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Because I am a man!

Although the answer is very simple, Qin leran understands that brother lie is also telling her indirectly that he is just a common man in front of her, not a president.

Thinking of this meaning, Qin lelan ignores the stop of Quan Nanzhai and steps into the kitchen, holding his lean waist behind him.

Being held by her soft body, Quan Nan Zhai's body is slightly stiff, and his hand holding the spatula is too stiff to know what to do.

Think of him, Quan Nanzhai, the president of state a, the supreme leader of the country. I didn't see him nervous on his new day in office, but this little girl can make him at a loss.

"Brother lie......" Qin Yueran called him, xiaolian'er rubbed and rubbed on his back: "if only we could live such a simple life."

Usually, two people go to work and work together.

After work, go home together, or like today, go to the supermarket before you go home, buy some favorite ingredients, and cook for your loved ones.

Such a day is a kind of luxury for ordinary people who live in a circle every day.

Today, Qin leran really understands why his mother always takes the time to cook for his family. He also understands the real significance of his father being so busy and often cooking with his mother.

In fact, mom and dad are using such ordinary simple actions to express their love for their families and each other.

In her life, she doesn't expect that the people she loves can surpass the feelings of her parents, but she still yearns for the love like them.

"Of course, we can live like this for a lifetime if you like." Quan Nan Zhai is cooking, but he still takes care of Qin lelan's feelings.

Outside, at work, he is the president, the supreme leader of a country.

Back home, back to Qin lelan's side, he would like to be just her man, a common family man.

"Brother lie......" Qin leran hugged him more tightly. The whole body was attached to him. Naturally, her soft body was also tightly attached to his back.

Quan Nanzhai's heart and soul were slightly stirred by her, and he wished to throw away the spatula in his hand and stop cooking. He will eat the "little snack" beside him tonight.

Men, especially men like Quan Nanzhai, who have strong control over the government, tend to be more active than they think.

He just had this idea. His body was faster than his idea. He turned around and quickly dragged Qin leran into his arms. The hot kiss followed him.

Qin leran is still holding him. He is imagining some messy things in his head. Suddenly, he feels that the sky is spinning and the earth is spinning. At the next moment, he is holding her in his arms and kissing her.


Qin leran murmured. It seems that she saw the strength of brother lie again. She didn't do anything. How could she get rid of him?

When his head was still clear, Qin lelan thought vaguely, thinking back and forth, and finally thought about where he got rid of brother lie.

It can't be

"What are you thinking?" Quan Nan Zhai suddenly let go of Qin lelan, her breathing became smooth, and there was a slightly hoarse voice from brother lie on her head, "however, if you don't put in at this time, brother lie will be very angry. Brother lie is angry. The consequences will be serious. "

"Brother lie......" Qin leran knew that he accidentally lit the fire, and hurriedly pushed him away and stood beside him. "Brother lie, the dishes in the pot are pasted."

Well, she thinks she's really smart enough to think of such a good way to "get out of danger" in such a critical moment.

Quan Nan Zhai looked at her deeply, without speaking. His eyes were hot and deep, as if he would turn into a beast and swallow her.

"Brother lie, I I'm hungry! " One move failed, Qin leran thought of the second one again. This time, she was sure that brother lie would not pursue the fire she had just inadvertently escaped.

Quan Nan Zhai swallowed his saliva and said in a hoarse voice, "go to the living room and sit there. Don't move any more, or you will be responsible for the consequences."

"Yes." In case he was stuttered by brother lie, Qin leran nodded his head and turned to run.

Back in the living room, Qin leran looks for the best vision to see the kitchen and looks at brother lie.

Looking at it, she can't help but sigh from the bottom of her heart again. Her brother is not only handsome without friends, but also handsome in cooking.

How can my own vision be so good?

Good enough to have no friends.

Before long, three dishes and one soup were on the table.

There are steamed crab roe, steamed bass and brewed tofu with balsam pear. The three simple dishes are not made at will by Quan Nanzhai, but according to Qin leran's light taste.

"Brother lie, how can you?" It's unbelievable. Qin lelan thought that brother lie was scrambling to cook, because he was afraid that she would not do it.

But at the sight of these dishes fried by brother lie, Qin lelan was astonished and couldn't believe what his eyes saw again and again.

"Why?" Because of the cold weather, Quan Nan Zhai first served Qin leran a bowl of soup, handed it to her hand, "first drink a bowl of soup to warm your body."

"Brother lie, how can you cook?" The president of a country, his food is always prepared by specially assigned persons and sent to his table. How can he cook?

"Do you need a reason to be able to cook?" Can he tell her that he can cook because she can't, he has to learn.

"It's just that I didn't expect you to cook." Qin lelan took a bowl of soup and took two big sips. Then he put the dish in his mouth and nodded as he ate. "Well, brother lie, it's really good."

"Brother lie has a good meal?" Quan Nan Zhai chuckled, his eyes full of bad light.

In this way, Qin lelan has never seen him before.

"Brother lie, what are you laughing at?" She understood the meaning of his bad smile, but she blinked her big bright eyes to show that she didn't understand anything.

"Come here." Quan Nanzhai patted the position beside him, indicating Qin lelan to sit beside him.

Hum, brother bad lie, he wants to eat when he eats. What else do he want to do? Does he want to treat her as his appetizer?

"Well?" Quan Nan Zhai raised his eyebrows.

Qin leran hurriedly got up and went to his side. When he arrived, he was hugged by Quan Nan Zhai and sat on his leg: "brother lie is here. Don't you want to taste it?"

"Brother taster?" Qin lelan blushes. Does brother lie want to play a hooligan on her?

She was quite happy, but there was still some shyness. She was so nervous that she put her hands on his chest: "brother lie, don't do this."

"What do you want? Uh huh? Quan Nan Zhai looks down at her from a close distance, so close that Qin leran can feel his breath in her face. /p

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