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Overlord Dragon Bloodline?

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However, what shocked him was when his tiger claws hit the Bluesilver Emperor, the claws only managed to leave some marks on them. He could not sever them at one go. This far exceeded his expectations. His initial expectation was his tiger’s sharp claws should have been the most effective against these vine-type martial souls. He should have been able to slash them with ease.

Tang Wulin moved backward quickly. As he retreated, a large amount of Bluesilver Emperor converged toward Dai Yueyan ceaselessly. He did not use his higher ranking soul skills. He had just used the intertwining Bluesilver Emperor to obstruct Dai Yueyan’s advancement.

After the Bluesilver Grass evolved into Bluesilver Emperor, it was no longer the good-for-nothing martial soul it was before. Each and every blade of the Bluesilver Emperor contained formidable strength. Not only could they wind around something to bind them, but some frontal parts of the Bluesilver Emperor that were unseen could also turn sharp suddenly. Like sharp spikes, they aimed for Dai Yueyan’s blind spots.

For some time, Dai Yueyan had undergone improvements contributed by his two great soul skills of White Tiger Protective Barrier and White Tiger Diamond Transformation. But, he still moved as if he had stepped into a muddy swamp. He found it difficult to move fast.

Nonetheless, Dai Yueyan took his time. The gleam in his eyes was still filled with confidence. He brandished his pair of tiger claws and hacked away ceaselessly at the Bluesilver Emperor. At the same time, he walked toward Tang Wulin with steady footsteps. He occasionally opened his mouth to spit out a beam of White Tiger Intense Light Wave to limit Tang Wulin’s retreat.

The speed of this match could not be compared with the previous matches. Both contestants were steadfast and strong. They were so unwavering that even the common folk audience could clearly see what was happening on the competition stage.

In the waiting area, the other contestants were greatly shocked when they saw that even Dai Yueyan’s tiger claws could not sever Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor. All the while, they had thought that the covering of his whole body in golden scales was Tang Wulin’s greatest battle strength. They had not expected his martial soul to be just as powerful.

Tang Wulin moved backward slowly. He made a detour as he continuously activated his Bluesilver Emperor’s first soul skill, Bind. He was biding his time. Both contestants were waiting for their respective opportunities. They were waiting for the optimum moment to unleash their explosive powers.

Up until now, Dai Yueyan had not unleashed his fourth and fifth soul skill yet. He had not even utilized his battle armor. Once he wore his battle armor, he would be formidable.

Dai Yueyan’s spirits were calm and he was as steady as a lofty mountain. He was constantly assessing Tang Wulin’s abilities amidst the exchange of blows with Tang Wulin.

His biggest advantage was that his cultivation base was superior compared to Tang Wulin’s. He was also trained in the Tang Sect Secret Technique, the Mysterious Heaven Method. In terms of the richness of soul power, he was not inferior to Tang Wulin. He was definitely well equipped to fight a dragged-out battle. Although he was using two soul skills simultaneously, he believed that if he continued to wear him down, Tang Wulin would not be able to restrain himself and would make the first move to fight with all his might.

However, at this moment, whoever lost his cool would be signing his own death warrant.

It was exactly because both contestants knew this that neither of them made the move to attack first. They only made contact and collided with each other continuously as both were looking for the appropriate opportunity.

The match seemed a little slow, but only those with sharp eyes could see that such a battle was interesting to watch. Every little detail required some deliberation.

Considering Dai Yueyan’s footsteps were steady, he managed to fend off most of the Bluesilver Emperor’s attacks. His pair of tiger claws danced wildly in front protecting him from the attacks. He hit forcefully at the Bluesilver Emperor so that they could not close in on him.

On Tang Wulin’s side, he kept waving his arms non-stop. He controlled the Bluesilver Emperor to bind his opponent as if he was weaving strands of silk. His eyes were slightly squinted as he constantly sought for the best opportunity.

In the blink of an eye, ten minutes had passed. This match had gone on for a full fifteen minutes. The time taken had already exceeded those of the previous matches. Even the match where both contestants suffered losses was not as tedious as this match.

Just when everyone thought that the competition would continue to drag on, a huge light ring suddenly appeared on the ground. This light ring circled both Tang Wulin and Dai Yueyan within it. The third soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body finally lit up.

Dai Yueyan’s brows were raised slightly. His pair of tiger claws suddenly moved faster. Concurrently, he charged forward in great strides. Although he did not know Tang Wulin’s soul skill, it was apparent that his soul skill would only be effective within the light ring. He would be fine as long as he was outside the range of the light ring.

Spots of starlight appeared and quickly spread all over his arms. On his left and right forearms, hands, upper arms, and shoulders, pieces of golden armor made their appearance. The dark golden pattern spread and the imposing disposition of Tang Wulin was felt ominously.

He had unleashed his own battle armor directly. Simultaneously, a sonorous dragon’s roar burst forth from his body.

When he heard the dragon’s roar, Dai Yueyan paused for a second.

He felt what Su Mu had felt when faced with Tang Wulin. Amidst the dragon’s roar, he felt he had lost control of the bloodline within his body for an instant. His heartbeat quickened suddenly. The flow of his soul power was also messed up, and he was trembling.

Dai Yueyan yelled. At this point, he would not hold back anymore. The fifth soul ring on his body shone brightly. A beam of bi-colored black and white light rose from under his feet and instantly covered his entire body. At the same instant, a giant tiger’s silhouette appeared behind him. His hairs returned to the colors of black and white, but this time, his whole body swelled up. His height reached a full three meters. His pair of gigantic claws were as long as six feet. His body exuded a terrifying hellish aura. His hairs were as clear and translucent as crystals.

White Tiger Demon God Transformation! Fifth soul skill.

This was the strongest form of the White Tiger martial soul. Under the enhancement of the three great soul skills of White Tiger Protective Barrier, White Tiger Diamond Transformation, and White Tiger Demon God Transformation, Dai Yueyan had reached a terrifying level.

Back then, even when he was facing Long Yue, with these three great soul skills, he could hold his ground for some time.

After he unleashed White Tiger Demon God Transformation, he waved his tiger claws. The Bluesilver Emperor was shredded to pieces. He leaped and seemed as if he was about to charge out from within the light circle.

At this very moment, a dragon’s roar which was filled with a wild aura sounded. Behind Tang Wulin, a giant silhouette appeared. It was a huge dragon head. Its eyes were blood red. It burst forth with an exceptionally terrifying aura. It opened its huge jaws and roared wildly at Dai Yueyan.

Dai Yueyan felt as if a great ship had rammed into him head-on. His body dropped from the sky. As he was falling, he saw that the vines that were initially only as thick as an arm were now thicker than a thigh. The Bluesilver Emperor vines burst forth with a dark blue glow. Their inner skeleton deep inside took on a dark golden color.

Bluesilver Overlord Transformation! ‘You’re not the only one who knows how to transform, I know that trick as well!’

When the match reached this point, it was highly intense. It was so intense that the speed at which Fang’er commentated had dramatically increased as well.

“Pay attention everyone. Currently, contestant Dai Yueyan had just unleashed his most powerful enhancing soul skill. Usually, a Soul Master wouldn’t have more than two soul skills to enhance his body, but the White Tiger martial soul is an exception. Because of the royal family’s restrictions, I can’t delve into the details. But, what everyone needs to know is this. Under the enhancement of the three great soul skills, the strength, agility, and destructive powers of the White Tiger martial soul have reached an exceedingly terrifying level. Everyone, look, Tang Wulin’s vines can no longer hold him back. Ah… Wait, look closely everyone, Tang Wulin has unleashed his fourth soul skill. What’s that gigantic dragon head? Is this a kind of soul beast? Why can’t I seem to recall the existence of such a soul beast?”

When Fang’er saw the giant dragon head of the Overlord Dragon, she was quite astonished. She could not recall ever coming across such a dragonkind! After all, the Overlord Dragon was a terrifying huge beast that only existed in primordial times, and had become extinct very early on. On Star Luo Continent, such a dragon-type soul beast had never existed before.

When everyone saw the giant dragon head, they were in awe of its size. It was not only Fang’er, but even Long Yue could not help but sit up straight.

‘What was that? What dragon was that?’ Long Yue racked his brains for an answer. Unlike Fang’er, being the most outstanding student of Monster Academy, he had access to all the resources that the academy could offer. He had even read a few secret documents and books.

“Overlord Dragon!” Long Yue’s eyes flashed. He finally understood something, albeit vaguely.

“You’re saying that the bloodline within his body is an Overlord Dragon bloodline?” asked Lin San who was beside him.

Long Yue nodded and said, “It’s highly plausible. Although the Overlord Dragon is an Elemental Dragon, he personally possessed the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. According to legend, the Golden Dragon King is a part of the ancient dragon gods. So, the Overlord Dragon can’t be treated as an ordinary Elemental Dragon. There aren’t that many true dragons which are stronger than it. That explains a lot.”

The appearance of the giant dragon head of the Overlord Dragon seemed to have misled everybody one way or another.

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