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The Soaring Giant Hammers

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Each hammer was as long as five meters, and the diameters of their hammerheads were two meters. They were not hollow but rock solid.

Why was Tang Wulin reluctant to sell them? This pair of giant hammers were made from rare metals, and they were solid to boot. The enormous weight and the number of rare metals used were definitely the largest among all the mecha weapons he had ever seen. Moreover, he was born with godly strength, and he liked heavy weapons the most. Even when he sold the mecha, he was unwilling to sell this pair of giant hammers.

When he faced different opponents, he had corresponding countermeasure tactics ready. Once he knew Dai Yueyan’s martial soul was the White Tiger, he had thought of the counter tactic to apply.

With Dai Yueyan’s cultivation base, the possibility of not having him don his battle armor was low. Then, what made Tang Wulin confident that he could defeat him after Dai Yueyan had donned his battle armor?

Since he erupted with power just now, Tang Wulin had actually begun setting the trap for Dai Yueyan. He had only one objective, and that was to make Dai Yueyan think that he was already doing his best or at his wits’ end.

When one had the upper hand, one would have a higher tendency to slip even for just a little bit. As for Dai Yueyan, with his absolute strength and the support of his battle armor, he had no reason to think why he could not defeat Tang Wulin.

Under such circumstances, he would be careless, more so when Tang Wulin had shattered his spirit soul which needed some time to recover. It was a blow to Dai Yueyan. No matter how hard he tried to suppress his anger, he remained angry.

Under the influence of various factors, and with the activation of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Super Armor, Dai Yueyan fell right into his trap.

“Boom!” The force of the giant hammers was truly incredible. These giant hammers were more than two thousand five hundred kilograms each. Added to Tang Wulin’s extraordinary strength, and complemented by Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, the combined energy of their forces would inflict untold damage on their target.

Back then, even the black mecha itself had difficulties handling the attacks of these giant hammers. Before Soul Masters reached the rank of Title Douluo, they were still considered as humans.

By the time Dai Yueyan noticed the giant hammer, it was a gigantic ball which was going to crush him. He instinctively raised his tiger claws to block the hammer.

Tang Wulin had preyed upon the unsuspecting Dai Yueyan who had been weakened in a series of attacks. Even after Dai Yueyan had undergone a succession of enhancements and his tiger claws had been enhanced by his battle armor, how could he have hoped to fend off this super heavy weapon?

Dai Yueyan became a cannonball. He was blown away by the force of Tang Wulin’s attack in the air.

Tang Wulin stomped on the ground with his feet, another dragon’s roar sounded. Little golden dragons rose from the ground. Like springs, they pushed on Tang Wulin’s body.

Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was no longer used for attacks. Instead, they were used to push Tang Wulin who had the pair of giant hammers with him.

His body rose into the air immediately. The pair of giant hammers brought with them a terrifying strength and a foul wind, like meteors chasing after the moon. They crashed straight toward Dai Yueyan’s body.

Tang Wulin did not show any mercy. If he allowed Dai Yueyan time to regain his bearings, he would not stand a chance against him with his battle armor.

The shock from the first hit made Dai Yueyan feel like his innards were on fire. Even if his one-word battle armor had negated most of the impact, the force of the giant hammers was devastating. It was so powerful that when his blood essence surged and roiled, his spirit fell into a daze.

At this instant, Tang Wulin had caught up with Dai Yueyan. A pair of giant hammers fell from the skies and smashed Dai Yueyan’s body in succession.

When the audience on the stands saw the pair of giant hammers which were larger than Tang Wulin about to hit Dai Yueyan, they could not help cringing.

It was really horrible! This was truly terrible!

“Boom!” Dai Yueyan fell from the skies. Dropping like a cannonball, he crashed onto the center of the competition stage.

When the pair of giant hammers were swung at full force, the impact was more than five thousand kilograms. Tang Wulin raised the giant hammers and descended from the skies. He landed near where Dai Yueyan had crashed onto the ground. The sonorous dragon’s roar resounded throughout the coliseum again. He showed no signs of giving up. With the momentum from his descent, he aimed the hammers toward the huge crater.

Exclamations of shock resounded throughout the spectators’ stands. This guy was truly after the fourth prince’s life!

On the platform, Dai Tianling was gripping the table with his hands without noticing it.

En Ci who sat beside him had a sudden change of expression as he said softly, “This is bad.”

When he said those words, a figure charged onto the competition stage. The figure intercepted and blocked Tang Wulin’s pair of hammers. The figure raised his hands and surprisingly dispersed the tremendous force and pushed Tang Wulin, together with his hammers, away.

Tang Wulin, with the hammers in his hands, turned for a few revolutions before he dropped to the ground. He staggered for a few steps before he managed to steady himself. However, on his face, there was the trace of a smile.

The one who had pushed him aside was an elder. He turned out to be the referee for this match. Currently, there were eight soul rings flashing on the referee’s body.

When he went to have a look at the crater, Dai Yueyan was already on his feet, albeit appearing a bit wobbly.

Dai Yueyan looked beaten up. His head and face were covered in ashes, and a major part of his body was exposed. From his pauldrons to his breastplate, his battle armor was reduced. Even his White Tiger Demon God Transformation and Diamond Transformation were completely shattered by the intense impact of the attack.

“Who asked you to butt in?” Dai Yueyan was furious at the referee.

The referee was stunned for a moment.

If it had been any other match, he would not have meddled in it before the outcome of the match had been decided. However, in the present situation, had he allowed Tang Wulin’s hammers to hit true, there was a huge possibility that His Highness the fourth prince would be in a life and death situation!

From a referee’s perspective, he had done nothing wrong. He must ensure the safety of the contestants.

When Dai Yueyan was sent crashing onto the center of the competition stage, he had utilized the power from his battle armor and had somehow managed to disperse most of the impact. Then, he amassed all his strength and prepared for another opportunity to strike.

The assault of Tang Wulin’s hammers was almost impossible to block, but Dai Yueyan had the confidence that he could end the match with Tang Wulin suffering great losses.

Nonetheless, when the referee interfered and stopped Tang Wulin, the outcome of this competition was set. He could no longer reverse the outcome.

In truth, when Tang Wulin had sent him plunging from the sky, he noticed a problem. Dai Yueyan’s battle armor was very powerful. It was not made with just any rare metal. Its defenses were not completely broken even after such a heavy blow. So, Tang Wulin seized the opportunity to follow up with another attack.

The emergence of the referee was within Tang Wulin’s expectations. This turned out to be the ideal scenario for him. His victory had just been confirmed.

The referee was slightly stunned by Dai Yueyan’s challenge. After Dai Yueyan made the utterance, he noticed his labored breathing.

The blood essence within him boiled. He was so shaken as to be bleeding from his seven orifices. His spirit was flustered too.

He could not believe that he made such a mistake. Whatever it was, this guy was full of deceit.

Tang Wulin had retracted his pair of giant hammers. He looked at Dai Yueyan with a smile. “Your Highness the fourth prince, you’ve let him won.”

Dai Yueyan grunted angrily. He turned and left. A loss was a loss. Under the watch of so many witnesses, he had no way of denying it. No matter how he consoled himself, he could not say that he did not lose this match.

On the platform, Dai Tianling’s brows were tightly knit together. En Ci sighed softly, “His status has been a great help to him, but there are also times when it’s a shackle. In the final moments, he still had the opportunity to turn his loss into a victory. Although the price he paid was high, at least, he still had a chance.”

Dai Tianling said in a low voice, “He lost on his own accord. He cannot blame anyone. The referee did no wrong.”

En Ci smiled. “It’s not really a bad thing for the fourth prince to lose this match. Many a time, only when a person has failed can the person truly mature.”

Dai Tianling was slightly stunned. Then, the edges of his lips curled into a faint smile.

Star Luo Coliseum was in a state of confusion. Curses and profanities were hurled, and the jeers and howls could be heard throughout the coliseum. They were aimed at Tang Wulin mostly. Some said that he was mean and had no sense of shame. There were also insults on his choice of weapons.

In reality, those who still had a rational mind knew well that Tang Wulin had not broken any rules of the competition. The rules of the competition did not forbid anyone from using heavy weapons. If mechas were allowed, why would heavy weapons not be?

Tang Wulin flexed his shoulders and got off the competition stage with a smile. He turned a deaf ear toward the curses from the audience. After all, his opponent for today’s match was the prince. He should not taunt the audience any further.

It was not easy! He had finally won and he was entering the quarter-finals.

In the next match, his opponent would be Yuanen Yehui. Between the two, one of them was bound to enter the semi-finals.

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