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Before, it was others who handed over the food and clothes to Qin lelan. This was the first time she took care of others.

Although she is a little clumsy, she is very attentive. She has prepared green vegetable porridge and appetizers. She can't make Shen Lingxi hungry.

"Are you an angel?" Shen Lingxi looks at her steadily and asks carefully. It seems that as long as her voice is louder, she may scare away the beautiful angel in front of her.

Qin lelan is shocked. What's wrong with sister Lingxi?

Sister Lingxi will not fall from such a high place and break her brain.

If so, what can we do?

"Are you an angel?" Shen Lingxi asked again, persistently trying to get Qin lelan's answer.

"Sister Lingxi, I'm not an angel. I'm happy." Qin leran reaches out to probe Shen Lingxi's forehead. There is no fever. Shouldn't it really damage his head and lose his memory?

Shen Lingxi looked at her and looked her up and down.

Under the gaze of Shen Lingxi, Qin leran added: "sister Lingxi, you should drink some porridge first, wait for your body to warm up, and your head will wake up."

It's not easy for a person to lose memory. Qin leran guesses that Shen Lingxi can't remember her for the time being. Maybe her spirit is stimulated, or her mind is still not clear just after waking up.

"Happy?" Shen Lingxi looked at Qin lelan and was puzzled, but she took the porridge and took two mouthfuls.

Green vegetable porridge, moderate temperature, and a light fragrance, after the entrance seems to drive away the fatigue of the body.

Shen Lingxi took two more bites in succession, feeling that the body was warmer, and the body organs and brain began to work slowly.

When she drank the last mouthful of porridge in the bowl, she looked up and saw the delicate face close by. She was a little surprised: "happy?"

"Yes, sister Lingxi, it's me, it's me." Qin leran takes the empty bowl in Shen Lingxi's hand, sees that Shen Lingxi finally recognizes herself, smiles from the heart and says, "sister Lingxi, is this porridge good to drink?"

"Good to drink." Shen Lingxi is still a little confused about the situation. He stares at Qin lelan and looks again. He wants to say something and doesn't know how to ask.

Qin leran took her hand and said, "when I was sick, my mother would take care of me and cook porridge for me.". At that time, I thought it was delicious, so I asked someone to help sister Lingxi to make some. If sister Lingxi thinks it's delicious, I'll have it done next time. "

"It's delicious. Thank you Shen Lingxi thanked each other.

A person who has only met twice can be so kind to her. What about the so-called caring people in her family?

"Sister Lingxi, you said that I would treat you as my sister, so you and your sister are welcome." At the beginning, because of Shen Lingxi's identity, Qin leran didn't want to call her sister, but now it's more convenient.

Maybe it's because of the identity change, less the inner estrangement and unnatural, kind and beautiful girl, who doesn't want to be close.

"Le ran Why am I here? " Shen Lingxi still remembers that she escaped from that hell like place, and then stepped into the trap that was deliberately set for her by others. She was hurt, and then seemed to fall down. Then what happened, she didn't remember at all.

She thought she would lose too much blood and die, or freeze to death on the mountain, but she didn't expect to die again this time.

Fate is ridiculous. She was ready to die several times, but she turned back several times.

Is fate pitying her, or is it trying to trick her?

She didn't know.

"Sister Lingxi, you are injured. Our donkey friend and I happened to meet each other and saved you." Thinking of yesterday's scene, Qin Yueran's heart again drew.

She is glad to explore with her donkey friends, to find out that Shen Lingxi has saved her, and to be glad that Shen Lingxi is still alive.

"Le ran, thank you!" Shen Lingxi thanked again, but she could not see the joy of being rescued in her eyes.

It seems that living is a very painful thing for her. She might as well die, and die early and be free.

Early death, she can see her Dragon Wings in another world, for her, death is not liberation.

"Sister Lingxi......" Seeing Shen Lingxi's state of apathy, Qin leran felt another pain in his heart. "Brother lie has gone to find longyi. He will bring him to you soon."

"Dragon Wing? You mean Dragon Wing Hearing the words "Dragon Wing", Shen Lingxi's body was shocked, and his eyes were still shining.

She held Qin leran's arm tightly on her back hand, and asked with surprise and worry, "leran, is it really him?"

Is her Dragon Wing still alive?

Is he really alive?


Thinking of being humiliated by that devil like man day by day, Shen Lingxi's bright eyes suddenly fell silent again.

Even though longyi is still alive, how can she meet him? She is no longer the only one who belongs to him.

"Don't worry, sister Lingxi. Brother lie said he was still alive, so he must be able to bring him back. " Qin leran thinks Shen Lingxi is worried about this and tries to comfort him.

"If only he was alive! If only he was alive! " While reading such a sentence, Shen Lingxi's tears, like the flood of breaking the dike, are irremediable, and more and more.

She bit her teeth and stayed so long that she even got engaged to Quan Nan Zhai to wait for him to come back alive.

After waiting so long, now I finally got his news and knew that he was still alive, but she was no longer qualified to return to him.

"Sister Lingxi, don't worry, everything will be better. It will be better." Qin leran hurriedly took a tissue to wipe her tears, but she couldn't wipe it off. Finally, she was sad to wipe her tears.

After a long time, Shen Lingxi's tears finally stopped some, sad way: "a year of too many things happen, never to return to the original."

Why didn't he come back earlier?

Why didn't he show up earlier?

If he had appeared a month earlier, she would not have

Thinking of her experience in this month and those disgusting and dirty things, Shen Lingxi felt sick and vomited.

Qin leran worries: "sister Lingxi, what's the matter?"

Shen Lingxi wiped his tears, and then raised a smile: "happily, some things happen is happened Although it's not what we want, it can't change that. "

Shen Lingxi's words were obscure, but Qin leran understood them.

Because understand, so the heart is more uncomfortable, she did not know what to say to comfort Shen Lingxi, just hold her tightly.

She thought that if the man named longyi really loves Shen Lingxi, he should not care.

No, he should cherish sister Lingxi more! /p

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