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Qin leran immediately looked at the time. It was 12:30 at noon. No wonder they would call to urge her.

She apologized: "big and strong, or you three will eat first. I'll catch up with you later. "

Yaya robbed her cell phone and said, "the four of us are a team now. No one can do without them. You come here now. We'll wait for you as late as possible. "

"Well, I'll be right there." Qin leiran sat up for a while, trying to clean up quickly. He could not let the three of them wait for a long time.

Just when Qin leran turned over and got out of bed, he accidentally saw a note on the bedside table.

She picked it up and read two lines on the note - but there was breakfast in the kitchen incubator and washed strawberries in the fridge. Remember to eat when you wake up. Don't be hungry. Brother lie is busy and will try to go home earlier.

The signing is brother lie's three big words.

"Brother lie, you fool! Do you really think I'm the four-year-old? " Most of the time, Qin leran has brother Zhonglie who takes care of her as a child.

He remembered that she liked strawberries, so he often prepared fresh strawberries for her as snacks.

He remembered that she was afraid of the dark, so there were several small lights in the room in case one of them broke down and others were on.

"Brother silly strong, you say you are so kind to me, how can I not like you?" Qin leran read in silence and put the note left by brother lie in her bag.

Everything left by brother lie is precious to her.

She collects these seemingly unimportant things. When they grow old in the future, they are all evidence that he loves her.


Qin leran arrived at the appointed place, it was an hour later.

Yaya, Dazhuang and Xiaoxiao lie down on the dining table listless one by one, and their stomachs make a grunt from time to time.

Big Zhuang felt his stomach and howled, "our little vinegar jar, if you don't come, I will be hungry."

Qin leran stood at the door, just heard this sentence, smiled and said: "big, don't worry, I'm still reluctant to let you starve."

Hearing Qin lelan's voice, the three of them sat up at the same time and said, "my little aunt, you are here at last."

"Sorry! Let you wait for me so long! " Qin leran sat down in the space they left for her and said sorry, but he didn't feel sorry at all.

In other words, she also treats Yaya and the three of them as her own talents and refuses to be polite to them. Otherwise, she will definitely play a qualified lady, and no one can pick out any fault with her.

"Waiter, please help us serve, as soon as possible." After telling the waiter to finish, Zhuang turned to look at Qin lelan sadly. "Grandma and aunty, let me starve for another five minutes, I don't think you will see me again."

When he spoke, he went to Qin leran's shoulder, and Qin leran avoided it flexibly, as if joking or seriously saying, "a gentleman doesn't move his mouth."

Usually she talks and laughs with them, and everyone seems to have fun, but there is no physical contact.

Qin lelan has received a good family education since she was a child. She knows that the relationship between heterosexual friends is no better, but there should be a degree.

Ya Ya understood her and said with appreciation, "little girl, your love brother can be liked by you. He has been cultivating for eight lives."

Qin Le ran held up his water glass and took a sip of water. He said happily, "in fact, I think it's the blessing I've cultivated in my eight lives to make him like me."

"If he doesn't like you, he's blind." After all, Qin lelan is a goddess level figure in his heart. She likes people who don't like her. She must be blind.

"Vulgarity!" whispered Xiao

"Vulgar?" Three people look at him at the same time, "Xiao Ye, give us a few explanations and explanations, what is not vulgar?"

Xiao Xiao is very uncomfortable: "here comes the food. I'm going to eat. I'm too lazy to talk to you."

"OK, have a meal."

As soon as the dishes are served, a few people who are so hungry that they stick their stomachs before and after will not be polite to anyone. They pick up chopsticks and start eating.

After filling up a little bit, Yaya said, "little vinegar jar, we have an adventure in the donkey circle these two days. Are you interested in going together?"

"What kind of adventure?" he asked

Yaya explained: "there is a mountain called Wushan, more than 300 kilometers northwest of Linhai City. The mountain is surrounded by clouds all the year round and the scenery is very beautiful. But because it's not a developed scenic spot, there are few tourists, and some donkeys are the first to explore the road. "

"Has there been an accident?" Qin asked again.

It's not that Qin leran is timid, but that she knows she's not alone. She has a family and her favorite brother.

In case of something happened to her during the expedition, she was worried about her parents and brother lie, so she would not go to the adventure.

Yaya said, "that's not enough. In this era, communication is developed, and there are often mountain patrolling staff. There are a lot of donkeys in these years, and everyone has come back well. "

Big Zhuang snatched and said: "it's an adventure, but it's actually a hike. These years, the air quality is worrying. We occasionally take time to go for a walk in the mountains and breathe the air of nature. "

Qin leran readily agreed: "OK. If you go, you can count on me. I have nothing to do these days anyway. "

Just like today, in the evening, brother lie is sleeping by his side. When he wakes up in the morning, he doesn't see brother lie. Don't mention how lost he is.

It's better not to see brother lie in the evening. The gap in her heart will not be so big.

It is said that the scenery of Wushan is as beautiful as a picture. Take your camera and prepare two more beautiful clothes. Let's go and take more beautiful pictures. Maybe we can open our own photography exhibition in the future. "

Big Zhuang added: "it's good to be a model for a beautiful woman like xiaovinegar. I'll take her pictures and make sure to take the most beautiful pictures in the world."

"Our little vinegar jar is called natural beauty. It's beautiful from birth. Standing there, it's as beautiful as a picture. How can you make her beautiful?" The speaker is Xiao Xiao, who will refute whatever Zhuang says.

The three of them, I quarreled with you again, but only Qin lelan didn't make a sound, because she thought of her strong brother again.

If the person accompanying her on the trip is brother lie, the person taking photos for her is brother lie, and the person who praises her as beautiful as a picture is brother lie How nice that should be! /p

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