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Of course, Qin leran can only think about it.

She was very clear in her heart that brother lie had a lot of things to deal with. He was so busy with public affairs and private affairs that he couldn't choose his family background at all. He didn't have time to accompany her to travel.

Brother lie can't spare time to accompany her, so she can only work harder to stand beside brother lie as soon as possible.

Then when he visits abroad, she can accompany him in the name of the president's wife and travel around the world with him.

Working with him can also be regarded as a tour.

Yaya raised her hand and waved in front of Qin lelan's eyes: "little vinegar altar, so many of us are here, but you think of your brother silently, really good?"

"I didn't think about him." She didn't admit it, but the expression on Qin lelan's face betrayed her. In addition to thinking about brother lie, there was another man who could not help showing her such a happy expression.

"By the way, Yaya, how is your job search?" Dazhuang remembers the resume that YaYa submitted two days ago, and doesn't know if he has any news.

Listen to Zhuang mentioned this, Ya Ya's face appears a little dark red, she quickly waved: "let's have a few parties, talk about work, and ruin the party."

She will not tell them for sure. She secretly checked Qin Yinze's background and knew that he is now the general manager of a large chaebol group in Linhai branch of the company.

And the general manager of the company is looking for a secretary. When she got the news, she immediately handed over her resume, hoping to work beside Qin Yinze.

As the saying goes, if she can work next to him, get along with him day and night, and live with him day and night, does she still worry that he can not be moved?

It's because of this little wishful thinking in her heart that YaYa put in this resume and planned a bright future for herself.

But then one day, when she learned that the man's heart had long been occupied by a woman, she realized that not every building near the water could get the moon first.

A person does not love you, no matter how hard you try, even if you pay for his life, he will not look at you differently.

Buzzing -

is saying, Yaya's cell phone rings. She looks like it's a call from a strange phone number, but she still answers politely: "Hello!"

"Is Miss Ann?" There was a strange male voice coming from the phone. It was very formulaic.

Yaya nodded: "it's me. Who are you? "

The other side added: "I am a staff member of Shengshi real estate Personnel Department of Shengtian group's subsidiary company. My name is Wang. Miss an sent her resume to our company to apply for the position of general manager secretary. We'd like to invite you to come for an interview at 9 a.m. next week. "

"Interview? Really... Is it true? You're not lying to me, are you? " Yaya raised her voice in excitement and repeated several times in a gaffed voice.

Maybe the other side saw more people who responded like this, and still calmly replied, "yes. Nine o'clock next morning. Later, we will send the relevant preparations and interview address to your email, and please check it. "

"OK, thank you! Thank you so much! " Yaya is still in a state of unbelievable good news.

She didn't hear me wrong. She was asked to go to Shengshi real estate for an interview at 9:00 next afternoon?

Let her go to the interview so soon, so does it mean that her plan will come true soon?

God, the news came so suddenly that she was unprepared at all. Her heart beat as fast as it would jump out of her mouth.

"Yaya, I just asked you to face it, but I didn't say that I must employ you. You see you are so excited that you have lowered your value before you start. " Xiao Xiao, who has been silent for a long time, has made such a very reasonable remark.

"Xiao Xiao, you are right. I should be calm, but I can't be calm." She can't be calm at all. Let's go to hell. Now she wants to stand by the window and shout loudly.

"Sister Yaya, what kind of company can make you excited like this?" What she asked was Qin lelan. She didn't have the experience of looking for a job. She wanted to know what kind of work could make Yaya, who has always been a big and powerful woman, get excited and ignore her image.

Yaya said, "don't ask, wait for my good news. I'll tell you next Monday if I can make it. Nobody can talk to me about it when I can't make it. "

Dazhuang and Xiaoxiao "cut" at the same time: "isn't it just to find a job? Is it so mysterious?"

Yaya waved: "OK, let's go to prepare the equipment together after dinner. I wish you good news next week, and I wish you all the best in Wushan hiking. "

Several people held up a glass of juice instead of a wine glass and touched it under Yaya's guidance. I wish everything goes well.



In the past year of injury, longyi wore black clothes every day, keeping filial piety for more than ten people who died in Longjia.

Today, he took off his black clothes and changed into a white one, from underwear to coat. It's blue white and spotless.

Because today he is going to leave Wushan and meet someone. This is the first time in this year that he has gone out to see someone else.

The hiding place was as dark as hell for more than a year. He was about to forget what the sky and the world were like outside.

He stood in front of the mirror and slowly took off the mask on his face. The face under the mask was beautiful, but it was so strange that he could not recognize it even when he saw it.

After staring at the strange face in the mirror for a while, he slowly raised his hand and stroked his face with his fingers.

There's temperature, there's feeling To prove that this strange face is really his, not his fantasy.

And all this, can not get away with the woman downstairs.

If she didn't take advantage of his feelings for her, then a year ago the dragon family would not have been killed without knowing it.

"Dragon Wings, Dragon Wings!" He sneered, "she let your dragon family kill the door, and you even left a fantasy for her."

In the more than one month since Shen Lingxi came here, he has fantasized more than once. Maybe she doesn't know anything at all. The so-called evidences pointing to her are fabricated by others.

But who would have fabricated evidence to frame her?

Their Shen family?

It's funny to think about it, is it possible?

Why did the Shen family fabricate evidence to frame her?

Knowing that his thoughts are ridiculous, he would still think foolishly, just like he thought that she was really in love with her and really wanted to be Mrs. long.

Dong Dong -

long Tian knocks on the door and comes in, respectfully saying: "young master, Xiao Jiu's stomach has been drained all night, and he has no strength to get out of bed. I'm afraid she can't go with us today. "

"Well." Dragon Wing nodded and didn't say anything more, but dragon sky knew that it was the master who allowed little nine to stay.

He added: "young master, the car is ready. We can start."

Dragon Wing nodded, put on the mask again, hide his real appearance behind the cold mask again. /p

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