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Night is falling!

Qin lelan is lying on the narrow bed. Without the warm embrace of brother lie, he always feels that he can't sleep without something.

This is the first night of brother lie's overseas visit. It's like she hasn't seen him for thousands of years. She thinks he's going to be stupid. How can she endure the next six or seven days?

Thinking that there are still six or seven days to see brother lie, Qin lelan would like to grow a pair of wings to fly to brother lie's side.

But she can't be willful. She promised to teach the children a month's time limit didn't come. Brother lie's going abroad is a public visit, and she can't follow him.


Qin lelan sighs a long time. If little cute is around her at this time, let her tease him, she won't be so bored.

Thinking of xiaocute, Qin leran thinks of that he hasn't been in touch with his family for a long time. Grandpa and grandma must miss her very much.

Thinking of the elders at home, Qin leran hurriedly touched the mobile phone, dialed the home phone, dudududu, the phone rang several times before someone answered: "Hello! Who?

"Little aunt?" Qin leran sounds like a little aunt, but doesn't she stay in Jiangbei all the time?

At the end of the year, all of them will go back to Jiangbei for the Spring Festival. My little aunt shouldn't be at home in New York at this time.

"Who do I think is our natural baby. You have no conscience. You still know to call home. I thought you didn't even know the phone number at home. " It's Qin lelan. Qin Xiaobao says a lot of things. "Your grandma thinks you're bedridden. You little heartless, don't you come back to have a look?"

"What?" As soon as I heard that grandma couldn't get up, Qin happily sat up from the bed, "little aunt, what's the matter with grandma?"

"But don't listen to your little aunt. She's not at ease if she doesn't mess up the world in one day. " On the phone, mother Qin's kind voice came.

"Grandma, are you really OK?" Qin lelan knew that grandma's health had been bad, and it was common for her to be ill.

Last year, when the season changed, grandma caught a cold when she paid attention to adding clothes. Later, she lay on the bed for more than half a month to get better.

Grandma has always loved her so much that she should stay in New York to spend more time with her grandmother, but she left them to come to country a.

Thinking of these, Qin lelan was so sad that he was about to cry.

"But baby, grandma is OK, you should take good care of yourself over there, as long as you are good, grandma will be happy." Qin said.

Qin lran nodded hard and said, "grandma, I'm fine here. Eat well, sleep well, and gain several jin. "

Mother Qin said, "it's good to gain weight. Your little body just needs to be fatter. What a lovely look it has

Qin leran said: "grandma..."

"Ah, but..." Hearing her granddaughter's soft voice, Qin's mother was so excited that her tears fell again.

"Mom, don't worry. Isn't this little girl talking to you?" Qin Xiaobao hurriedly caresses his mother's back.

"I don't want to, but I can't change it for decades." Hearing her granddaughter's voice, she was obviously happy, but she couldn't help being sad.

Qin leran can only work in a hurry on the other phone: "grandma, don't be excited, but come back to accompany you later."

Qin's mother wiped her tears: "but, grandma knows, otherwise, grandma will call you another day."

Worried that she would affect her granddaughter's mood, mother Qin cut off the phone, but her tears were even worse.

"Grandma, my sister is not at home, and I will accompany you." Jane took little cute home with her. When she came in, she saw Mother Qin crying like a tearful man.

Xiaocute knew that grandma was thinking about her sister at first sight. Before she had waited for her mother's instruction, she hurriedly went to comfort grandma.

"Well, and our lovely little girl around grandma. She's very happy." Mother Qin broke into tears and smiled, stroking her lovely head.

Jane came over and said, "Mom, but it's good there. Don't worry about her too much. Your health is very important. It's just that Xiaobao has come to New York. Today, I cook and entertain our distinguished guests. "

"Sister in law, you are becoming more and more virtuous." Qin Xiaobao stood up to give Jianran a big hug, but he didn't forget to flatter her. "Sister in law, your clothing design company has a strong voice and takes care of your family so well, how do you do it?"

Qin Xiaobao has been married for ten years, and her child has been born, but she is still like a child, often grabbing milk from her 10-year-old son.

This time, because she and her son snatched milk and drink, Zhan Nianbei did not stand on her side to help her. In a fit of anger, she flew to her mother's house from Jiangbei, thousands of miles away.

No matter how many years have passed, Qin Xiaobao is still so unrestrained and capricious. When he thinks of it, the old man in his family, Zhan Nianbei, can only bear it.

What makes Qin Xiaobao angry is that she has been home all day and night, and the old man in zhannianbei hasn't called to ask.

Qin Xiaobao decides to be angry with him and live with him all his life. Let him grow old alone with his little son.

"Don't praise me. Come and help me prepare lunch. In a moment dad will come back from fishing. " Jane smiled softly, raised her hand and looked at the time. "Well, your brother's company should be finished and go home soon."

In fact, it's not how well Jane takes care of the family, but how well they treat her, which makes her feel the warmth of the family.

Especially her Mr. Qin, who has been doting on her for more than ten years, thinks about everything for her and gives her more time to fulfill her dream.

When it comes to Mr. Qin, he will be back.

He still wears the same white shirt and black trousers all the year round, just because it's cold and he's wearing another coat.

Coat is designed by Jane for him and cut by herself. It's sewn for him. At first glance, it's no different from ordinary coat. You can see some small details when you look at it carefully.

For example, the threads used to sew coats are simply and carefully selected.

The bottom of the coat is embroidered with the same color as the coat fabric. It looks simple and generous, especially suitable for Mr. Qin in their family.

After Qin Yue came into the room, he said hello to Qin's mother first, and then walked to Jianran.

"Sister in law, I'll help you later." How much you and I depend on the couple? Qin Xiaobao has seen them. In order not to be abused, she should flash first.

When he came to Jianran, Qin Yue's eyes fell directly on Jianran even though it was still a distance away, and he could not see anything other than her. /p

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