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Longyi personally takes people to look for one day and one night, but still hasn't found Shen Lingxi.

I can't find her. I don't know if she is alive or dead. Longyi only feels that her soul has been taken away and wanders in this valley like a wandering soul.

Although the fog mountain is large, it is impossible for Shen Lingxi, a wounded man, to go out Thinking of the injury, what flashed in longyi's mind.

Just as the idea was about to come out, Longtian came to report and once again interrupted the thoughts of longyi.

He turned and asked coldly, "what's the matter?"

Long Tian said carefully, "young master, Mr. President, I'm calling to ask you to meet me."

Long Yi turned his head and looked at long Tian coldly. He didn't say anything, but the meaning was obvious. He didn't find Shen Lingxi. He didn't have time to see anyone.

In other words, nothing is important to find Shen Lingxi.

Long Tian said, "Mr. President said they found Miss Shen."

"What?" Dragon Wing turns around and grabs dragon sky's collar, growls, "what do you say? Say it again? "

Long Tian was frightened by the look of the master. It took a long time to make a voice: "young master, Miss Shen should have been taken back by the president's people. He wants to talk to you about Miss Shen. "

It's said that Shen Lingxi was rescued by Quan Nanzhai's people. Knowing that she was still alive, Long Yi took a big breath of relief, but soon anger and jealousy grew in his chest.

"His people brought Shen Lingxi back? How do his people know where Shen Lingxi is? " Previously, he heard that long Tian said that Quan Nanzhai didn't send anyone to pay attention to Shen Lingxi, so he intended to give Quan Nanzhai an opportunity to explain.

Now it seems that Quan Nanzhai's words may not be credible.

"Young master, do you want to see Mr. President?" Longtian asked carefully again, and then he shrunk his neck, fearing that the Dragon Wing in rage would twist his head off his neck.

"See you, why not!" Quan Nanzhai comes to the door. It's him all over the world. Who can hide from him? What can he do without him?


Quan Nanzhai came to see longyi in a private capacity, not as a president, so he was accompanied only by driver Qiao min and bodyguard spade.

A car from the pan mountain road slowly, about half an hour to the hillside villa area.

Quan Nanzhai has heard the rumor that Wushan is like a fairyland, but his imagination is not as beautiful as his experience.

To say that Wushan is a fairyland, it's really not exaggerating. At this moment, on the hillside, it makes people feel like they are in the clouds.

"Here you are, sir." What they said was to get out of the car and check the surrounding situation of bodyguard spade, make sure there was no ambush around, and then let their President get out of the car.

Because of the heavy fog and the serious obstruction of vision, spade took extra care and stood beside Quan Nanzhai and paid full attention to the surrounding situation.

"Well." Quan Nanzhai got off the bus and nodded. His tall body stood in the fog and looked up gently at the building ahead.

"That's it, sir." Spade pointed to the building in front of him, because no one came out to meet him. He frowned discontentedly, but because the master didn't have any discontented expression, he quickly picked up his mood.

Qiao min stops the car, gets off the car and comes to the back of Quan Nanzhai. He tightens every nerve like spade and is ready for all emergencies.

"I'll call, sir." Spade said hello, stepped forward and rang the doorbell beside the villa gate.

The doorbell rang for a long time, and there was a man in the villa. This man was Longtian, longyi's most trusted subordinate.

He said: "my master has been tired all night. Now he is taking a bath. If Mr. Quan is not in a hurry, please go to the study first."

Mr. President came to visit in person, but he said that the master of his family was taking a bath at this time. In other people's eyes, that was intentional neglect.

Spade and Qiao min have a look at each other. They are very dissatisfied. They want to come forward to speak for the Lord. However, Quan Nanzhai says first: "then please lead the way."

Quan Nanzhai said politely, and there was no anger on his face. If this person was deliberately neglecting him, he would definitely ask the person to settle the account afterwards.

But the man who despised him was the brother he grew up with, not the brother who was more close than his brother.

Plus what happened a year ago, the dragon family was destroyed, which had nothing to do with him. How could he care about longyi.

After entering the room, he went upstairs and smoothly came to longyi's study. Spade and Qiao min were still standing by Quan Nanzhai, one on the left and one on the right, for fear that he might be in any danger.

"You wait for me outside." Quan Nanzhai waved and motioned for the two of them to retreat.

"No, sir!" Spade and jomin said that they were not relieved to leave the master alone in this seemingly dangerous place.

But Quan Nanzhai insisted on doing so, and he said lukewarm: "my order, you intend to disobey?"

Of course not.

Give them two hundred courage. They dare not disobey Quan Nanzhai's order. It's because they are too loyal and fear that Quan Nanzhai is in danger that they are unwilling to leave.

Quan Nanzhai spoke twice, and the two men, spade and Qiao min, were still standing on the left and right sides of Quan Nanzhai like a mountain, motionless.

"He is my best friend. Everyone in the world may hurt me, but he will not. " A brother who was born on the same day of the same year and grew up with him, even because his family was destroyed, even if that man wanted to take his life, he let him take it, let alone he could be 100% sure, that man would not do that.

His brother of more than 20 years, his feelings of more than 20 years, he knew that person better than he knew himself.

Spade and Qiao min looked at each other. This time, they didn't say anything more. They nodded and walked out of the front door of the study.

The two of them just closed the door, and there was loud applause in the room. A man wearing a half mask and a black suit came out of a concealed door on the side: "I heard the name of the president for a long time, and I saw him today, and I'm really brave."

Quan Nan Zhai Xun went to see you, a man with half a mask. The half of his face is strange. He has never seen it before.

's voice is as like as two peas. He has never heard of it, but the man's figure is very familiar, his height and shape are almost the same as that man he remembered.

In my heart, I thought that the man who was totally different might be the one he was looking for this time, but Quan Nanzhai was not sure. He just looked at him and saw him again and again.

"Sure enough..." Longyi sneers. As expected, no one close to him could recognize him. /p

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