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Brother lie pretends to be stupid with her!

Well, since he wants to pretend, he wants to pretend to be stupid, then she will play with him.

She wanted him to know that he was not the four-year-old girl he knew.

"Brother lie......" Qin leran touched his hands on his chest. "What do you want to say? I really don't know. "

Quan Nanzhai grabs her small hand and says in a deep voice, "little girl, it seems that you don't know how dangerous your own work is."

"What danger?" Qin leran blinked innocent and bright eyes again, took out his hand from his big palm and put it on his shoulder. "Brother lie, you don't understand. How can I understand?"

Her voice is soft and waxy, and her face is childish. She looks lovely and naive. No one would think that her mind is on her mind.

"Because of what you've done, a man wants to have a" snack "before eating." Quan Nan said in a hoarse voice.

"Oh, what kind of dessert? Is it tasty? Can I eat with you? " Hum hum! As she expected, brother lie, a wolf in sheep's clothing, really wanted to eat her as a snack.

Brother lie wants to treat her as your "dessert" before dinner. In fact, she doesn't mind, but Can brother lie really?

Qin lelan looks at Quan Nanzhai and suddenly wonders if brother lie will stop controlling himself and eat her.

"But do you know what you're talking about?" Quan Nan Zhai holds her waist tightly. It seems that she can break her slender waist with a little force.

"Of course I do..." Qin Le ran came close to him and kissed his earlobes, which made his tiger body shake. She pursed her lips proudly, "brother lie, do you like me?"

Like it!

I love it so much!

Quan Nanzhai, who has always been a very powerful person, clasped her waist and the back of her head with one hand, pushed her to himself and kissed her fiercely again.

Brother lie usually seems to be a very gentle person, especially in front of the camera, in front of the national people, that is a typical gentle gentleman.

Only at this time did Qin lelan know that her brother was not what he usually saw.

He is domineering and powerful, he has his own means, especially when kissing her, she can deeply feel how strong his monopoly is.

A kiss, like a hundred years ago, when Qin lelan felt that he was about to drown in his kiss, he finally let her go.

He looked at her blushing cheek and couldn't help but reach out and squeeze it again: "but, tell brother lie, do you like it?"

Qin leran's breathing was not smooth, and he shook his head unintentionally.

"Don't like it?" Quan Nan Zhai's face sank. It seems that if she really dares to say that she doesn't like it, he will conquer her with action again.

"I don't hate it." Qin leran cleverly gave him an answer.

"Just not annoying?" Quan Nanzhai is still not satisfied with the answer.

Dingling bell -

Quan Nanzhai's private phone rings suddenly. Qin lelan takes the opportunity to say: "brother lie, you have a phone call in."

However, Quan Nanzhai did not hear the phone ring, and his eyes were still fixed on Qin lelan, as if he would never stop as long as she didn't say nice words.

Alas, man, sometimes she is so stubborn and stingy. She just plays a joke on him. He is so persistent to ask her to give him an answer.

Qin leran didn't talk any more, but learned what he had done to her. Holding his head in his hands, he leaned over to the corner of his lips and kissed her, "brother lie, this is my answer for you."

Finally, Quan Nan Zhai smiled and gave her a French kiss with Qin lelan's head in his hand. Then he went to answer the phone call that had been called for the second time.

I don't know what was said on the other end of the phone. At last, Qin leran heard Quan Nanzhai's words: "OK, I'll make an appointment on time. Send some people in the dark first to ensure his safety. This time, I won't let anyone hurt him again. "

When Quan Nan Zhai hung up, Qin lelan immediately asked, "brother lie, what can I do for you?" She's worried about him.

Although worrying doesn't solve the problem fundamentally, she just can't help worrying about him.

"Some business." Quan Nan Zhai took care of his clothes and changed back to a well-dressed one. "Silly girl, have a meal."

"Brother lie......" Qin leran wanted to ask if he was really just a business, but knew that he would not tell her even if he had something. When she said something to her, she immediately shifted the topic, "this time is really to eat?"

"Do you still want to be my dessert?" The little girl should be glad that the phone call came in, or he didn't know if he could keep his head.

"Eat!" Qin leran scratched his head. If he didn't eat any more, the food would be cold. It's estimated that he would have to bother brother lie to heat the food.

She doesn't want him to work so hard.


The next day.

Qin leran is still sleeping, dreaming that he lie is going to do something shameful. Suddenly, her dream is interrupted by the annoying phone ringing.

She narrowed her eyes, felt her cell phone and didn't even see the phone number, so she hung up the phone and went into the quilt to try to continue her "dream" which had just not entered the theme.

She didn't know how she could have such a shameful dream. She was shy and inexplicably excited about it.

It's estimated that she didn't sleep in such a comfortable bed or lie in such a warm quilt for a month. Today, she rarely sleeps so comfortably. After she's comfortable, she starts to daydream.

Or last night, her brother lay beside her. She fell asleep breathing his unique masculine breath. That's why she had such a shameful dream.

However, Qin leran just put her cell phone back, and the annoying cell phone ring rang loudly again. She was so noisy that she wanted to smash it out.

"Damn it!" Who interrupts her beautiful dream? She will remember each other's name. She must take revenge someday.

When she picked up her mobile phone and saw the three words "Yaya sister" on the screen, she had to lament.

For any one, she will revenge, but she is kind-hearted, gentle and generous Yaya can't do it.

Qin leran answered the phone and said, "what's wrong, sister Yaya?"

The big voice came from the phone: "little vinegar jar, we are all here. We are waiting for you alone. Hurry up. If I don't come again, I'm starving. "

Qin leran remembered that today she asked Yaya Dazhuang and the three of them to have dinner together, but she unexpectedly /p

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