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Shen Lingxi, who was very close to him and even had a baby, could not recognize him.

The president, who claimed that he was a good brother, could not recognize him.

Before Quan Nanzhai came, he knew who the people were, but he still couldn't recognize him. We can imagine how thoroughly his face was changed.

Long Yi hooked his lips, and raised a cold and incomparable sneer on his lips. He watched Quan Nanzhai without blinking his eyes, and watched every subtle expression change of Quan Nanzhai: "Mr. President, what are you doing here?"

At the same time, Quan Nanzhai also looked at the man without blinking. He was dressed in black and half of the mask on his face was also black.

Not only that, even the decoration of this study, the murals on the wall are mainly black, the whole color is mainly black.

In the memory of Quan Nanzhai, the most annoying thing about longyi is black.

Dragon Wing often said that the feeling of black is very depressing, which is the color of death, so in Dragon Wing's residence, in his study, all the decorations are bright colors.

Now, however, not only what he was wearing, but also the arrangement in his study, became the most disgusting black.

This year, how deep and hot is he, which makes him not only change his face and voice, but also his former preferences?

Maybe it's not that he has become fond of black, but that black can hide people's true feelings and hide them in the dark so that they can't be found by the enemy.

He had to hide in the dark.

Looking at each other for a long time, Quan Nanzhai restrained the surging waves in his heart and shouted out two words that he could no longer be familiar with: "Dragon Wing!"

When hearing these two affirmative words, longyi's body vibrated slightly, watching Quan Nanzhai's eyes change several times.

Quan Nan Zhai stepped to him and punched him in the chest, just like the way they used to greet each other when they met: "you are back at last."

He waited for him for a year, and he finally came back!

Dragon Wing is stunned again!

Quan Nanzhai knows him?

Long Yi did not hide. He still looked at Quan Nanzhai. He could see it. Quan Nanzhai used affirmation rather than doubt when he saw his name.

Does Quan Nanzhai really recognize him?

Once again, longyi asked himself silently in his heart. At the same time, he also looked for the answer he wanted in Quan Nanzhai's expression.

"I'm sorry!" Quan Nanzhai said these three words.

Short three words, but contains too many too sorry, a year ago because of his relationship to kill the dragon family.

Longyi has been missing for a year, but he couldn't find him. He thought more than once that longyi was likely to be buried in the fire.

But he believed that longyi's life was greater and that longyi was not dead, so he protected his beloved woman well for longyi. When he came back, he handed Shen Lingxi over to him completely.

What he can do for this brother who works hard for him is only so little, just so little.

For more than 20 years, his brother has suffered so much for longyi. It's really not a word of "sorry" that can make up for it.

But in addition to these three words, right now Quan Nan Zhai really does not know what else he can say to longyi. No matter what he says, it will not make up for him and Longjia.

"I'm sorry?" Longyi took back his thoughts and said smilingly, "what's wrong with Mr. President when you and I meet for the first time?"

Because you want to be the president and join hands with others to destroy the dragon family?

Or because he took advantage of his good brother's absence and robbed his good brother's woman?

Quan Nanzhai's sorry, for whom?


The Dragon Wing is still hooked with its lips, but the smile is getting colder and colder. It gradually looks like a sharp sword stained with poison, which can pierce people's heart.

Does Quan Nanzhai really think that what happened in more than one year can be solved by saying "I'm sorry"?

Of course not!

Is he stupid or is Quan Nan Zhai naive?

Maybe both.

Think of these, think of more than ten lives of the dragon family, think of their own life this year is not like death.

Long Yi attacked Quan Nan Zhai with a fist. He sneered: "Mr. President, is this fist delicious?"

They practiced martial arts together when they were young. Quan Nanzhai was not only smart, but also more diligent than others. At a young age, he was much more powerful than his peers.

In the past, when they dueled with each other, Quan Nanzhai won the second time, and there was little chance that longyi won.

So when longyi wields this fist, Quan Nan Zhai Mingming can easily avoid it, but he doesn't.

He owes more than a dozen lives to the dragon family, and longyi hits him with a fist. Compared with the two, the fist is nothing.

He didn't hide, and longyi was even more angry. He waved his fist again and hit Quan Nanzhai hard in the face.

After the fight, Quan Nan Zhai's face was bruised and his teeth seemed to be loose. However, Quan Nan Zhai did not hide.

QUANNAN Zhai did not hide or fight back, which infuriated longyi even more. He again punched QUANNAN Zhai twice, both in the previous position.

A few fists were punched on his face. There was a strong smell of blood in his mouth. The corner of Quan Nanzhai's mouth was bleeding, but his body stood upright, as steady as a Mount Tai. He even looked at the Dragon Wing with a smile on his face.

"Quan Nanzhai Don't think I dare not kill you! " Longyi is more angry and punches again, but this time, his fist does not fall on Quan Nanzhai's face.

He couldn't fight. Quan Nan Zhai smiled again. "No matter how long you have been, no matter what you have become, you are still the brother who grew up with me."

If longyi really wants to take his life, it will not be so easy to deal with him with this fist. Maybe when he steps on the mountain, longyi can kill him with one shot.

"Brother? Ha ha... " Longyi sneers, his eyes are red, like a wild beast with crazy hair. "Quan Nanzhai, are you sure that you take my name as your brother?"

He was angry with Nanzhai, and even more angry with himself. He just punched the man a few times, so he couldn't fight him again.

"You are my brother! All my life! " Quan Nan Zhai watched longyi bite his teeth and said it clearly.

Longyi stared at him with fierce eyes. It seemed that he was looking at Quan Nanzhai, and that he wished to swallow Quan Nanzhai into his stomach.

Is Quan Nanzhai really a brother?

A year ago, the house of the dragon family was destroyed. Isn't that what Quan Nan Zhai did?

Longyi was skeptical, but he chose to believe Quan Nanzhai.

Otherwise, as Quan Nanzhai said, longyi will not only use his fist to solve the problem.

Gun is the best weapon for human life, and the opponent may not have the power to fight back.

This truth, they two big men are very clear. /p

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