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"Ah... Zhan Nianbei, just before I left home, you kicked my son out. You are a man, dare you not admit it? " Qin Xiaobao was so angry that he had to kick Zhan Nian to the north, but he did not kick him. Instead, he reached out and held her in his arms.

He held her in his arms and smoothed her hair: "you two will have a good rest when you come back. Don't bother any more."

"Toss and turn? If you don't make our mother and son leave home, will we toss for nearly twenty hours? " Qin Xiaobao is more angry.

"I'm driving you away? You didn't buy your own ticket. I didn't stop you when I asked someone to stop you. " Zhan Nianbei said he was innocent.

"Zhan Nianbei, when my son bullied me, would I leave home angry if you helped me?" Anyway, Qin Xiaobao will not feel that he is wrong.

Zhan Nianbei: "..."

This woman is becoming more and more unreasonable.

But who is to blame?

It's not that he has spoiled her into such a big temper these years, so he's the only one who's made it.

Qin Xiaobao is also a hard spoken and soft hearted woman. Following her MaoShun, she will have nothing. Zhan Nianbei is clear.

He patted her on the back and said, "OK, tiger, we'll let you do this until now."

"What? What do you call me? Zhan Nianbei, please make it clear to me. " Does he think in his heart that she is a fierce female tiger, that she is fierce, and that she is not feminine?

Zhan Nianbei turns to look at the little guy at home: "son, go to bring your mother a cup of herbal tea and let her lower the fire."

The little guy seemed to know what Dad needed. He had prepared the herbal tea and handed it to him. He said solemnly, "Mom, have a cup of herbal tea to reduce the fire. What can I do for you, my family. What's the matter that I can't think of? I have to run to my mother's house to cry. "

"Who said I ran to my mother's house and cried? I didn't even mention to them that your father and son made me angry... " Speaking of this, Qin Xiaobao suddenly realized something and stared at their father and son with wide eyes. Your father and son have hardened their wings and dare to bully me together. "

"Mom, don't be angry!" Zhan Li climbed to Qin Xiaobao's arms and sat, "Mom, I promise I won't rob you of milk and drink any more, and dad will help you in the future. Don't be angry with me and dad."

"Dear son! It's still your favorite mother! " Qin Xiaobao rubs his head and looks discontentedly at Zhan Nianbei. "Zhan old man, learn from your son more. Understand that women should be pampered, not bullied by you. "

"Qin Xiaobao, do you owe..." She always called him old man. Zhan Nianbei was very upset. He blurted out his rude words. He just swallowed the second half of them in the presence of his son.

Zhan limo was very sensible and jumped away from his mother's arms: "Mom, Dad, I'm sleepy. I'll go to bed first. Good night! "

When he left, he closed the door for his mother and father so that they could love each other.

As soon as the door closed, Zhan Nianbei held Qin Xiaobao and said, "Qin Xiaobao, you are in your thirties. Your son is only seven years old. You don't understand him. Do you say you are ashamed?"

"Can't my son be considerate?" Qin Xiaobao proudly said, "who let me be the only woman in our family? Of course, you must let me."

Zhan Nianbei said, "you are the dog who can't change his nature of eating shit."

"Zhan Nianbei, you old man, do you have such a description of your wife?" Qin Xiaobao bit his lips, and the old man was in debt.

"Old? I'll show you tonight that I'm not old enough. " Zhan Niang holds Qin Xiaobao under his body.

What else does Qin Xiaobao want to say? Zhan Nianbei's fiery kiss has come. She is unwilling to be bullied by an old man and struggles to take the initiative. However, Zhan Nianbei's strength is too great. He holds her in his palm like a pair of pliers, which makes her unable to move.

"Zhan Nianbei..."

"Zhan Nianbei, HMM..."

Zhan Nianbei tells Qin Xiaobao that he is not only not old, but also full of energy, which makes her helpless.

When Zhan Nianbei let Qin Xiaobao go, Qin Xiaobao had only one idea. Zhan Nianbei, the older and stronger the old fox, was.

She was bullied by him again!!!


One day, two days, three days The five day...

Today is the fifth day for brother lie to leave. It's only five days. Qin lelan has already felt that the whole world is wrong. Look who's upset.

"Brother lie......" She lies on the narrow bed, silently shouting the name of brother lie, "your ran baby miss you very much, do you know?"

As if in response to her heart's call, brother lie's pleasant voice suddenly sounded - but what was it? Brother lie called! Answer the phone! Answer the phone!

Hearing brother lie's voice, Qin lelan sat up and answered, "brother lie, are you back?"

"Ran Ran......" Quan Nanzhai called her name, and didn't say anything else for a long time.

Qin leran guessed that brother lie must have delayed the trip because of something and could not come back on time. He was afraid that she would be disappointed, so he was embarrassed to say.

She immediately said, "brother lie, I'm busy these days. I'm too busy to think about you. You won't blame me."

"Silly girl!" Right south Zhai rebukes lightly, "you have the capital that can be willful, why should let oneself suffer grievance."

Qin lelan smiled and said, "Why are you wronged? Because I like brother lie, then I will support his work. Brother lie can't come back on time because of work delay, so I'll wait for him well. "

Qin leran's sensible and generous speech made Quan Nan Zhai regret that he could not speak for a long time again.

For a while, Qin lelan said, "brother lie, you are the president of country A. what you are carrying is not your own destiny, but the prosperity of the whole country. And I'm willing to accompany you to make your country more prosperous. "

Right south Zhai Shen takes a breath of cool air, like asking himself, like asking her: "however, how can you be so sensible."

She should be a headstrong girl. She should be used to having people around her to work for her. She should be used to the day when food comes and clothes come and hands out However, because of him, she has been supporting the construction of the disaster area for nearly a month.

She always shows her side that she didn't show before, and makes him look at her with great admiration.

Qin Le ran pursed his lips and chuckled: "because I want to be a girl who can stand by brother lie, not a girl who drags him behind."

The purpose of her efforts is so simple, because she wants to be a competent president's wife. /p

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