wulin had been defending quite well from the previous collision. He managed to hold off Dai Yueyan for awhile and finally made him use his battle armor. This alone was enough for him to take pride in. However, there was no question about the outcome of the match.

With his battle armor, Dai Yueyan’s strength, agility, and attacking powers overwhelmed Tang Wulin. Even Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor could not stop his advance. There was a marked difference in their ranks.

The two opponents moved closer to each other. Dai Yueyan’s right tiger claw swept out in the air. Five streaks of dazzling light blades shot straight toward Tang Wulin’s chest.

Surprisingly, Tang Wulin did not dodge, nor did he attempt to block it. The scales on his body turned glaringly bright.

“Ding!” Amidst the sharp sound, the golden dragon scales flashed energetically with light. Tang Wulin’s own aura suddenly increased. Simultaneously, among the Bluesilver Emperor vines, a golden vine shot toward the sky and wrapped itself around Dai Yueyan.

Dai Yueyan waved his tiger claws instinctively and wanted to slice it open. Strangely, when the tiger claw hit the vine, despite a golden light being given off, it did not sever the vine. Instead, a surge of retaliatory force came and Dai Yueyan’s forward charging momentum was forcibly stopped.

Shortly after, the giant dragon head which had appeared before reappeared. It gave off another deafening growl.

The bloodline suppression was not as effective as it usually was in the face of a battle armor. Although Dai Yueyan still felt his blood essence boil, at least, he recovered in half the normal time.

Currently, the spectator stands of Star Luo Coliseum was in an uproar.

They saw with fright when the golden vine wrapped itself around Dai Yueyan while the giant dragon head roared furiously at Dai Yueyan. Tang Wulin stretched his arms outward. A moment later, two big objects, which made everyone’s eyes pop out, appeared in Tang Wulin’s grasp.

In spite of his battle armor, Golden Dragon Claws, and Tang Wulin’s godly strength, when these two big objects appeared in his hands, his body sank slightly.

“My heavens! What are those?”

What were those? Those were a pair of giant hammers. They were the terrifying giant weapons of a black mecha.

A dazzling golden light burst forth from the giant hammers. The resounding dragon’s roar caused lines of dragon patterns to spread out on the giant hammers. That was the energy from Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

Tang Wulin brazenly swung the left hammer. He drew an arc from the lower left direction and shot straight toward Dai Yueyan.

Although Dai Yueyan had blocked the dragon’s roar with his battle armor, his spirit was flustered for a moment. In addition to that, he was struggling with Goldsong’s bind. Thus, he lost focus momentarily.

When that giant hammer came flying toward him, Goldsong retracted without warning. The struggling Dai Yueyan lost control of his body and fell head-on toward the incoming giant hammer.

How big was the giant hammer?

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