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"Silly girl, how can you drag me down?" This silly girl, she didn't know how much strength she gave him, how could she drag him down.

"Brother lie, don't worry about your state affairs. I'm very good in the disaster area. When you come back to China, I can almost go back to Linhai. Then you don't have to work hard to come to see me every day. " Mingming hates that brother lie can come back to her at once, but Qin leran is sensible enough to say something to comfort brother lie.

"Well, good. Then go to bed early. Don't freeze. " After another admonition to Qin leran, Quan Nanzhai hung up.

Looking at the dark mobile screen, Qin leran pressed his face tightly to the mobile screen, as if he could still hear brother lie's voice.

"Brother lie......" She silently called out to him. She missed someone but couldn't see him. She felt so sad.

"Little vinegar, I've finished calling your brother again." Yaya just came back from the outside and saw Qin leran holding her mobile phone. She knew that the girl must have talked to brother Qing again.

Qin leran turned over and looked at Yaya with his hand: "sister Yaya, have you ever liked a person? I like the degree that I can't see him and I don't feel like eating anything. "

Yaya thought about it and gave the answer: "I don't know."

Qin lelan nunuzui: "what is not to know?"

Yaya said, "there was a man who made me have no appetite to eat for several days, but I don't know if I like him or hate him."

When Qin leran heard of his interest, he immediately asked, "Oh, tell me about it. I'll help you analyze it."

Yaya said, "little vinegar jar, let me ask you a question first."

Qin Le ran nodded and said, "sister Yaya, you ask."

Yaya scratched her head and said, "is your brother a person who seldom talks and doesn't love talking?"

"How could it be." Qin leran never thought that Qin Yinze said, "sister Yaya, I tell you that he is a very nosy person. This also cares about that, from time to time in my ear nagging, even more verbose than my mother. Of course, this is not to say that my mother is verbose, but that my brother is really a very nosy person. "

speaks of Qin Yinze, who can't stop talking about him for a night, but he may not be able to make complaints about her in his heart.

As she said, Qin lelan was slow to respond. She was surprised and stared: "sister Yaya, shouldn't you really like Qin Yinze?"

No way!

Absolutely impossible!

Qin Yinze's boy is so long winded and annoying. How could a girl like him, especially Yaya.

Yaya shrugs helplessly: "so I say I don't know if I have ever liked a man."

In fact, she is not the kind of character that will move her heart at the sight of a good-looking man, but Qin Yinze's man really tickles her heart.

A few nights ago, she dreamt about that man. He didn't want to talk in his life. He was much loved in his dream.

"Sister Yaya, how many men do you usually know?" Qin leran thinks that if Yaya really likes Qin Yinze, there are only two reasons.

One is that YaYa has problems with her eyes, and the other is that she usually sees too few men, which must be the case.

Yaya complains: "small vinegar altar, what do you mean?"

Qin leran quickly explained: "no, sister Yaya There are so many men in the world, you really should choose well. It's really not that I hurt him. He's really a very annoying man. "

Well, she admits that she shouldn't hurt him so much in front of others, but she doesn't hurt him. He is such a person indeed.

She can't drag Yaya, a good girl, into the fire pit in order to let him marry his wife and speak his good words with her own conscience.

Yaya sighed, "but I just like him. If I don't get him, I'll be sick all my life."

"Sister Yaya, are you serious?" If Yaya really takes a fancy to Qin Yinze, Qin leran can seriously consider pulling strings for the two of them.

"How about being serious? What if it's not serious? " Thinking of Qin Yinze's cold attitude that night, Yaya's heart is indescribable grass mud ma.

"If you really like him, don't worry about chasing him. Although his man is long winded and meddlesome, he is good at doing things. " So, Qin lelan hates Qin Yinze's meddling, which is meddling, but her ability to do things is very recognized.

Yaya falls on the bed, raises her feet and pedals: "hum, if he falls into my hands..." She will certainly take revenge on him for ignoring her that night.

"Sister Yaya, I wish you success in advance. If you can marry him, we will have a company in the future. No...... " "Qin lelan suddenly blushed," I will get married in the future. It's still hard for us to live together every day. "

Yaya said with a smile, "little girl, how old are you? You're not ashamed to think about getting married all day long?"

"Isn't it natural to marry?" Qin leran said confidently, "besides, it has nothing to do with how big it is. The key is that I have good eyesight. I've seen people since I was a child. When I grow up, I don't need to screen them one by one."

Since childhood, I have recognized brother lie. Then she must take good care of him and never give others a chance to take advantage of him.

The two of them had a heated conversation in the tent. They didn't know that their words fell into the ear of a man outside the tent.

Listening to the dialogue between them, he still stood upright, seemingly without any emotion floating, but his hands hanging on his side and clenched betrayed him.


Qin lelan knew what he was thinking. He knew what he wanted. He even wanted to push him to another woman.

Before, he was still wondering how the woman named Yaya would suddenly find him. Now they gave him the answer he wanted to know.

On the side of the body, the two fists were more and more tightly clenched, so that the blue veins appeared on his forehead, making his cool facial expression look ferocious.

"Young master..." Chu Yuan, who was standing behind Qin Yinze, felt the anger coming from him and said cautiously, "miss is still young and ignorant. When she is older, she will understand your hard work."

"Young? When she gets older? " Qin Yinze sneers. Now she is confused with Quan Nanzhai. When she gets older, will she get him in turn?

No, there is no time for him to wait in silence!

He didn't want to wait any longer.

He guarded the girl for 14 years. Why did he let that surname authority take advantage of her.

Absolutely not! /p

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