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This sentence, like an atomic bomb, explodes into Shen Lingxi's heart. She gave up the struggle and resistance, but struggled with all her strength: "devil, get away!"

However, no matter how Shen Lingxi struggles, she cannot get rid of the fate of being bullied by longyi.

"Dragon Wing..." She closed her eyes in despair, thinking of longyi in her heart, and even ridiculously imagined the man in her body as her longyi.

Only in this way can she feel so much better in her heart, and have the courage to live with her teeth clenched.

The devil was like knowing what she thought. He tortured her more and more forcefully. He had to let her know who tortured her.

I don't know how long it will take, maybe for a long time, for the man to let go of her. He said coldly, "Shen Lingxi, this is the price you should pay."

She killed his child, so she should give him another child, he must have her give birth to his children.

He can't be happy, so he will take her to hell, and none of them will want to get out of this conspiracy game.

As soon as longyi left, Shen Lingxi rushed into the bathroom with her tired body and washed herself from top to bottom and from inside to outside again and again.

But no matter how she cleans it, she can't clean the traces that the man made on her. She can't even think about it. What should she do in case she is pregnant with the man's children?

No, she can't stay here any longer. She has to find a way to escape. Only when she leaves here, she won't be controlled.

Then, she should think about how to escape and never fall into the devil's hands again.


It took half a month for Quan Nanzhai to finish his visit to several countries and return to his mother's embrace.

Of course, the news of Quan Nanzhai's return to China cannot be unknown to Qin.

She got the news as early as three days ago. She arrived at the airport early today, waiting for her brother to return home.

She knows when brother lie's special plane will arrive at Linhai International Airport, but she still arrives at the airport two hours ahead of schedule to wait. She can't wait to see him.

When she planned to let her brother off the plane, she rushed to give him a big hug and told him how much she missed him.

However, imagination is always full, reality is always bone feeling.

When she arrived at the airport, she remembered that she was a small civilian, who could only be among the people in the arrival area like everyone else.

She also knew that brother lie's identity must be a special channel. She could not wait for him at the exit of the district.

So Qin leran pushed to the place where there were many guards, thinking that as long as she could see brother lie, she could find a way to say hello to brother lie and let him know that she was waiting for him.

However, reality once again gave Qin leran a slap.

Brother lie's special plane hasn't landed yet, and the airport has made the most strict precautions. Special forces personnel surrounded the special passage he was going to walk on three floors and three floors outside.

The security work is very well done. There is no way for a fly to get close to him, let alone a living person like her.

Therefore, after brother lie arrived, Qin lelan didn't even see his shadow. The president's car had left under the escort of security personnel.

As the troops escorting Mr. President went further and further, Qin leiran let down his small head in disappointment and was almost crying.

It's hard to stand right beside brother lie. She can't even lean on his side.

"My dear Miss Qin, what makes you so sad?"

All of a sudden, there was a nice male voice that she could not be familiar with any more.

She looked up and saw her brother after easy make-up standing in front of her, smiling at her. She was surprised: "brother, how can you?"

She saw brother lie's motorcade go. How can brother lie appear beside her? Can he separate himself?

"How could I have left me alone?" Quan Nan Zhai holds her in his arms with a smile and kisses her on the forehead.

"But I saw your motorcade go?" Qin leran reaches out and pinches brother lie's face. The temperature should be real, not that she is dreaming.

"Silly girl, the motorcade has gone, brother lie must go?" Quan Nan Zhai pinches her face, and this girl is confused sometimes.

Qin lelan was ecstatic: "so brother lie, you didn't get on the bus at all?"

"Right south Zhai nods:" well, clever girl

Qin lelan just held brother lie's waist and rubbed it in his arms: "brother lie, I miss you so much."

Quan Nan Zhai stroked her little head and asked with a smile, "how much do you think?"

Qin leran began to say: "I want to eat, I want to sleep, I don't miss you at that moment.". You touch my face. I think you think you've lost some weight. "

"Well, it's really thin. Brother lie will make people fat again." She replied that Quan Nanzhai was satisfied and distressed, and could not help but hold her face and kiss her tenderly.

"Brother lie, it's at the airport. A lot of people are watching us." Qin leran wanted to put aside all the scruples and accept brother lie's kiss, but the eyes around her were so bright that she couldn't concentrate

Qin lelan: "..."

Although her heart is like this, but brother lie can not say so clearly, she will be shy.


88 Qingli Road, Tongda street.

This is the private residence of Quan Nanzhai.

Looking at the busy tall back in the kitchen, Qin lelan's heart was as sweet as honey. She could not imagine such a day before.

She was playing in the living room, and brother lie was busy in the kitchen, so that she could eat the dinner he had prepared for her.

After staring at brother lie for a while, Qin leran got up and went to the kitchen. "Brother lie, do you really want my help?"

Right south Zhai head also does not return ground to say: "you are in the sitting room to watch TV well, that is to help me the biggest favor."

"But I really want to help you." Qin lelan came to the kitchen door, just arrived, and Quan Nanzhai looked back at her. "The kitchen is full of oil smoke. Don't come in."

"Brother lie, aren't you afraid of heavy fumes?" He's Mr. President. He's so dignified.

"I'm a man." He gave her such a good reason.

Because he is a man and her man, he is willing to spoil her like this.

For her, don't say is under the kitchen, is up the knife mountain under the oil pot, he is also willing! /p

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