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A very low-key black car slowly drove out of the garage. Shen Lingxi stood by the window and watched the car slowly leave.

These days, she often stands at the window to watch the outside situation, usually there are vehicles in and out, but not this one.

This low-key black car is the first time she saw it go out after being locked in this ghost place.

She could not see who was sitting in the car, but could vaguely guess that the person sitting in the car should be the owner here, that is, the devil like man she was most afraid to see.

It's the first time for her to see this man go out for such a long time. Usually, he stays in this bleak and unpopular villa. Occasionally, it will be fun to torture her.

Think of that devil, naturally will think of what he did, Shen Lingxi hate teeth to bite.

If she could, she would kill him by herself, pick his skin and cramp him, so that he would never turn over.

Bang -

just when Shen Lingxi had this idea, the door behind her was kicked open with a bang, which shocked her again.

Did the man know that she was cursing him and came to her trouble again?

Before she could look back, a malicious voice sounded behind her: "Shen Lingxi, do you want to stay here to warm the bed for our young master, or do you want to leave here?"

This is a woman's voice, almost roaring to ask Shen Lingxi. From her voice, you can tell how much she hates Shen Lingxi.

Shen Lingxi doesn't need to look back, but she can also hear that the woman is the woman named Xiaojiu.

Not long ago, Xiaojiu worried that she was pregnant with the devil's child and offered her contraceptive, but it never appeared again. Today, I don't know what brings her back?

It's not the man who is as terrible as the devil. The fear in Shen Lingxi's heart soon disappears. She slowly turns around and looks at Xiao Jiu: "I'm going or staying. What's the relationship with you?"

That devil bullies her, she has no way to resist, resistance is useless, but it can not be said that as long as a person can step on her head.

Shen Lingxi's cold and proud attitude annoyed Xiao Jiu, but she didn't have time to tangle with Shen Lingxi here.

She glared at Shen Lingxi angrily and said, "young master went out today and didn't come back so soon. If you want to leave, now is the best chance. "

Her eyes were full of hatred and hatred for Shen Lingxi. She wished she could push Shen Lingxi to the door and die.

"Why are you helping me?" After so many years in the Shen family and being used as a chess piece for so many years, Shen Lingxi knows the weakness of human nature very well.

A person who has nothing to do with you, or even hates you, suddenly reaches out to help. I'm afraid things are not so simple.

Xiaojiu seemed to have guessed that Shen Lingxi would have this question, but he also answered honestly: "because I like my family less fierce, I don't want to see other women stay with him. Are you satisfied with the answer? "

Xiaojiu admits that he likes the devil man.

Shen Lingxi believes 100%.

Before, she knew that Xiao Jiu was hostile to her, and Shen Lingxi also understood that the birth control pill was done by Xiao Jiu, otherwise the devil would not want her to give birth to a child for him.

A woman hates other women so much for having children for a man. Apart from that woman's love for that man, Shen Lingxi can't think of the second reason at present.

Trapped here sooner or later is also dead, escape may be small nine plan, but how much can let Shen Lingxi see some hope for survival.

After a little thought, Shen Lingxi immediately made a decision: "of course, I want to leave here."

She didn't ask Xiaojiu how to get out of here, because she knew that Xiaojiu would definitely point out the way for her to escape, which is also the purpose of Xiaojiu to find her.

Sure enough, as soon as Shen Lingxi's words fell, Xiao Jiu took out a very simple map: "I'll give you two minutes to remember the route. You can get out of here by following the directions on the map. "

Shen Lingxi is not stupid enough to ask Xiaojiu to give her the map and let her take the map for escape, because she knows that Xiaojiu will not leave a handle for their master to get.

This map may be related to his own life and death. Shen Lingxi dare not be a little careless, and carefully record the lines drawn on the map.

As soon as two minutes arrive, Xiaojiu immediately puts away the map and says, "in another ten minutes, you will go out to the third floor. The first office on the third floor is my young master's office. There is a back door in the office. If you go out there, you will go out in the backyard. Then you can go out in the backyard. How to get to the back depends on your ability. "

After that, Xiaojiu turned around and left without saying a word more.

When Xiaojiu returned to his room and lay on his bed, the monitor in the villa, which had been broken for ten minutes, ran again. Just then, it was perfectly connected. If it was not a professional technician, it would be difficult to find out the problem.

After Xiaojiu left, Shen Lingxi wanted to change into a thicker clothes, but there were only two sets of very thin pajamas in this room, and there was no thick clothes to keep warm at all.

That is to say, the devil man had expected that she might run away. He didn't even prepare her clothes at ordinary times, so he wanted to cut off her escape path.

In such a cold day, if you go out in thin pajamas, you will probably die in the fog mountain even if you escape.

The strong desire to escape makes Shen Lingxi very clear-minded, and she has no clothes to wear. Then she takes off the quilt cover and bed sheet and wraps them on her body, so that they can not only freeze, but also prevent hanging injury.

After the bedding sheet is put on the body, it's almost ten minutes away from Xiaojiu's talk. Shen Lingxi takes a deep breath and caresses his heart beating fiercely: "Shen Lingxi, you're going to the ghost gate to turn around. What are you afraid of?"

After telling herself like this, she really calmed down a lot, went to the door and opened the door gently.

She first looked around to make sure there was no one around, then squeezed out the door, and gently brought the door up. Then, following the way Xiaojiu said, she went to the devil's study on the third floor.

Her room is on the second floor. On the left side of her room is the stairs leading to the third floor. The first room on the third floor is the devil's study, just above her room.

That is to say, these days, the farthest distance between her and the devil is only one floor away from the wall. She can hear him walking loudly upstairs.

Shen Lingxi gently raised her hand to hold the doorknob, but suddenly she did not have the courage to open the door.

She was afraid that when the door opened, there would be a man in the room who would frighten her. /p

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