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Fog hill.

As the name implies, there are at least two hundred days of fog in 365 days of a year, so it is called Wushan.

The mountain is surrounded by clouds. The fog mountain is like a fairyland in the world. Therefore, it is also called the fairyland.

Fog mountain is not only foggy, but also rainy.

Shen Lingxi probably remembered that he had been here for nearly a month and 30 days, and it rained for more than 20 days.

It rained like it would never stop.

Shen Lingxi sat by the window of the room, staring out of the window, watching the light rain, couldn't help but reach for the rain.

Today, the weather in Wushan is about five degrees. When the window is opened, a cold air directly rushes into the room, which makes Shen Lingxi shiver.

But as if she could not feel the cold, she took the rain from the palm of her hand, and then sprinkled it, so repeatedly.

She played like a child, playing for a while, and even vaguely could see a light smile on her lips.


Yes, it should be a smile.

After being insulted that day, the devil man didn't come to see her again. She didn't have to endure the non-human torture any more. She should be happy.

But look closely, can see very clearly, her lips cape that wipe smile is not from the heart smile, but a helpless smile.

She is a bird imprisoned by people. She can't escape from the cage and fly to the vast blue sky. How can she not help.

She has lived here for nearly a month. She has no idea how to escape from here, but she can only walk out of this small room and turn around the air tower outside. As long as she wants to go further in other places, someone will appear like a ghost, blocking her way.

She even thought about how to open the window and slide down the stone column from the window, but there was nothing hard in the room. She could not remove the steel bars on the window with her bare hands.

If she can't escape, then she has to wait, wait for an opportunity, wait for an opportunity to escape from here.

I just hope that day can come early, and don't let her wait too long. She is afraid of her physical condition, maybe she can't wait too long.

"Xiaoyu, can you hear me?" Shen Lingxi held a handful of rain water and asked gently, but she thought it was ridiculous. How could rain water hear her? She must be crazy.

"Xiaoyu What a beautiful name! " Shen Lingxi looks at the rain in her palm and reads it gently. In a faint moment, she seems to see a child lying in her palm.

A just born, full-bodied, but also small poor child, he was so quietly lying in the palm of her heart.

Looking at it, she burst into tears: "Xiaoyu, are you a girl or a boy?"

"But whether you are a girl or a boy, I like you the same, because..." She would like to give this beautiful name to her lost baby, fantasizing that her baby is lying in the palm of her hand.

She can touch the child's body, even feel the child's temperature, and talk to the baby.

Shen Lingxi slowly raised her hand and held the rain to her face, just like touching her baby.

"Xiaoyu, do you feel it? Mom is missing you. If you can hear your mother, if you can see your father, please tell your father for your mother and tell him that she not only misses you, but also misses him very much. "

In her heart, she said softly, thinking of her children and her lover in this way. Although she was not around them, her heart was always with them.


At the same time.

Third floor, longyi's study.

Shen Lingxi's every move clearly appeared in front of him from the computer screen.

These days, she is always sitting by the window alone, staring at her at the computer, thinking about what she is thinking?

Is she repenting for what she has done, or is she thinking about how to escape?

Or how is she going to help the Shen family get more from Quan Nanzhai?

Before, he thought he read the vicious woman very thoroughly. He thought he knew every idea in her heart.

He felt that she was like a transparent container in front of him, and he could see through her at a glance.

Now, he knew that she was not what he had imagined. There were many unknown things in her heart. He had never read her.

"Shen Lingxi..."

Even if he told himself many times that she was his enemy, a woman who betrayed him, and her heart was as fierce as a snake and a scorpion, he could not help but want to be close when he saw her face.

At this time, he had no idea when he reached out and gently stroked her thin, pale face.

She was very thin. After staying here for a month, she lost a lot of weight. Touching her across the computer screen, he could feel her bones stabbing her hands.

"Shen Lingxi, what is your heart made of?" Many times, he thought of digging out the woman's heart to see if her heart was made of meat or iron.

Her heart is definitely not the heart of the people. The blood that she dug out may be black rather than bright red.

Dong Dong -

the rhythmic knock on the door interrupted longyi's thoughts. He quickly drew back his hand and said in a deep voice, "come in."

Long Tian pushed in and handed over a piece of information: "young master, we have checked all the information you want. The girl involved in the murder case of Miss Shen's family is Qin lelan, the daughter of Qin Yue, a business tycoon and a family member. "

"Qin lelan?" Longyi said the name in silence, vaguely familiar, but he didn't remember when he heard it.

"Do you remember more than ten years ago, young master, when the teenage president went to Jiangbei in disguise and met with the eldest son of the Quan family in pursuit of him?" Longtian reminded

"It was her!" Hearing that Longtian mentioned this, longyi's mind immediately came up with a picture.

It was more than ten years ago, when Quan Nanzhai was seriously injured and returned home, he received the news and quietly went to see Quan Nanzhai. At that time, Quan Nanzhai held a picture in his hand.

In the picture is a little girl with two pigtails. Her appearance makes people want to knead her.

Longyi remembers that Quan Nanzhai told him personally that at that time, Quan Nanzhai was seriously injured in Jiangbei and almost died. It was the little girl named Qin lelan in the picture who saved his life.

What impresses longyi is that Quan Nanzhai, who is seriously injured, talks about the little girl as if she were his treasure. /p

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